It´s that time again (to party!)

Once again it´s time to party with all the cool Berlin Filmfestivals at cozy Naherholung Sternchen. The 2012 UEFA European Football Championship might not exactly be a cause to celebrate, at least it serves a reason to screen a fine compilation of soccer-shorts, the Short Kicks, compiled by our fiendly neighbors, the 11mm Fussballfilmfestival. The kicks will be followed by DJ Just Aprés! (House, Deep House, Deep Feeling).

Pictured: World Cup 2018 by Eytan Heller on  Directors Lounge television

Click through to get the real soccer feeling (part of our guerilla screenings on public billboards during the last European Football Championship)

See you at the third Festiwelt Party 2012, Thursday Mai 31

Naherholung Sternchen

Berolinastrasse 7  (Hinter dem Kino International)
10178 Berlin (5 Euro)

The hosting Festivals

11mm Fußballfilmfestival Achtung Berlin – New Berlin Film Award Alfilm – Arabisches Filmfestival BerlinBaltic Film Festival Contravision Directors Lounge Down Under Berlin – Australian Film Festival Französische Filmwoche Going Underground interfilm Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Berlin Kiezkieken KUKI Internationales Kinder und Jugendkurzfilmfestival Berlin Northzone One World Berlin Russische Filmwoche Sehsüchte Webcuts internationales Internet Film FestZebra Poetry Film Festival

Meet us at the

Directors Lounge @ Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.)The Media Art Fair

Once again you will find us at the c.a.r., the contemporary art ruhr at the Zollverein World Cultural Heritage Site, formerly known as the “most beautiful coal mine in the world” – and now the best-known industrial monument and centre of the creative economy in the Ruhr Area.

Artists included: Carola Göllner, Rosetta Messori, Andreas Müller-Pohle, Julia Murakami, Kim Dotty Hachmann, Alan Smithee, Peter Snowdon, Kika Nicolela, Rachel Rosalen, André Werner and many others

Primordial Breath, the first video work by Italian Photographer Rosetta Messori, is a visual journey based on 18 photographs from her book  Visioni Mediterranee  (Skira 2010). In a continuous state of flux, Rosetta Messori captures the essence of a movement to tell an imaginary story. Primordial Breath was shown in world premiere during the 8th Berlin International Directors Lounge.

Araki at Work", shot in 1996 by Andreas Müller-Pohle in Japan, was first published in 2011. Nobuyoshi Araki, well-known as a provocative and commercial photographer, seems to surpass limits of privacy when working, especially seen from a European perspective. However, the film also reflects and produces the strange relations between “observer and observed”, the settings in which the photographer worked with a model. The viewer becomes the observer of the observer, maybe even reflecting back on his or her own position as spectator, or voyeur.¹

My Name Is Michael Caine, a series of paintings based on film stills, by Carola Göllner, presents the main actor in a playful game between ironic exaggeration and atmospheric nuances. He becomes a Comic hero in the Pop art realm of C.G.´s Iconography, as exuberant as the movies that served as a model.

For the Opening we will present a live performance by Eberhard Kranemann (Multimedia artist and former member of “Kraftwerk”) and VJ Chuuu, Japan (“Turntable Animation”)

contemporary art ruhr (C.A.R.) 2012
Media Art Fair, June 1-3, 2012
World Heritage Site Zollverein, Coking plant
Arendahls Wiese, 45141 Essen

Opening: Friday, June 1, 8 pm
Public fair hours: Saturday, June 2, 11 am – 7 pm
Sunday, June 3, 11 am – 7 pm

Entrance fee: 8,- € / 6,-€

pictured: Peter Snowdon, Belgium “Dieu est dans les racines” (God is in the roots), 2012

Milena Gierke
Reine Liebe und Architektur
Pure Love and Architecture
Screening of Super-8 Films

Thursday, 24 May 2012
Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

The Super-8 film screening itself could be called a live performance as Milena Gierke projects the films personally and presents a different selection of her work consisting of over 75 films each time she has a show. This special program however was selected in close collaboration with the curator Klaus W. Eisenlohr. Architecture and film have formed unofficial alliances in modern times, and still the connection between Super-8 film and architecture seems to be astonishing. The program comprises films on architecture together with observations of human interaction, flowers and lonely places.  Milena Gierke’s films distinguish themselves by the loving gaze on details through the camera and by the organic rhythm of images, which originate in her in-camera editing. Thus in the viewer’s perception, arrays of details come together and fall into place forming architecture, buildings and sceneries. The scenes fully unfold for the viewer in complex ways. Moreover, the artist attaches great importance to the uniqueness of the ephemeral viewing experiences during the screening of films. One more reason to make this screening with Milena Gierke a very special occasion.

