TONIGHT, 13 Feb:


DL Selection XII, hitting the screen at 6pm, runs 30 minutes, 28 of which are Jean-Gabriel Périot’s “The Day has Conquered The Night,” where dreams, screams, a woman’s body and rap music meet. Next up, at 7pm, DL Selection XIII features three German Premieres, with two of the filmmakers there in person: Jacob Podber (US, “Vishneva Belarus Soviet Union Poland”) and Henrike Naumann, (“Triangular Stories,” her very personal approach to dealing with her hometown Zwickau’s fascist tendencies in her generation’s hedonistic drive). A winning program, but over in Space B at the same time, you can catch the past and present of abstract animation in “Visual Music,” with Manfred Miersch of Medienwerkstatt Berlin screening and lecturing (in German, please note!). A World Premiere at 8pm (Space A): DL Feature “Non-Conformity” by Ukrainian filmmaker Igor Parfenov tells the tale of a butcher with a past, but no present or future. Add a mental hospital, a black market, a crippled girl and organ dealers… this will be a twisted ride. Later in the evening (10pm), witness the audio-visual performance of Christoph Brünggel and Benny Jaberg entitled “Still und Dunkel” (“Silent and Dark”) on the centre stage. Film sequences of “non-spaces” (disused factories and civil defense facilities) are combined with the work of VJ collective “Pixel-punx,” creating impressions and sensations centring on their silence and their darkness. All tonight, at DLX!

Day 8 program, 13 Feb

the complete program, 6 – 16 Feb

pictured: Igor Parfenov “Non-Conformity”, Jacob Podber (US, “Vishneva Belarus Soviet Union Poland”, Henrike Naumann “Triangular Stories”, “Still und Dunkel

B-day video-gift from Italy: Fabio Scacchioli and Vincenzo Core just sent us a sneak peek at their next work … Molto grazie!

Greetings from Canada: Filmmaker Brandon Cronenberg congratulating DLX for the 10th edition. Thanks Brandon!


Tonight: strange creatures and things that go bump (to a beat) in the night. Up front, four DL film blocks to enjoy: DL Plus: Deconstruction at 6:00pm is followed by DL Selection X at 7:00pm. Then DL Selection XI vies for attention in Space A with the concurrently running film program DL Plus: Comme une image (four World Premieres!) presented in Space B, both at 8:30pm. Room upon room of short film treats! Then it’s time for Chambre Cross Art to strut out its stuff at 9:30pm in Space B, with a mélange of otherworldliness including guest Thomas Bröse, screening his film “Seelig,” a black-and-white surrealistic trip with non-traditional gender casting. Meet the actors and shake to the wickedly wild man called Petra Flurr, acting as DJ. Then DL brings you Kai Stänicke’s award-winning short “Cold Star” starring Dieter Rita Scholl to precede the highlight of the evening: a live performance by the man (or sometimes woman) Scholl him-/herself. Called “the most incredible man in the world” by Glenn Close, you may well think so yourself afterwards. Scholl’s program of music swings between pop and chanson, and Italy’s Martina Colli will accompany him on the piano. Members of Queer Riot Club will also show their colours. We promise you birds of paradise of every shape, size and gender. See you there!

(Due to illness, the singer Nicole Yazolino was unfortunately forced to cancel tonight’s appearance. Sorry to her fans… get well soon, Nicole!)

Day 7 program

the complete program, 6 – 16 Feb

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pictured: Thomas Bröse “Seelig”, Cross Art Gallery, Dieter Rita Scholl, Nikita Lavretski “The End of December”, Alexandru Ponoran “Isac Inca Doarme”


Space… where to find it, what to do with it, how to revive it… these themes and more are topics in the second DLX Urban Research program “Memories of Non-Spaces,” curated and presented by our own Klaus W. Eisenlohr at 6pm in Space A. DL Selection VII begins far past even Down Under, moving from New Zealand to span four continents, starting at 8pm. At the same time, the mostly monochrome poetic beauty “Vestigios” by Barcelonian filmmaker Adrián Onco Orduna will fill the screen in Space B, with Orduna there in person for this World Premiere. The enigmatically-named Reynold Reynolds, (of the attention-grabbing film installation “Die Verlorenen” [“The Lost”]) follows in Space B at 9pm, presenting “The Secrets Trilogy,” exploring time and space. Those who know his work will gladly seize this chance to meet the man himself. DL Selection VIII at 9:30pm goes all-American – three shorts from the land of Stars and Stripes, two of these World Premieres, with filmmaker Roger Deutsch (“Scherzo”) in attendance. More still! DL Selection IX at 10pm unfurls a program virtually made up of premieres of one sort or another. Movie morsels for all tastes. Then all is open to chat and share a drink with film folk in the bar area. A genuine Ruby Tuesday!

