Thurs 13 | 7pm | space A


pictured: Carl Sebastian Lindberg Home and Country 2013.

Jacob Podber US Vishneva, Belarus Soviet Union Poland 02:43 2013

Carl Sebastian Lindberg FI Home and Country 18:41 2013 GP

Henrike Naumann DE Triangular Stories 16:45 2012 GP/IA


 pictured: Jacob Podber Vishneva, Belarus Soviet Union Poland 2013.

“Vishneva, Belarus Soviet Union Poland” is grounded in the oral history testimony of a Holocaust survivor and has been deconstructed by the interviewee’s son. Unlike most oral histories that focus on the words of the interviewee, “Vishneva” uses silent images from the interview superimposed with typed memories that describe the unspoken pain borne by father and son through more than half a century.

DL X program

TRT 36 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance