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Color Jam

For her first major public art installation since she turned Madison Square Park into a giant, bright playground, Jessica Stockholder is giving a similarly primary-hued makeover to a busy intersection in downtown Chicago. The project at the corner of Adams and State streets, “Color Jam,” is due to be completed today.

The huge piece, which spans building façades, sidewalks, streets, and even the bases of lampposts, is part of the ArtLoop program to bring public art to Chicago’s downtown Loop.

sfmoma: The predecessor of Stockholder’s Cross Hatch


Jessica Stockholder’s massive “Color Jam” installation

Andre Werner, Ceci n’est pas de l’art,  shown as part of the opening of the c.a.r. 10, the contemporary art Ruhr  photo: Joerg Eckhardt

Ceci n’est pas de l’art,  impressions from the c.a.r. 10, the contemporary art Ruhr 

just some snaps from the fun

photo:Julia Murakami

The early bird.., the Japanese Guerilla Paparazzi arrived shortly before the opening

photo: Astrid Ewers

Shot during setup through a somehow absent Alan Smithee. On the right, the glass cube cinema, venue for the screenings.

A German TV team shooting inside the Directors Lounge booth.

Astrid Ewers, the lady with the healing hands, long time friend of DL and guardian angel for the tensed and damaged gallerists.

Anne Martens, Getty Museum, LA and Peter Mays, executive Director of the Los Angeles Art Association, photo: the art resort

The C.A.R. was accompanied by several specials like this lecture about the current art scene in Los Angeles by Peter Mays, LAAA, Anne Martens and Rebecca Lowry. The LAAA, the Los Angeles Art Association will present the C.A.R. together with Directors Lounge in April next year.

photo: the art resort

This looks staged, subliminal work by Alan Smithee

Outside the sky lounge, a minimal designed pavillon on top of the highest building at Zeche Zollverein The venue for the VIP party of the c.a.r. 10, the contemporary art Ruhr  photo: the art resort

photo: Astrid Ewers

On top of the world. new member of the gang, Suzanne, enjoy the night view from the sky lounge.