Sat 15 | 10:30pm| stage


LIVE PERFORMANCE: Ina Sladic and Eberhard Kranemann

There are very few boundaries when it comes to Eberhard Kranemann. A word-sound-dance-video performance would stretch credulity elsewhere, but this founding member of Kraftwerk has spanned so much without thinning his inventive input that this mélange of words only piques curiosity. The tirelessly creative artist will join forces with Ina Sladic for the so-described “100 Years of Paranoia,” focusing on the life of William Burroughs on the 100th anniversary of the Beat guru’s birth. The various artistic devices will be connected through an improvised “puzzle principle” that maintains harmony while providing the means to shift from art form to art form. Burroughs’ texts and recorded readings initiate a transition from theoretical to physical interpretation. Those who witnessed Kranemann’s [DL9] performance (alongside his short film “Fingerballett”) will know his power to mesmerize. Not to be missed!

supporting film:
Eberhard Kranemann DE Im Panikraum 07:18 2013 World Premiere

the complete program: DL X program

pictured: Ina Sladic and Eberhard Kranemann