Directors Lounge presents Visuman’s paintings, and videos in collaboration with André Chi Sing Yuen (”GROW”), respectively Marcel Munte (”Wolkenteppich”)

VISUMAN  Geometria est archetypus pulchritudinis mundi.

“Visuman shall be the visual man, whose communication skills are principally visual. Visuman is an abstraction; television-head, on- and-off-button-body, cable-legs. Visuman inhabits a world shown in graphs of mathematical functions. Therefore truth is represented at its best. Visuman pictures are recognised as something similar to all attempts to gain knowledge of truth. The self-similarity of non- inear functions in visuman pictures explains the similarity of patterns shown in the artwork of the world’s cultures.”


JT lives since 1983 in Berlin, from 1993 until 1997 in Hong Kong.The project Visuman is launched during JT’s travels and stays in Asia, America and Europe. Exhibitors and collectors around the planet love the truth in the forms painted by visuman. The technique of Visuman drawings is Japanese ink on paper or cardboard from 1992 until 2000. The transapparatus picture is a visuman-technique, using a copier to implement a drawing into a new picture. Colour fills form. Since 2000 visuman is painted in acrylics on canvas. Colour folds form. In 2001 the virtual visuman, digitized and generated by the machine, becomes a fellow being in a fractalized world. Form fills form. In 2002 the fractal geometry, evaluated by the virtual visuman on the screen the year before, becomes painted reality on canvas. Form folds form.


1962 Jörg Tenbrock born in Rheine/Westphalia, Germany
1981-95 university studies in mathematics, economy, geography,
cartography, philosophy
1992 unfolding of the project Visuman
2002 unfolding of the project Edamon Namusiv
2009 curator DASLABOR der Experimentalraum Berlin
2012-13 curator gallery Klose Essen
2014-17 assistence project management artfairs BERLINER LISTE, KÖLNER LISTE
2015 unfolding of the project Giorgio Visumani artnetwork
2016 start of the project SMART STAR
2017 artist of Gallery Himmerlich Issinger, Berlin

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pictured: Fraxnix 14 SMART FLOW