Here´s giving you a sneak peek into our May screening, Fri 7th at the Meinblau.

Friends & Lovers, curated by Alexei Dmitriev and Andre Werner is a shameless biased selection of personal favorites. “There is a bunch of folks who’s films we find great and whom we then met in person and found them great too. It’s a gang. It’s a family. That’s what "Friends & Lovers” are about.“ A. D.

Featuring Usama Alshaibi, Thorsten Fleisch, Masha Godovannaya, Jean-Gabriel Periot, Keith Sanborn and Zhen Chen Liu, just to name a few.

The screening will be followed by an audiovisual concert of Bedroom Bear.

Bedroom Bear — a solo project of Sergei Dmitriev  — dreamy and thoughtful
new new age made with only hardware devices from Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Combining psych folk aesthetics with melodious lo-fi, he recreates the
scent of Karelian forests.

Fri May 7th, Meinblau, Pfefferberg

doors open at 8pm, screening starts at 9pm

please be on time

p.s. Don´t miss tomorrow´s show (Thurs, 29th April )  Yaron Lapid “Times of Change” DL base


The Dream Of The Japanese Beauty | André Werner

A fairy at the fair  The Dream Of The Japanese Beauty  shown as part of the opening of the c.a.r., the contemporary art Ruhr on Fri. Oct 30th The Dream Of The Japanese Beauty, André Werner, 2009Installation, overhead transparency, water, feather, vibrator, light, dimensions variable .

The Dream Of The Japanese Beauty  shown as part of the opening of the c.a.r., the contemporary art Ruhr

The Dream Of The Japanese Beauty, André Werner, 2009
Installation, overhead transparency, water, feather, vibrator, light, dimensions variable


The Japanese Guerilla Paparazzi World Tour | Julia Murakami

TV slide viewer, 2009


Sat 20th 9:30 pm

Johannes Backes DE Rückbau des Palastes der Republik  11min 21s  2006 – 2009

Claudia Guilino DE Abgesang, kupferfarben  3 min 52s 2009

Det Snurrar I Min Skalle 3 min 51s 2007 Familjen

Miguel Machado PT  And Then You Smile  7min  2008

Artur Klosinski PL    Paris     12min 03s 2009

Make the Girl Dance FR Baby Baby Baby 4min 21s 2009
Make the Girl Dance

Jonas Meier CH One Up Down Left Right 3min 30s 2009

Heiko Daxl DE   Bellevue  2min 30s    2009

James Snazell GB Scape 7 min

Thorsten Fleisch DE Dromosphäre  10 min 02s 2010

Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn FR/US The Cutter-off of water 4min 11s

Jakob Kirchheim DE Im Schnee 2 min 11s 2006

Antoine Hilaire FR Cross the Fader 3min 26s 2008  Jamaica

Dan Lowe GB Planets 3min 44s 2008

Milos Tomic CZ Dlake (Hairs) 3min 15s 2007
Ridina Ahmedova

Pasha Е RU Роботы  4min 49s 2009

Franz Wanner pitrs 1 min 11s

Thurs 18th 10 pm

Ron Diorio US season of wants  2008 2 min 20s

Joana Linda PT AND FROM NOW ON THERE SHALL BE NO MORE WOLVES (o caçador)  13 min 14s 2009 

Fernando  Jover ES Champagne Supernova   36 min  2009 

Laura Brocken GB   Tell  2min 35s 2008

Vagner Whitehead BR/US  Home 4min 21s 2008 

Pierre and Jean Villemin FR le haricot bleu 2 min 30s 2009 

Edin Bairic DE Der Traum  6 min 29s 2008

Ron Diorio US Embarkation  2 min 35s  2009 

Julia Guillén Creagh ES Sombras en el viento   Shadows in the Wind  19 min 2009  

Vagner Whitehead BR/US  beautiful  6min 23s 2008 

Neil  Needleman US Meeskeit  7 min 30s 2009

Mon 15th 8 pm

Stefan Adamski PL Induction 3min 2007

Barbara Rosenthal US Rules 1 min 2009

Masha Godovannaya RU Two Home Movies 8 min 42s 2009

Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn FR/US   i02-09: We Interrogate the Detainees    9 min 52s  2009

Renata Padovan BR  So Shall it Be   3m 13s 2009

Catherine Forster US  Duets   6 min 44s   2009

Kim Collmer US/ DE the Water that Danced  3min 42s 2010

Richard O’Sullivan GB  Broken Windows 5 min 15s  2009

Mores McWreath US The Bud, the Seed, the Egg   15 min 2009

Barbara Rosenthal US Secret Codes 1 min 30s  2010

Katherin McInnis US horizon line 1min 2009

Neil Needleman US Visions of Wasted Time 4:40 2007

Fri 12th 10 pm

TERRACOTTA WARRIOR‹  2006 by Pablo Wendel

On september 16, 2006 student Pablo Wendel, disguised as a terracotta warrior, positioned himself for about 23 minutes between the more than 2000 year old soldiers. His costume consisted of a coat of mail, a hat of paper-mâché and shoes of old car tires. To appear as authentic as possible, he had even brought a pedestal to stand on during his performance.   courtesy brouwer-edition

Pablo Wendel DE Terracotta Warrior 8min 41s 2006

James George US Hesitation  9min 41s 2009

Marianne Stoll DE Seemannsbraeute 11min 1996  

Muriel  Montini FR  Le monde est immense  9min 2007

aE3 GB/FR Miasma  8min 36s 2009

Lee Arnold US/GB  Analogue 3min 03s 2009   

Philippe Rouy FR Hypn 7min 30s

Lee Bishop US Animation 1 33s 2009 

Alexei Dmitriev RU Abstract 3min 32s 2009

Arthur Tuoto BR Disforme  2min 30s 2009    

Evaldas Jansas LT 3 in 1   5min 46s 2008

Lee Bishop US  Absorbed  1min 24s 2008

Gerard Freixes-Ribera ES Alone 3min 07s  2008

Ann Steuernagel US Charades 7min 2009

stock`n`wolf / Tinka Stock & Sèbastien Wolf DE  Bob Log`s III Electric Fence 2min 25s 2005

Reuben Sutherland GB Happy Up Here 2min 58s 2009

TRT 81 min