Tues 14 | 6pm

pictured: Buy Me!  by Catalina Flórez

Cristina Zabalaga  PT   Bra-Fitting 11 min 38s 2011 | World Premiere

Catalina Flórez  CO  Buy me! 59 min Feature Documentary 2011

Vivan designs dessous for prostitutes. With her partner Michel she sells her
creations to the girls in the red-light districts in the Netherlands.

Vivian’s longtime relationship with the prostitutes allows filmmaker Catalina
Flórez an exceptionally intimate view into the minds of the girls behind the
glass windows. Very personal interviews show the human side of the girls,
often judged as immoral and pitiful.

Buy me! tells about the search for easy money, freedom, fun and love. In a
live between show window and relationship, between moral and necessity,
between beauty and age.

71 min

Tues 14 | 8pm

stills: On Hard Art Of Strolling

A Documentary Film directed by Ivan Garcia

Five strolls. Shanghai before Mao, interwar Paris, the Soviet Union during industrialization, Japan before invading Manchuria and Barcelona at the beginning of Spanish Civil War. It’s just about wandering down the streets, taking a tram, having lunch in a restaurant, seeing how the ships unload their goods on the quay, entering a cinema, travelling cross-country by train, attending a concert, taking a bath in the lake, drinking in a nightclub … As Joseph Roth quoted: “The tiny small part impresses more than the whole thing. I’m a stroller”.

Ivan Garcia  ES  On Hard Art Of Strolling  48 min  2011 | German Premiere


Tues 14 | 9pm

pictured: There Is Wind That Blew, CArl Elsaesser

Susanne Wiegner  DE  One Moment Passes  3 min  2011 | German Premiere

Neil Ira Needleman  US The Good Old Days  4 min 33s  2011 | World Premiere

Alina Gavrielatos  UK  The Ghost of Morris Horn  10 min 17s  2010 | German Premiere

Daniel Nicolae Djamo  RO  Menu  5 min 27s  2011

Stephan Kaempf  DE  Chaos ca 5 min 43s  2011 in attendance

Marco Gianfreda  IT  Pizzangrillo  15 min  2011

Péter Lichter  HU  Cassette  10 min  2011 | German Premiere

Kim Collmer  US / DE  Head Room 8 min  2011

Michael Higgins  IE  Landslide  3 min 35s  2010 | German Permiere

CArl Elsaesser  US  There Is Wind That Blew   31 min  2011

91 min

Tues 14 | 11pm

pictured: Vile Beast by Justin Crooks

B-GRADE curated by Shaun Wilson

A collection of screen horror-based short films which celebrate bad taste, the technologically inferior, political incorrectness, bad acting, appalling story lines, and drug induced spiders.

Justin Crooks  AU   Vile Beast 4 min 2010

Justin Crooks  AU   Nightshift of A Vampire 10 min 30s 2010

Andrew Harrison  AU  Pidey 2 min 2005/2010


Abhishek  Choudhury  IN The Double Shuffle 10 min 40s  2011

Sebastian   Harrer  DE  Angustia 19 min 33s   2010

48 min

Tues 14 | midnight

pictured: Susanna Berivan by Jon Clay

SUSANNA BERIVAN – voice, guitar, songwriting

weird folk/ rough soul/ blue merry-go-round/ jazz/ punk

“First up on stage was the lovely Susanna Berivan and she made sure that nobody would be leaving the place without knowing her name. This lady has it all. Style, grace, musical talent, a beautiful voice to fall in love with and a face to match. Her songs vary from dirty C&W style to an almost Billie Holiday-esque style of singing, and is always accompanied by her trusty guitar. So whenever you’re in Berlin make sure to see one of her shows, which shouldn’t be too hard, because if there’s anyone who’s playing a lot of shows, it’s her. Or better yet, offer her a record deal. ” DOSSIER MAGAZINE