Lights down
For a show in the dark
Vantage point the back row
Where the screen fills your eyes

Watch her before you now
Her gaze thrown far and wide
See the picture begin to move
Bold magic of cinema
Before your unquenched eyes
She raises her hands
And shapes a world

She fashions a world
And runs through it
Peoples it with towering thoughts
Covers it with high-standing dreams
Places to run free and grow wild
Up on the screen
Flickering bravely in the dark

Now your gaze seeks her
Catches her only here and there
A soul playing coquette
Revealing itself in fleeting moments

Watch her from the edge of your seat
She is running in fields
Her hair trailing electric sparks
Her face thrown back
Arms outstretched to two horizons
Laughter darts across her lips
Leaves around her fall
Pages of unwritten memories
Following their wilful aimless path
She runs through them
You watch from the edge of your seat

Her laughter trails distant
But the picture remains
Moved only to the next screen

– Kenton Turk

One year onward
Never forgotten, our dear Claudia
12.01.1960 – 26.06.2016
Team DL

Directors Lounge Screening
Urban Research Special
Topophilia – Landscapes and Harbours | Claudia Guilino

Thursday, 30 June 2016
Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Two shorts and one feature about the interference of the technical world of shipping and oil with landscapes and the city. Twice the Port of Los Angeles is the starting point for visual exploration. One goes up north along the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, the other examines the harbor at night. The harbor of Veracruz on the other hand is the place for a histographical reconsideration of the Mexican harbor from a very personal point of view.


Topophilia by Peter Bo Rappmund
surveys the 800-mile length of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, and travels alongside the conduit as it bobs above and underground from the Prudhoe Bay oil fields to its terminus at Valdez. The extreme linearity and continuity of the pipeline acts as a pivot point to reorganize the landscape and offers new and idiosyncratic ways to visually reconsider topography. The film confronts the extreme beauty of the North-American landscape with the seemingly safe infrastructure of oil transport.


Veracruz Without Ship by Teresa Delgado & Jakob Kirchheim. A documentary melodrama with privatizations and without lovers. A poetic walk through Veracruz, port of European exiles and Mexican oil, of melodrama and of the rhythm danzón. // Since 1938 Lázaro Cárdenas government offered political asylum to thousands of Spanish republicans who were fleeing war and persecution. They arrived to the port of Veracruz, unreachable paradise for the defeated who could not leave Spain. We revisit this myth of the grandparents and confront it with the present in 2014. In this year the PRI government is opening the doors to private investment of multinationals in a natural resource which Mexicans consider their own: oil. Oil plays an important role in the Gulf of Mexico and Mexican oil was nationalized by Cárdenas government in 1938.


Port Noir by Laura Kraning. Within the machine landscape of Terminal Island, the textural strata of a 100 year old boat shop provides a glimpse into Los Angeles Harbor’s disappearing past. Often recast as a backdrop for fictional crime dramas, the scenic details of the last boatyard evoke imaginary departures and a hidden world at sea.


Program addition:
We are deeply mourning the loss of our close friend Claudia Guilino and will show two videos by her

Stony Sleep  6 min 24s  2011
Abgesang, kupferfarben 3 min 52s 2009

Claudia Guilino was part of the Directors Lounge family from the early days, supporting our project with love and enthusiasm. Claudia passed away on June 26. She will be deeply missed.

Team Directors Lounge

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