Find the Directors Lounge booth and C.A.R. Video Lounge in the SANAA Building, Zeche Zollverein

“A Short History of Abandoned Places” by Ra di Martino

“Mont Royal” by Sandra Becker

“Eine Katze hat sieben Leben” by Maria Felix Korporal

cinematic art and cuts of media experimentation at the C.A.R. Video Lounge!

Dedicated presentations include select moving image work from Experiments in Cinema, a festival designed to bring the international community of cinematic experimentalists to Nuevo Mexico to inspire a new generation of media activists to participate in shaping future trends of cultural representation. On top, we will be screening various animations from the Medienwerkstatt Berlin, an artist-run project of the BBK Berlin offering production facilities for media artists.

Find the Directors Lounge booth and the C.A.R. Video Lounge (Auditorium) in the SANAA building at World Heritage Zeche Zollverein. Stop by, say hello and take in our delectable film selection … See you at C.A.R.!

Participating Artists & Filmmakers (DL Booth and C.A.R. Video Lounge):

Deborah Kelly, Kyra Clegg, Ruth Hayes, Dianna Barrie, Guli Silberstein, Richard Ashrowan, Caryn Cline, Linda Fenstermaker, Reed O’Beirne, Kristen Lauth Shaeffer, Ian Haig, Natasha Cantwell, Patricia McInroy, Salise Hughes, Ra di Martino, Julia Murakami, André Werner, Carola Göllner, Maria Felix Korporal, Laurent Bebín (Carbon Cream), Petra Lottje, Herbert Liffers, Lina Walde, Heike Hamann, Darko Aleksovski, Sandra Becker, Marissa Rae Niederhauser, Weronika Skonieczna, Karen Thastum (Tura Ya Moya), Anett Vietzke & Veronika Bökelmann, Rosanna Chizhova, Lioba von den Driesch, Betty Böhm, Helen Anna Flanagan, Juliane Ebner


contemporary art ruhr, 
the innovative art fair

World Cultural Heritage Site Zollverein XII, 
Gelsenkirchener Str. 181/ 209 

45309 Essen, Germany

Opening hours:
Friday, October 27, 8 pm, V.I.P.-Preview, 6 pm

Public fair hours:
Saturday, October 28, 12 am – 8 pm
Sunday, October, 29, 11 am – 7 pm


”Michael Caine -The look III” by Carola Göllner

We are proud to present a special program curated by our comrade Bryan Konefsky, founder and mastermind behind Experiments In Cinema, at the  contemporary art ruhr, 27-29 Oct. 2017.

Select moving image work from Experiments in Cinema, a festival designed to bring the international community of cinematic experimentalists to Nuevo Mexico to inspire a new generation of media activists to participate in shaping future trends of cultural representation.

Artist list: Deborah Kelly, Kyra Clegg, Paul Tarragó, APOTROPIA (Antonella Mignone + Cristiano Panepuccia), Ruth Hayes, Dianna Barrie, Allan Brown, Guli Silberstein, Richard Ashrowan, Caryn Cline, Linda Fenstermaker and Reed O’Beirne, Kristen Lauth Shaeffer, Ian Haig, Natasha Cantwell, Patricia McInroy, Salise Hughes, Ra di Martino.

Detailed info:
Directors Lounge at the Contemporary Art Ruhr 2017



C.A.R. Video Lounge | the complete EIC program:

Deborah Kelly, LYING WOMEN, 4 min, 2016, Australia
Kyra Clegg, Shadow Show, 4.25 min, 2015, Scotland
Ruth Hayes, Copper Perforation Loop Triptych, 3.5 min, 2016, USA
Dianna Barrie, Last Train, 12.5 min, 2016, Australia
Guli Silberstein, Cut Out, 4.5 min, 2014, UK
Richard Ashrowan, Five Angels, 5 min, 2016, Scotland
Caryn Cline, Linda Fenstermaker and Reed O’Beirne TRI-Alogue, no. 2,
3 min, 2016, USA
Kristen Lauth Shaeffer, 349, 3.25 min, 2015, USA
Ian Haig, Analogue, 2 min, 2016, Australia
Natasha Cantwell, The Solar System (In Luncheon Meat), 1 min, 2013, New
Patricia McInroy, Stopped in Time, 2.5 min, 2016, Cuba
Salise Hughes, The Swimmer, 4 min, 2012, USA
Ra di Martino, A Short History of Abandoned Places, 10 min, 2012, Morocco


pictured: “Copper Perforation Loop Triptych” by Ruth Hayes and “A Short History of Abandoned Places” by Ra di Martino

