Thurs 17th 10:30pm


Fabrice Maruca FR Granny Time

Steve Stark CA Bear-Horse! 3 min 46s 2009
Stefan Adamski PL Auction 12 min 46s 2010
Nicolas Ramel FR AV scetch #4 58s 2010
Anssi Kasitonni FI Masa 10 min 45s
Coleman Miller US The Bonny Orbit 3 min 2010
Tilman Kuentzel DE  Pixelpo 1 min 28s 2010
Julia Smith  US  Rear View Camera 3 min 7s 2010
Kahori Kamiya JP Follow Me 2 min 1s 2010
Coleman Miller US Uso Justo 22 min 2005
Kahori Kamiya JP Bathroom Conductor 3 min 3s 2009
André Werner DE A.Y.B.A.B.T.U.  6 min 2001
Nicolas Ramel FR AV sketch #3 40s 2010
Chema Garcia Ibarra  ES The Attack Of The Robots From Nebula-5 6 min 20s 2008
Fabrice Maruca FR Granny Time 2 min 20s 2009

total running time: 88 min

Wed 16th 6pm

Barbara Rosenthal US Push Me  6 min 17s  2010
Octavian Fedorovici RO    White Time    1 min 39s    2008
Zsolt Keserue  HU Target Panic 37 min 47s   2010
Maru Ituarte MX Fleisch  6 min 31s  2010 (pictured)

total running time: 52 min

Wed 16th 7pm

Interventions – The Spaces of Politics

Terrorsounds by Jacob Kirchheim

Terrorsounds by Jacob Kirchheim and Teresa Delgado

Andrew Norman Wilson US Workers Leaving the Googleplex 11min 59s 2010

Jacob Kirchheim, Teresa Delgado DE Terrorsounds 6min 2010

Masha Godovannaya RU 40 10min 40s 2010

Pilar Ortiz X CL Circunvalación 33min 2010

Shalalae Jamil PK Watching Wheels 5min 30s 2010-2011

Tom Skipp ES Antioch – Florent on the Bridge 9min 26s 2010

curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Antioch by Tom Skipp

Antioch – Florent on the Bridge (Caravan Project) by Tom Skipp

More infos on Urban Research at

A preview, links and more stills at

Wed 16th 9pm

Ramadan Mohamed EG Senses, 2010, 15 min 30s
Rob Brown
GB Echoes 11min 38s 2009
Ajitesh Sharma IN Visible Bra Straps 44min 2010 world premiere

Senses | Ramadan Mohamed EG 2010

Souad is a young nurse who falls in a one sided love relationship with Yosief whose in a deep coma. Will Yosief be able to respond?

 ECHOES | Rob Brown GB 2009 

in attendance of Rob Brown 

A short film about Anya, a female sex trafficker (Joanne Froggatt) who faces a moral dilemma when she discovers that the young girl (Cristina Catalina) that she is trafficking from Lithuania to London has a secret.

VISIBLE BRA STRAPS | Ajitesh Sharma IN 2010| World Premiere

This is a story of two women: A young Italian corporate professional ‘Sandra’ (Petra Khruz) and a young Indian college student ‘Sanjana’ (Reeth Mazumder). They wouldn’t have even know each other had their life continued as it is. Sandra has lost her job and Sanjana has lost her love…

total running time: 70 min

Wed 16th 11pm 

|  on location

Tina Willgren SE The Polymoids 2 min 51s 2010
Heiko Daxl DE Lunapark 2 min 48s 2010
Francesca Fini    IT    Oasi Nel Deserto    5 min    2010 (pictured)
Ali Pekel TR/DE 7 Portrait (short) ca. 5 min 2010
Wesley Leon Aroozoo    Singapore    Peep    5 min    2010
Sergio Cruz UK    Exotica    5 min 2010

afterward media in motion

Ingeborg Fuelepp and Heiko Daxl, the driving forces behind media in motion, present highlights from their Pixxelpoint Festival

