From Remembering to Rising/Internal Dialogues

Sunday, 15. April, at the [DL] homebase (RSVP)

KOK Siew Wai, video artist and director of Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Video Festival (KLEX), the experimental festival of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will present a selection of Asian films and of her own work in our homebase, Petersburger Platz. Come and meet Siew Wai, get to know more about the festival and about experimental video arts in Malaysia.

A. KLEX Screening: From Remembering to Rising (45 min)

This is a special selected KLEX program that consists of video works from Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan, literally or indirectly exploring the themes of nostalgia, recollection, memory and internal dialogues.

The human brain is the most fundamental agent of archiving. Like it or not, it records everything every single moment. After the recording, some materials are remained while others are discarded, and then some are twisted, created (out of the absence of a desired memory) and re-created (perhaps because it’s too painful?). Memories are stored in different forms: image, sound, smell… that eventually provokes emotions. What is “real”? What we “see”, or “experience”, or what we “remember”? Sometimes, the brain records a journey with rapidly changing images and sensations. In those split seconds, which image and sensation will remain in our consciousness and enforce new actions?  (KOK Siew Wai)


When the Time Without My Memories (2010, Malaysia, 4:55 min/sound)

Alison KHOR

For my parents: A time that never occurs in my memory but were their most precious moments in life.


SATAKE Maki (2010, Japan, 6:20 min/sound)

My parents and grandfather took a lot of photographs and videos in my childhood. I am searching for the world in the interstice of the record and the memories.

PERHAPS (2006, Malaysia, 8:50 min/sound)

KOK Kai-Foong

Women in Love.

PASSING II (2009, Malaysia, 6:30 min/sound)

AU Sow-Yee

Moving in city, as if chasing the speed of light but was eventually pulled back onto the earth.

Sky Don’t Fall (2011, Japan, 3:11 min/sound)


I’m watching the sky

I wanna make sure the sky don’t fall

The Endless Steps (2007, Indonesia, 6:30 min/sound)

Maulana M. PASHA

The artist is going to find his friend and he asks for the directions. By the end of the conversation, he still doesn’t have a clear idea how to get there!

The First Rain (Meditation 1) (2012, Japan/Thailand, 11:00 min/sound)


This work is coming after my video project ‘Music Works’ and ‘Pre-Music Consciousness’ and is much more personal in a certain sense. One of intentions is juxtaposing images to get organic movements and reach the final result with process of it. Fragments taken from everyday life is going to reach some kind of reality eventually. In this time living in Thailand is one of influential aspects and the title, The First Rain is named by being witness of crucial moment of something. And here will be coming beautiful raining season after beautiful long dry season… (Koji Tambata)

B: Solo Video Screening: Internal Dialogues (58 min)

Short Artist’s Statement:

This special selected programme features works from 2002 until 2011. In general, my inspiration for artmaking comes from “the little things in everyday life”. I’m interested in observing “what is happening at the moment” – watching, hearing and feeling it, trying to understand and to interact with it, in different ways and forms that are interrelated. Much insights and wisdoms are discovered from the most honest, humble and banal daily happenings. The question is: Can we see it? I often use humble daily life experiences as “case studies” to explore the uniqueness of “living”. To me, understanding the very basics of “living” is a very practical yet significant inquisition.

Face (s)(2002, 7:00 min/silent)

Duet (2003, 8:35 min/sound)

The Breath of Time(2005, 13:00 min/sound)

Morning (2010, Malaysia, 3:50 min/sound)

Ching Ming Festival (2011, 13:00 min/sound)

pictured: Face (s) (2002, by KOK Siew Wai, 7:00 min/silent)

free admission, space is limited: RSVP