Artist Links:
Director Milena Gierke: Curator Milena Gierke: Distribution: Arsenal


More program infos:


Directors Lounge @ Shortcutz, Father´s Day, May 17th, 2012

presented by Kenton Turk and Andre Werner

We were kindly invited by shortcutz Berlin to their last Berlin session at the cozy Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo.

Simon Ellis Telling Lies 4 min 20s
Telling Lies is a cascade of spoken untruths and projected truths … a darkly humorous bombardment of words and tone.

Masha Godovannaya
RU Untitled #1 4 min, S8, musical score LU
“While walking along Nevskiy Prospect in St. Petersburg, Russia,
I saw a young girl dancing this harsh, passionate and seductive dance.”
Brilliant editing and the bedazzling score by composer LU create a movie of suggestive beauty.

Andre Werner DE “Die Augen Der Menschheit”, 2007, 14 min 39 s
The Eyes Of Mankind is a true Directors Lounge production. From the production management to light and makeup, nearby all credits go to members of the gang. Starring Marbo Becker, Daniel Schubert and N.E.M. as the female lead.

Join us at the Filmkunst Bar FitzcarraldoReichenberger Straße 133 in Kreuzberg. The session starts as always at 8:30 pm and the screening at 9 pm. Entrance is free.
See you all on Thursday!

pictured: Marbo Becker as Walter in the Eyes Of Mankind by Andre Werner

From Remembering to Rising/Internal Dialogues

Sunday, 15. April, at the [DL] homebase (RSVP)

KOK Siew Wai, video artist and director of Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Video Festival (KLEX), the experimental festival of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will present a selection of Asian films and of her own work in our homebase, Petersburger Platz. Come and meet Siew Wai, get to know more about the festival and about experimental video arts in Malaysia.

A. KLEX Screening: From Remembering to Rising (45 min)

This is a special selected KLEX program that consists of video works from Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan, literally or indirectly exploring the themes of nostalgia, recollection, memory and internal dialogues.

The human brain is the most fundamental agent of archiving. Like it or not, it records everything every single moment. After the recording, some materials are remained while others are discarded, and then some are twisted, created (out of the absence of a desired memory) and re-created (perhaps because it’s too painful?). Memories are stored in different forms: image, sound, smell… that eventually provokes emotions. What is “real”? What we “see”, or “experience”, or what we “remember”? Sometimes, the brain records a journey with rapidly changing images and sensations. In those split seconds, which image and sensation will remain in our consciousness and enforce new actions?  (KOK Siew Wai)


When the Time Without My Memories (2010, Malaysia, 4:55 min/sound)

Alison KHOR

For my parents: A time that never occurs in my memory but were their most precious moments in life.


SATAKE Maki (2010, Japan, 6:20 min/sound)

My parents and grandfather took a lot of photographs and videos in my childhood. I am searching for the world in the interstice of the record and the memories.

PERHAPS (2006, Malaysia, 8:50 min/sound)

KOK Kai-Foong

Women in Love.

PASSING II (2009, Malaysia, 6:30 min/sound)

AU Sow-Yee

Moving in city, as if chasing the speed of light but was eventually pulled back onto the earth.

Sky Don’t Fall (2011, Japan, 3:11 min/sound)


I’m watching the sky

I wanna make sure the sky don’t fall

The Endless Steps (2007, Indonesia, 6:30 min/sound)

Maulana M. PASHA

The artist is going to find his friend and he asks for the directions. By the end of the conversation, he still doesn’t have a clear idea how to get there!

The First Rain (Meditation 1) (2012, Japan/Thailand, 11:00 min/sound)


This work is coming after my video project ‘Music Works’ and ‘Pre-Music Consciousness’ and is much more personal in a certain sense. One of intentions is juxtaposing images to get organic movements and reach the final result with process of it. Fragments taken from everyday life is going to reach some kind of reality eventually. In this time living in Thailand is one of influential aspects and the title, The First Rain is named by being witness of crucial moment of something. And here will be coming beautiful raining season after beautiful long dry season… (Koji Tambata)

B: Solo Video Screening: Internal Dialogues (58 min)

Short Artist’s Statement:

This special selected programme features works from 2002 until 2011. In general, my inspiration for artmaking comes from “the little things in everyday life”. I’m interested in observing “what is happening at the moment” – watching, hearing and feeling it, trying to understand and to interact with it, in different ways and forms that are interrelated. Much insights and wisdoms are discovered from the most honest, humble and banal daily happenings. The question is: Can we see it? I often use humble daily life experiences as “case studies” to explore the uniqueness of “living”. To me, understanding the very basics of “living” is a very practical yet significant inquisition.