Arjan Brentjes The 21st Century 3 min 30s, 2010
Mihai Grecu  Centipede Sun 10 min 10s
Richard O’Sullivan Broken Windows 5 min 14s 2008
Boris Eldagsen  SPAM the Musical (Lonely Girls) 4 min 56s 2008
Boris Eldagsen SPAM the Musical (the Lottery)“ 5 min 30s 2010
François Vautier BLADE RUNNER revisited >3.6 gigapixels 4 min 13s 2009
François Vautier ants in my scanner 1 min 51s

afterward DJ Aligator (Ali Pekel)

Tues 15th  8pm

Imaginary Spaces – Virtual Vision

The Oyster Effect by Valentina Ferrantes

Anders Weberg SE Elsewhereness: Utrecht 4min 7s 2010

Anders Weberg SE Elsewhereness: Cape Town 2min 7s 2009

André Chi Sing Yuen DE The Work 3min 35s 2010

Andrew de Freitas NZ/CN L’Espace Quotidien 10min 46s 2010

Henry Gwiazda US something/the/you 4min 58s 2009

Julie Meyer FR Eclipse 1min 20s 2009

Marina Chernikova NL Metro V 2min 30s 2009

Morehshin Allahyari IR Over There Is Over Here 5min 43s 2010

Sarah Breen Lovett AU Expanded Architecture 04: Window Wound 1min 20sec 2010

Susanne Wiegner DE Just Midnight 3min 37s 2010

Tina Willgren SE The Polymoids 2min 51s 2010

Valentina Ferrandes IT The Oyster Effect 11min 52s 2010

Vera Frenkel CN Once Near Water: Notes from the Scaffolding Archive 15min 26s 2008

Yoko Hata JP Out of the Sky – Back into the Sky 9min 4s 2010

curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Notes from the Scaffolding Archives by Vera Frenkel

Once Near Water: Notes from the Scaffolding Archive by Vera Frenkel

More infos on Urban Research at

A preview, links and more stills at

Tues 15th  10pm

still from The Tango of The Corridor by Patricia Osses

BRAZIL: RECENT ARTIST VIDEOS curated by Kika Nicolela

Raquel Kogan BR Meeting 1min 3s 2010

Renata Padovan BR Almost Concrete  3min 30s 2010

Felipe Barros US/BR The Day Is Where We Live (O Dia é Onde Vivemos)      4min 5s  2010

Juliana Mundim BR Two (Dois) 4min 9s 2010

Angella Conte BR  Another Time Same Time (Outro Tempo Mesmo Tempo) 4min 19s  2010

Ana Moravi and Dellani Lima BR Velvet Pants (Calça de Veludo) 7min 13s 2010

still from Velvet Pants  by Ana Moravi and Dellani Lima

Patricia Osses CL/BR The Tango of The Corridor (Tango del Pasillo) 6min 14s 2009

Arthur Tuoto BR Body of Crime (Corpo Delito) 6min 6s 2010

Lucas Bambozzi  BR Reakt: The Day São Paulo Stopped 10min14s 2010

Giselle Beiguelman BR Chipped Movie (Cinema Lascado) 2min 30s 2010

Ayrson Heráclito BR Orange Lake 1min 47s 2010

Ayrson Heráclito BR Buruburu 3min 7s 2010

Kika Nicolela BR Desesmetak 3min 2009

Dellani Lima BR Breath (Fôlego) 7min 10s 2010

César Meneghetti  IT/BR (Venice) Requiem 5min 2009

Carlosmagno Rodrigues and Alonso Pafyeze BR 1976 3min 2009

total running time: 73min

read more about BRAZIL here

Mon 14th 8pm

still from Wistle While You Work

Cine Opera | An Evening with Michael Nyman in cooperation with  Myriam Blundell Projects

“When I started there was no intention to make films or a book of photographs. It happened because I was there, had a camera and an eye and a curiosity, my own visual diaries of a distracted but persistent mind.” 