Kulturwerk des bbk berlin at C.A.R. Video Lounge

Directors Lounge is pleased to present a selection of animations created by our partner Medienwerkstatt Berlin at the contemporary art ruhr, 27-29 Oct. 2017.

Since 2009, the artist run media workspace of the bbks´s Kulturwerk supplies infrastructure and media knowledge for visual artists to realise media art works.

In order to initiate cooperation and to share knowledge the media workspace is creating an expert-pool. Regulary meetings on media and art support media artists in Berlin and help networking between them. Themes are media borderlands and a critical understanding of new media. Also there is a wide offer of workshops at the Bildungswerk open for all visual artists in Berlin that are looking for support in their media work.

Detailed info:

Directors Lounge at the Contemporary Art Ruhr 2017


C.A.R Video Lounge |
the complete Medienwerkstatt Berlin program:

Maria Felix Korporal Eine Katze hat sieben Leben | A Cat Has Seven Lives 07:32 min
Laurent Bebín (Carbon Cream) weit weg | far away 00:50 min
Petra Lottje Fragen an den Mond | Questions to the Moon 04:46 min
Herbert Liffers Pendel | „Pendulum“ 03:12 min
Lina Walde In circles 02:35 min
Heike Hamann WG | WG (flatsharing) 03:00 min
Darko Aleksovski Texturen | Textures 01:17 min
Sandra Becker Mont Royal 02:20 min
Marissa Rae Niederhauser Heiligtum|Zuflucht | Sanctuary 02:42 min
Weronika Skonieczna Nein I No 00:21 min
Karen Thastum (Tura Ya Moya) Eis 02:00 min
Anett Vietzke & Veronika Bökelmann Rückzug | Retreat 05:00 min
Rosanna Chizhova Selbstportrait | SelfPortrait 05:00 min
Lioba von den Driesch heute wird morgen gestern sein | tomorrow today will be yersterday 02:00 min
Betty Böhm Nocturne  03:00 min
Helen Anna Flanagan Trance 02:13 min
Juliane Ebner Landstrich | Stretch of Land 09:00 min


pictured: “Eine Katze hat sieben Leben” by  Maria Felix Korporal /  “Mont Royal” by Sandra Becker

Directors Lounge Screening
Bill Brown and Sabine Gruffat
The Other Side
Thursday, 27 Juli 2017

Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Bill Brown and Sabine Gruffat, artist couple visiting from North Carolina, United States, will present their films.

Being a Flaneur, walking to explore the city and the society, exploring modernity and the anachronisms of life on foot does not really make sense in the United States. The equivalence in Northern America would be the road movie: comprising the change of media, change of speed, change of surmounted distances. Bill Brown is one of the filmmakers in the US who hit the road many times to make movies. Born in Lubbock, Texas, he has lived in many cities, Chicago being one of them. His movies, not what you would typically call road movies, have the quality of artistic ethnographic research, or one could also say psycho-geography.

“The Other Side 2005” started as a coast to coast trip from Texas to California similar to a trip Brown undertook some years earlier in the United States, along the Canadian border. In the South, the artist was soon confronted with border control, border activism (helping people in trouble trying to cross the border in the desert), abandoned migrant camps and personal stories, walls and fences. When finishing the film, the artist thought, this would be a film about a short term issue, not that it would rise to a political quarrel until now. Bill still narrates the film with the dry humor he used in his earlier film, but the film became intrinsically political, even more so when watching it now, more than 10 years later.

Sabine Gruffat on the other hand is an artist working with two kinds of artistic stance, a rather experimental, almost abstract point of view, and a documentary style, mixed with political demeanor.  “A Return to the Return to Reason” is an astonishing remake of Man Ray’s movie from 1923 with means of “art and tech”. Even though it almost looks like hand-knitted, it is made by laser-carving onto real film. A similar kind of hybrid quality between analog and digital also marks “Headlines” which uses animation software to layer and animate newspaper headlines and part of printed articles. Unlike David Gatten, well-known for animating letters on analogue film, the project has a less enigmatic, mysterious quality about the meaning of letters or words, but is a reaction to the discrepancies Sabine found reading the New York Times while living in a remote place in North Carolina.

The couple has been working together for several year. The most
recent and joint project, “Amarillo Ramp” will be a German/European
Premiere. It is connected with Land Art and specifically Robert
Smithson. The film is a tribute to Smithsons work at large, while
dwelling on an earthwork by Robert Smith situated in Texas, which is
less known than Spiral Jetty in Utah and his last work. It could only
be finished with the help of Richard Serra, Nancy Holt, and Tony

Thinking of an American Flaneurism, the Land Art by Smithson is not that far off. For Smithson, his land art was always connected with some kind of industrial use or man-made landscape. It creates a specific relation not only between landscape and earthwork, but between the work, local people, supporters, land owners, visitors and the art public. For the film project at Amarillo, the artist couple visited the site of Amarillo Ramp many times over 7 years, and at the same time, they undertook a close research to Smithsons ideas and writing. The film explores the surrounding of Amarillo, follows a team of local supporters for restoration on the ramp and finally undertakes a few interventions with the project. It could be seen as a documentary about Smithson, but at the same time also as an art project in tribute to Smithson and his ideas to connect the landscapes and rural areas with the city, ideas which become even more important today, in times of a deeply divided country.

Artists Links:

Directors Lounge
Richfilm  h


Lights down
For a show in the dark
Vantage point the back row
Where the screen fills your eyes

Watch her before you now
Her gaze thrown far and wide
See the picture begin to move
Bold magic of cinema
Before your unquenched eyes
She raises her hands
And shapes a world

She fashions a world
And runs through it
Peoples it with towering thoughts
Covers it with high-standing dreams
Places to run free and grow wild
Up on the screen
Flickering bravely in the dark

Now your gaze seeks her
Catches her only here and there
A soul playing coquette
Revealing itself in fleeting moments

Watch her from the edge of your seat
She is running in fields
Her hair trailing electric sparks
Her face thrown back
Arms outstretched to two horizons
Laughter darts across her lips
Leaves around her fall
Pages of unwritten memories
Following their wilful aimless path
She runs through them
You watch from the edge of your seat

Her laughter trails distant
But the picture remains
Moved only to the next screen

– Kenton Turk

One year onward
Never forgotten, our dear Claudia
12.01.1960 – 26.06.2016
Team DL

Directors Lounge heading for contemporary art ruhr, media art fair: Besides presenting installations, paintings and photography, we will be screening genre-straddling slices of cinematic art and cuts of media experimentation as part of the c.a.r. Video Lounge.

Dedicated presentations include the screening “REtreat” (RÜCKzug), new experimental shorts created and produced in the context of the medienwerkstatt Berlin, an artist-run project of the BBK Berlin offering production facilities for media artists, and a fresh selection of video art curated by Michael Murnau and Annalisa Cosentino from Delete TV. Delete TV is an independent platform for video art and experimental films. It investigates the captivating nature of images with the specific aim of looking up to new approaches by taking distance from the conventional film making method. The platform opens a window to the world of art and offers strong, wild and uncensored works from upcoming artists and filmmakers.

And as a final bit of dazzle, Directors Lounge presents, in collaboration with the Leo Kuelbs Collection, tidbits from the Mitte Media Festival in Berlin.

Meet us at World Heritage Site Zollverein, (a former Coal Mine Industrial Complex) centre of the creative industry in the Ruhr area.

Find us in Areal C [Kokerei].


Delete TV

with works by Giorgos Efthimiou (Greece), Emmanuelle Negre, Jil Guyon (United States), Joe Pisciotta, Luka Fisher (United States), Mabby Alam (United Kingdom), Maxime Contour (France), Natalia Alfutova (Russian Federation), Neil Needleman (United States), Paulina Rutman (Chile), Sian Fann (United Kingdom) Tara Nelson (United States), Tina Willgren (Sweden), Dan Inglis (New Zealand), Ying-Fang Shen (Taiwan), John T. Williams (USA), Michael Woods (USA) see full program here


Medienwerkstatt Berlin

with works by Alisa Javits, Anne-May Fossnes, Barbara Deblitz, Betty Böhm, Christa Biedermann, Daniela Butsch, Darko Aleksovski, Elisabeth Molin,   Fellipe Sperk (FELL), Florian Bielefeldt (The Fortunists), Francesco Pace (Tellurico), Gabriele Stellbaum, Gaby Schulze, Hara Shin, Heike Hamann, Helen Anna Flanagan, Herbert Liffers, Insa Langhorst, Jakobine Engel, Karen Thastum (TURA YA MOYA), Laurent Bébin (CARBON CREAM), Lina Walde, Lotte van der Woude, Maria Felix Korporal, Mariel Gottwick, Marissa Rae Niederhauser, Ottjörg A.C., Petra Lottje, Regina Liedtke, Rosanna Chizhova, Sandra Becker 01 Sandra Riche, Simone Häckel, Una Quigley, Verena Kyselka.more info here


Mitte Media Festival

Directors Lounge presents together with the  Leo Kuelbs Collection, selected works from the Mitte Media Festival in Berlin. Videos by Matl Findel, Tomas Draschan, Franz Reimer, Kristina Paustian and Christopher Winter. read more

supported by



Artists attending
Visuman (read more), Julia Murakami, André Werner.
Next to installations, photography and paintings, we will show Visuman’s video works in collaboration with André Chi Sing Yuen, respectively Marcel Munte, and silent single channel loops (more) including a restored version of the legendary “Kleine Lobhudelei auf den Monitor” (Little Flattering of the Monitor), 1990 by Cosima Reif, and moving images by Matl Findel and André Werner.

World Cultural Heritage Site Zollverein

Areal C [Kokerei], Kokereiallee 71, 45141 Essen

Official Opening
Friday, May 12, 8 pm

Public fair hours
Saturday, May 13, 11 am – 7 pm
Sunday, May 14, 11 am – 7 pm

Site map

Special thanks to


pictured: Zeche Zollverein, DL; Delete TV with “Nefarious” by Joe Pisciotta; film still by Simone Häckel; Matl Findel “Wann fahren wir zur See?”,“Untitled” (Bass, nude) by Andre Werner

Directors Lounge presents Visuman’s paintings, and videos in collaboration with André Chi Sing Yuen (”GROW”), respectively Marcel Munte (”Wolkenteppich”)

VISUMAN  Geometria est archetypus pulchritudinis mundi.

“Visuman shall be the visual man, whose communication skills are principally visual. Visuman is an abstraction; television-head, on- and-off-button-body, cable-legs. Visuman inhabits a world shown in graphs of mathematical functions. Therefore truth is represented at its best. Visuman pictures are recognised as something similar to all attempts to gain knowledge of truth. The self-similarity of non- inear functions in visuman pictures explains the similarity of patterns shown in the artwork of the world’s cultures.”


JT lives since 1983 in Berlin, from 1993 until 1997 in Hong Kong.The project Visuman is launched during JT’s travels and stays in Asia, America and Europe. Exhibitors and collectors around the planet love the truth in the forms painted by visuman. The technique of Visuman drawings is Japanese ink on paper or cardboard from 1992 until 2000. The transapparatus picture is a visuman-technique, using a copier to implement a drawing into a new picture. Colour fills form. Since 2000 visuman is painted in acrylics on canvas. Colour folds form. In 2001 the virtual visuman, digitized and generated by the machine, becomes a fellow being in a fractalized world. Form fills form. In 2002 the fractal geometry, evaluated by the virtual visuman on the screen the year before, becomes painted reality on canvas. Form folds form.


1962 Jörg Tenbrock born in Rheine/Westphalia, Germany
1981-95 university studies in mathematics, economy, geography,
cartography, philosophy
1992 unfolding of the project Visuman
2002 unfolding of the project Edamon Namusiv
2009 curator DASLABOR der Experimentalraum Berlin
2012-13 curator gallery Klose Essen
2014-17 assistence project management artfairs BERLINER LISTE, KÖLNER LISTE
2015 unfolding of the project Giorgio Visumani artnetwork
2016 start of the project SMART STAR
2017 artist of Gallery Himmerlich Issinger, Berlin

Read more: Directors Lounge at the Contemporary Art Ruhr, May 2017


pictured: Fraxnix 14 SMART FLOW


Directors Lounge at Mitte Media Festival, 5 – 6 May, 2017

The lights are on and the gloves are off for this sensory assault of choicest knock-out punches from around the world of DL. Stories are told, implied or avoided in a rush of shorts spread over two venues and three programs. Everything you need to reactivate undernourished cinema-hungry brain cells will be served up – plenty of DL premiere gems in the bunch, plus other bright lights from a slew of bright minds.

We are pleased to participate in the Mitte Media Festival, a two-day, multi-venue celebration of video, film, publication and performance works through a spectrum of media starting on May 5th and ending on May 6th.

We will be presenting two screenings at Z-Bar, Bergstraße 2, Berlin at 6 pm and 8 pm, presented by André Werner and Kenton Turk: A buffet of tasty tidbits from 10 years of Directors Lounge, films about self -esteem, aliens, art, moms, toasters and the whole universe. An Urban Research program curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr will take place at the Fata Morgana Gallery.

We will hit you, in the best way possible!


DL at Mitte Media | Program One (80 min) curated by André Werner, 5 May, 6 pm at Z-Bar: all about reception, pictophagia and the autopoietic beauty of images.

Stefan Adamski (PL) Induction 3 min 2007
Neil Needleman (US) Meeskeit 7 min 30s 2009
Jes Benstock
(GB) Phosphenes 10 min 2002
Michael Betancourt (US) The Kodak Moment 2 min 2013
Xavi Sala (ES) La Parabólica 12 min 2007
Sasha Waters Freyer (US) An Incomplete History of Pornography, 1979, 8 min 2013
Jean-Gabriel Périot (FR) 21.04.02 9 min, DV, 2002
Faith Holland (US) RIP Geocities  2 min 31s  2011
André Werner (DE) The Custom of Eating Pictures 9 min 1997
Santiago Parres EZO (ES) Sinecdoquanon 7 min 29s  2011
Tokomburu / Zisis Kokkinidis and Ion Papaspyrou (GR) I Am Not Here Now 9 min 30 s 2013



DL at Mitte Media | Program Two (96 min) curated by André Werner, 5 May, 8 pm at Z-Bar: A wild rollercoaster about the eternal question “Have you ever seen an experimental film?”

Alexei Dmitriev (RU) Dubus 4 min 9s, DV, 2005
Coleman Miller (US) Uso Justo 22 min 2005
Matthew Lancit (FR/CA) 16 Reasons Why I Hate Myself 03:32
Alexandru Ponoran (RO) Isac Inca Doarme 17 min 2012
Samuel Blain (GB) In Dreams 3 min 57s   2011
Bryan Konefsky (US) Miss Yummy Yummy 4 min 2012
Guy Maddin (CA) Sombra Dolorosa 7 min 35s
Nina Lassila (FI) Günter und Mutti  3 min 17s 2011 (Distributor: AV-arkki)
Chema Garcia Ibarra
(ES) The Attack of The Robots From Nebula-5
6min 20s 2008
Javier Chillon (ES) Decapoda Shock  9 min 15s  2011
Luca Zuberbuehler (CH) Lothar 13 min  2013
Oliver Smith (GB) Bob by Oliver Smith 2 min 31s 2013


DL at Mitte Media | Program Three, curated by K.W. Eisenlohr (91 min), 6 May, 4 pm at Fata Morgana Gallery: Exploring the boundaries where video art and cinema merge. 

James Harrar (UK) Vlaamperd 2014, 5:54min
Clemens Fürtler (AT) Bildmaschine 07, Transit 2015  3:30min (silent)
Elaine Tedesco (BR) Leme Posto 2011 2:59 min
James Edmonds (DE) Movement and Stillness 2015 10:52min (silent)
Eric Stewart (US) Rah Rah 2013, 3:58 min
Petra Lottje (CN/DE) Questions to the Moon, 2017 4:46min
Doris Schmid (DE) LEG- 2012 5:00min
Katya Craftsova (IN/DE) Time Conservation 2012, 6:19 min
John D´Arcy & Deborah Uhde (DE/UK) Back ande Vor 2014 5:32 min
Bernd Lützeler & Kolja Kunt (DE) Unterwegs mit Maxim Gorkiy 2014 10:14 min
Sandra Becker 01 (BR/DE) 4 Clips for Loops 2015 01:17min
Mélissa Faivre (DE) The Space in Between 2016  11:48min
Gabriele Stellbaum (DE) Honest Lies 2011 9:45min
Mark Street (US) After Synchromy 2015 5:11min
Felix Brassier.Thanos Chrysakis (FR/UK) Day Two Hundred Seventy Nine Trails 2014 4:22min

The Mitte Media Festival program

Mitte Media Festival partners include: FATA MORGANA, Leo Kuelbs Collection, coGalleries, Last Night in Berlin, Chased Magazine, Directors Lounge, Z-Bar, BRLO and more.


pictured: “Uso Justo” by Coleman Miller; “Decapoda Shock” by Javier Chillon,  “16 Reasons Why I Hate Myself”  by Matthew Lancit , “Questions to the Moon” by  Petra Lottje


5 – 6 May, 2017

, Torstraße 170
Z-Bar, Bergstraße 2

Mitte Media Festival is pleased to present a three-day, multi-venue celebration of video, film, publication and performance works through a spectrum of media starting on May 5th and ending on May 6th. 

The realization of an idea, as it winds its way through the human mind and body, then is communicated to other creative entities, and finally translated and presented in other media is the process from which Mitte Media Festival draws its conceptual energy.

Hosted by Fata Morgana and its partners and presented in a small group of venues in Mitte, Berlin, Mitte Media Festival also shines a light on the neighborhood’s role as a hub of creation and presentation of multi-media work, as well as the start-up culture that often powers these dynamic permutations.  The sheer change and transition that has occurred in Mitte in the last 10 years makes the area a perfect example of the collision between the terrestrially creativity and ever-expanding digital processes and platforms.

Book presentations, experimental video shows with discussion and other events will typically be presented in two-hour slots, allowing viewers to encounter a variety of work in a variety of settings. Mitte Media Festival is also planning its own online LIVE STREAM providing viewers across the globe access to selected content.


Directors Lounge at Mitte Media

Mitte Media Festival partners include: FATA MORGANA, Leo Kuelbs Collection, coGalleries, Konstantin Kopietz, Last Night in Berlin, Chased Magazine, BRLO, Directors Lounge, Z-Bar and more.  

Sponsored by BRLO, FATA MORGANA, coGalleries, Leo Kuelbs Collection, Z-Bar, Last Night in Berlin, Chased

More information at:

Directors Lounge Screening
Urban Research – Private Affair
Thursday, 26 January 2017 | 21:00

Z-Bar | Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

In the times of public intrusion into the private sphere, right wing populists and religious fundamentalists threatening the freedom of expression and diversity, and conservative politicians pressing for control and surveillance, the expressions of private life become a political affair again. Related to the slogan of 1968 “The personal is political”, the here presented films talk about personal or private affairs in relation to the public sphere and the urban space.

Many of the Urban Research films submitted in 2016 are dealing with private stories, that are related, in one way or the other, to the urban space and expressing the importance of freedom and solidarity for the divergent, the subversive and the liberal mind. The films present the small stories with high artistic aspiration, the nuanced views and the subjective diversity, which are even more important at times when populist positions start to replace distinguished sentiments in culture and politics.

A fine selection of Urban Research films shown at 48h Neukölln in addition to a brand new film by Penny Lane. And, films by Petra Lottje, Vladimir Turner, Rob Santaguida, Anna Okrasko, Doris Schmid, Salise Hughes, Eleonore de Montesquiou, and Ezra Wube

Directors Lounge

Snaps from this screening