Face (s)(2002, 7:00 min/silent)

Duet (2003, 8:35 min/sound)

The Breath of Time(2005, 13:00 min/sound)

Morning (2010, Malaysia, 3:50 min/sound)

Ching Ming Festival (2011, 13:00 min/sound)

pictured: Face (s) (2002, by KOK Siew Wai, 7:00 min/silent)

free admission, space is limited: RSVP

Thursday, 12. April, Naherholung Sternchen

After the huge success of the first party of all Berlin Filmfestivals during The 8th Berlin International Directors Lounge it was only a question of time to set up a new edition.

Thursday, 12th of April, will be the your second chance to party with all the movers and shakers of the Berlin Film Universe. We start with a wild mix of shorts selected by the hosting festivals around 8pm, followed by

Doro & Tobi Filmmusic

Youngbois Italo Disco

Ångstrøm Electro

The incredible Yip Yips Electro

Enough Festivals To Kill A Rhino.

admission 5 Euro

(more at Festiwelt-Berlin | Partys 2012)

Pripyat — the Uncanny of Modernity

Thursday, 22 March 2012, 9pm, Z-Bar

One year after the Fukushima disaster and 26 years after the explosion of the Chernobyl reactor, the discussion on civil nuclear energy has again reached the “normality” of planning for new power plants. Over the same time, Pripyat the destroyed young Sowjet city, now situated in Ukraine, has gained an eerie attraction. Firstly presented in Freiburg DE, the collected films allow a discussion of the human imagination triggered by nuclear energy and nuclear disasters beyond excited press news.

Presented by Klaus W. Eisenlohr. The film program comprises films representing visions of the abandoned city of Pripyat by artists and documentary filmmakers, and imaginations of futures under the influence of “peaceful nuclear energy”.

Artists list:
Hanne Adam + Thierry Buysse,
Klaus W. Eisenlohr,
Gair Dunlop,
Andrea Slavik,
Vanessa Renwick,
Anders Weberg,
Sarah Breen Lovett,
Nicky Larkin,
Julio Soto

More infos at: richfilm

Bergstr. 2
D-10115 Berlin-Mitte

U-Rosenthaler Platz

pictured: Fritz Stolberg’s “Of This, Men Shall Know Nothing”

“Arise cinephile-comrades! Pick up your cameras and join us as we reclaim the media pixel by bloody pixel!”   Bryan Konefsky, Experiments in Cinema

Directors Lounge @ Experiments in Cinema V7.9 in New Mexico

Guild Cinema, Tuesday April 17, 2012

As last year, we are going to participate in the finest cinematic event of New Mexico, the Experiments in Cinema. Experiments in Cinema is an annual, Albuquerque-based festival that celebrates recent trends in international, cinematic experimentation and offers a variety of ways in which attendees might think about the history of media representation and participate in shaping future trends in cultural representation.

Assorted films from The 8th Berlin International Directors Lounge [DL8]
curated by Julia Murakami and André Werner

Farnoosh Samadi Frooshani IR “It’s Your Turn”, 2011
Fritz Stolberg GB  “Of This, Men Shall Know Nothing!”, 2010
Samuel Blain GB “In Dreams”, 2011
John Woods CA “7246 120’ WE”, 2011
Santiago Parres (EZO) ES “Sinecdoquanon”, 2011
Kote Camacho
ES “La Gran Carrera”, 2011
Joe McClean and Sarju Patel US “How To Make a David Lynch Film”, 2011

pictured: Kote Kamacho’s “La Gran Carrera”

Festivals United | The Official Festiwelt Party | Wed. Feb 15.

The 8th Berlin International Directors Lounge will be an ongoing, eleven days in a row, cinedalic party. But we are going to top it off by celebrating with all the Berlin Film Festivals. Wednesday, 15th, will be the night to party with all the movers and shakers of the Berlin Film universe. Enough Festivals to kill a Rhino. Party starts at 9pm, free admission till 10pm.