Tues 14 | 6pm

pictured: Buy Me!  by Catalina Flórez

Cristina Zabalaga  PT   Bra-Fitting 11 min 38s 2011 | World Premiere

Catalina Flórez  CO  Buy me! 59 min Feature Documentary 2011

Vivan designs dessous for prostitutes. With her partner Michel she sells her
creations to the girls in the red-light districts in the Netherlands.

Vivian’s longtime relationship with the prostitutes allows filmmaker Catalina
Flórez an exceptionally intimate view into the minds of the girls behind the
glass windows. Very personal interviews show the human side of the girls,
often judged as immoral and pitiful.

Buy me! tells about the search for easy money, freedom, fun and love. In a
live between show window and relationship, between moral and necessity,
between beauty and age.

71 min