They might be near the end in a dictionary, but starting at 6pm, Zagreb shows how it can pull out front in the docu “New Tendencies Zagreb, 1961-1973,” with the bcd cybernetic art team in attendance to take us through an important phase in the Euro-capital’s artistic push forward. Miro A. Cimerman (bcd) will satisfy all curiosities in a talk on “Zagreb Avant-garde in the Shadow of Yalta” (Space B). Then Medienwerkstatt Berlin turns the tables, putting our eyes on the watchers in “Surveillance” in Space A – short films that may feed your fear that, run as you will, there may well be nowhere left to hide (6:30pm). A DL Plus event takes the stage at 8pm in Space B: Kroatien Kreativ (curated and presented by Ingeborg Fülepp), those manipulators of video and light, show a 75-minute series of video art in a class all its own, culled from highlights of the media facade at Collegium Hungaricum and new works by young artists from the seaport Rijeka. Over in Space A at 9pm, DL Selection VI sets sail, screening a transatlantic mix of short film refreshments, including four never before seen on German shores. All in all, a varied selection of overlapping programs straddling two spaces at the Naherholung Sternchen… the question is, how to decide what of which to take in?

Day 5 program

the complete program, 6 – 16 Feb