Wed 12 | 9:30pm | space B



We are going to party together with Cross Art Berlin, a new Berlin, Zuerich based gallery with a focus on unconventional art from the fields of subculture, bizarre eroticism and underground.

The night starts with a special cross art presentation:

Thomas Bröse DE Seelig 36:33 2013 IA

The director and all actors will be present.

Special guests Kay P. Rinha and Anna Aliena (actor from film “Seelig” and performer and singer)

Later we dive into a night of decadence with Dieter Rita Scholl accompanied by Italian import pianist Martin Colli.

At the turntables: DJ Petra Flurr

From then on the lunatics will take over


Petra Flurr


SEELIG is a black-white movie with a surrealistic content. It starts with a classical story and break over to a surrealistic journey, similar to a drogue trip. The central figure is “the joker”, who obsessed the other actors´s soul and is kidnapping them to an absud, crazy and wild world of dreams. The roles aren’ t gender determinated, women are also playing classical male roles. The film is made in a very simple and unperfect style, it constists of beautiful arranged single scenaries and specially composed music. 

pictured: cross art Berlin, Petra Flurr, still from Seelig by Thomas Bröse.

DL X program

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance