5 – 6 May, 2017

, Torstraße 170
Z-Bar, Bergstraße 2

Mitte Media Festival is pleased to present a three-day, multi-venue celebration of video, film, publication and performance works through a spectrum of media starting on May 5th and ending on May 6th. 

The realization of an idea, as it winds its way through the human mind and body, then is communicated to other creative entities, and finally translated and presented in other media is the process from which Mitte Media Festival draws its conceptual energy.

Hosted by Fata Morgana and its partners and presented in a small group of venues in Mitte, Berlin, Mitte Media Festival also shines a light on the neighborhood’s role as a hub of creation and presentation of multi-media work, as well as the start-up culture that often powers these dynamic permutations.  The sheer change and transition that has occurred in Mitte in the last 10 years makes the area a perfect example of the collision between the terrestrially creativity and ever-expanding digital processes and platforms.

Book presentations, experimental video shows with discussion and other events will typically be presented in two-hour slots, allowing viewers to encounter a variety of work in a variety of settings. Mitte Media Festival is also planning its own online LIVE STREAM providing viewers across the globe access to selected content.


Directors Lounge at Mitte Media

Mitte Media Festival partners include: FATA MORGANA, Leo Kuelbs Collection, coGalleries, Konstantin Kopietz, Last Night in Berlin, Chased Magazine, BRLO, Directors Lounge, Z-Bar and more.  

Sponsored by BRLO, FATA MORGANA, coGalleries, Leo Kuelbs Collection, Z-Bar, Last Night in Berlin, Chased

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