Snaps from our Directors Lounge screening with Dagie Brundert curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Dagie Brundert makes films like  singer-songwriters compose songs: with an almost weekly regularity, inspired by the small occurrences of everyday life and always blended with the joys of life and with her own charm. For the artist, who has committed herself mostly to super-8 film, simplicity is a must. Simplicity of means, low budget in production and improvised settings.

It is no wonder that she would discover caffenol and other natural ingredients for her filmmaking, i.e. for the development of her films – often in combination with expired Super-8 films, some of which have been of stock for many years.

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Milena Gierke
Reine Liebe und Architektur
Pure Love and Architecture
Screening of Super-8 Films

Thursday, 24 May 2012
Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

The Super-8 film screening itself could be called a live performance as Milena Gierke projects the films personally and presents a different selection of her work consisting of over 75 films each time she has a show. This special program however was selected in close collaboration with the curator Klaus W. Eisenlohr. Architecture and film have formed unofficial alliances in modern times, and still the connection between Super-8 film and architecture seems to be astonishing. The program comprises films on architecture together with observations of human interaction, flowers and lonely places.  Milena Gierke’s films distinguish themselves by the loving gaze on details through the camera and by the organic rhythm of images, which originate in her in-camera editing. Thus in the viewer’s perception, arrays of details come together and fall into place forming architecture, buildings and sceneries. The scenes fully unfold for the viewer in complex ways. Moreover, the artist attaches great importance to the uniqueness of the ephemeral viewing experiences during the screening of films. One more reason to make this screening with Milena Gierke a very special occasion.

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