Day 6 program

the complete program, 6 – 16 Feb

pictured: Adrián Onco Orduna “Vestigios”: Still from Six Easy Pieces by Reynold Reynolds


They might be near the end in a dictionary, but starting at 6pm, Zagreb shows how it can pull out front in the docu “New Tendencies Zagreb, 1961-1973,” with the bcd cybernetic art team in attendance to take us through an important phase in the Euro-capital’s artistic push forward. Miro A. Cimerman (bcd) will satisfy all curiosities in a talk on “Zagreb Avant-garde in the Shadow of Yalta” (Space B). Then Medienwerkstatt Berlin turns the tables, putting our eyes on the watchers in “Surveillance” in Space A – short films that may feed your fear that, run as you will, there may well be nowhere left to hide (6:30pm). A DL Plus event takes the stage at 8pm in Space B: Kroatien Kreativ (curated and presented by Ingeborg Fülepp), those manipulators of video and light, show a 75-minute series of video art in a class all its own, culled from highlights of the media facade at Collegium Hungaricum and new works by young artists from the seaport Rijeka. Over in Space A at 9pm, DL Selection VI sets sail, screening a transatlantic mix of short film refreshments, including four never before seen on German shores. All in all, a varied selection of overlapping programs straddling two spaces at the Naherholung Sternchen… the question is, how to decide what of which to take in?

Day 5 program

the complete program, 6 – 16 Feb

Tues 11 | 8pm | space B



In attendance of Adrián Onco Orduna

Somewhere in Hong Kong, today. “A long journey, a reflection, a fragrance…” the sighs of someone plunged in nostalgia, of someone who observes life from the distance of having the end of the road before his eyes. Certain images and sounds blend bringing about the reminiscence of memories that seek to disentangle the meaning of a longed for life, and prolong as an example for posterity. The simplicity of the composition, like our destiny in this world, gives room to some small verses that overlap with revived feelings of a present that escapes, a present, the last one, which finally emerges with the clarity of what has passed, leaving, however, a slight shade of ambiguity.

Adrián Onco Orduna’s “Vestigios” (Vestiges) will be shown  at the 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge

Tues 11 | 8pm | space B

the complete DL X program

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The Hopper by Alex Brüel Flagstad

Clay-Motion, Stash House Stick-Ups, West Baltimore, and fluffy pancakes.

The Hopper is not your average clay-animation story. 16 year old Dexter lives with his grandmother in west Baltimore, Maryland. One night Dexter and his friend Kevin rob local drug dealers, but things do not work out as planned and violence spins out of control.

“Most people regard clay animation movies as children’s movies. They take a certain cuteness and naivety for granted with animated characters acting in a funny story. I knew this from the very beginning of the project and thought this offered a great opportunity to catch the audience off guard. I wanted to tell a story in a clay-animated universe where the premise of the real world is somehow maintained – "realistic” violence and “real” people with “real” problems (i.e. “real” hallucinations from “real” drugs).
The Hopper aims at capturing the mood and feeling of West Baltimore, Maryland. In a way it is paying tribute to The Wire, a series which completely blew me away: so perfectly written and realistically told. I grew up with HipHop and rap music and have a deep rooted love for this music and culture. I think this kept me going, making every nerdy detail as real as possible. Normally I am very impatient person but stop-motion and clay-animation is unbeatable, you just can’t rush it.
I’d be very happy if people watching The Hopper would at some point forget that they are watching a clay-motion movie.“

Alex Brüel Flagstad

The Hopper will be shown at the 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge:

DL selection VII

Tues 11 | 8pm | space A