Tonight: strange creatures and things that go bump (to a beat) in the night. Up front, four DL film blocks to enjoy: DL Plus: Deconstruction at 6:00pm is followed by DL Selection X at 7:00pm. Then DL Selection XI vies for attention in Space A with the concurrently running film program DL Plus: Comme une image (four World Premieres!) presented in Space B, both at 8:30pm. Room upon room of short film treats! Then it’s time for Chambre Cross Art to strut out its stuff at 9:30pm in Space B, with a mélange of otherworldliness including guest Thomas Bröse, screening his film “Seelig,” a black-and-white surrealistic trip with non-traditional gender casting. Meet the actors and shake to the wickedly wild man called Petra Flurr, acting as DJ. Then DL brings you Kai Stänicke’s award-winning short “Cold Star” starring Dieter Rita Scholl to precede the highlight of the evening: a live performance by the man (or sometimes woman) Scholl him-/herself. Called “the most incredible man in the world” by Glenn Close, you may well think so yourself afterwards. Scholl’s program of music swings between pop and chanson, and Italy’s Martina Colli will accompany him on the piano. Members of Queer Riot Club will also show their colours. We promise you birds of paradise of every shape, size and gender. See you there!

(Due to illness, the singer Nicole Yazolino was unfortunately forced to cancel tonight’s appearance. Sorry to her fans… get well soon, Nicole!)

Day 7 program

the complete program, 6 – 16 Feb

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pictured: Thomas Bröse “Seelig”, Cross Art Gallery, Dieter Rita Scholl, Nikita Lavretski “The End of December”, Alexandru Ponoran “Isac Inca Doarme”