Michael Nyman, 2009

CINE OPERA is a series of video works shot by composer, artist and filmmaker Michael Nyman in various parts of the world during the past fifteen years. Drawn from his globe-trotting travels, introspective journeys and life-changing discoveries, the series is a collection of 50 cinematographic records documenting various capsules of every-day life, spontaneous events and chosen circumstances through first-hand observation. The work is an attempt to capture living cultures and forgotten traditions in a format which illustrates a diaristic study of modern-day life. Although, an obvious parallel can be made with the current reality TV phenomena in pop culture and in some cases to the polemic argument over pervasive CCTV surveillance in most countries, Nyman’s intentions go beyond the act of simple observation, and the obvious criticism of continuous scrutiny and voyeurism in contemporary societies. “Cine Opera” appropriates content from everyday life and delivers a quirky yet brutally truthful view of the world in which we live. The footage is blissfully accompanied by Nyman’s soundtrack which is deeply influenced from borrowed, local sounds and blended with the vast range of his musical repertoire. As a result, the mundane becomes peculiar, the unknown romantic, and the forgotten suddenly recalled. The series emerges as a thorough study of our uneasy times and attempts to reflect on the human condition in this nascent century.

still from Witness I

Myriam Blundell Projects

Michael Nyman

Mon 14th 10pm

four films featuring two people on their way

Anastasia Danilova RU Godo 2 min 18s 2009 silent
Alain Deymier ES Les Rideaux Rouges, 2011, 34 min world premiere
Zhou Quan CN Whereabouts, 2010, 30 min
Hendrick Dusollier FR Babel, 2010, 15 min 

Alain Deymier ES Les Rideaux Rouges, 2011

An Oedipus without a complex: Jose, a young man and an orphan, and Pablo, a boy of 13, flee the city, under threat and condemned to drift. Jose, who has to solve the mystery of his identity – Who am I? Who is my mother? is going to have to enter the adult world and set off to find his destiny through a long, solitary dialogue with nature and the rhythms of the world. A film that provides a contemporary vision of an ancestral myth.

Alain Deymier, born in France, lives and works in Spain. Reputed photographer, he has thrown many exhibition though out the World. Since a few years, he developed a deep interest for the cinema and firstly started directing and producing short films. Les Rideaux Rouges will be screened in world premiere.

Zhou Quan CN Whereabouts, 2010

Whereabouts is Zhou Quan’s debut Chinese film. The film is adapted from Li Ya’s original stage script “The Missing Condom”, taking place in China’s metropolis Shanghai, and focus on “Xiaozi” (Petite Bourgeoisie). The story depicts the situation of young generation’s urban life and their values of love and marriage. An intimate story of two people, set against the stunning Shanghai cityscapes.

Hendrick Dusollier FR Babel, 2010

From the celestian mountains to the peak of Shanghai’s towers, two young peasants leave their village to get to the metropolis.

Total running time: 82 min

Mon 14th  changed time:12am midnight

Matthias Aberle DE Poesie des Untergrunds (Poetry Of Underground) 90 min 2009, Dokumentarfilm

Prenzlauer Berg kontrovers 1976-1990
Dokumentarfilm / 90 Min. / D-2009
Regie u. Schnitt: Matthias Aberle
Buch u. Beratung: Bert Papenfuß


Der Prenzlauer Berg in Ost-Berlin: Transitraum der DDR-Künstlerszene zwischen Ost und West. Ab den 70er Jahren tauchen Künstler wie Cornelia Schleime, Harald Hauswald, Sascha Anderson, Alexander Zahn, die Mitglieder der Punkbands Rosa Extra und Planlos u.v.a. aus der “Realität, die versagt hat” in die Hinterhoflandschaft Prenzlauer Bergs ab. Hier experimentiert man zwischen Dadaismus und Punk, schreibt, fotografiert, malt, musiziert und filmt. Bis die Mauer fällt. Mit sehr persönlichen Interviews und zum Teil unveröffentlichtem Archivmaterial zeichnen Matthias Aberle und Bert Papenfuß in ihrem Dokumentarfilm ein stilles bis schrilles Porträt der kontroversen Prenzlauer Berg-Künstlerbohème von den 70er Jahren bis zur Wiedervereinigung.