Mo 15th 11:30 pm

Frank Biesendorfer US/DE Homebodies S8 12 min 1998-2004

Kim Collmer US/DE Postcard From The Deep 3 min 49s 2010

Deborah White AU Version tours 4 min 30s 2006

Lucinda Schreiber & Yanni Kronenberg AU Autumn Story 3 min 30s 2009

Shaun Wilson AU Gothic Memoria 31 min 2009

Heiko Daxl & Ingeborg Fülepp DE Changes 13 min 2004-2008

Sun 14th 6:00 pm

The European image of Latin America, especially of Mexico is distorted; the mainstream media only repeats those images situated between the extremes of violence and poverty, and of exoticism on ethnic culture. Little does their audience get to know about the traditions of Latin modernism and maybe even less of the contemporary art scene. This program has an emphasis on works from and about Mexico City, but also features a work by the Cuban artist Adrian Melis, and a Spanish film about Bogota. All films take a critical and at the same time fresh and humorous view on urban themes. The glimpses on daily life through the artist’s camera may tell more about realities in urban life than television reports or news images.

Juan delGado UK/ES The Flickering Darkness 13min 32sec 2009

Stefan Demming DE The edge of the city 30min 00sec 2007

Verena Grimm Machtstrukturen 02min 32sec 2007

Markus Soukup UK TO OR AT A DISTANCE 10min 01sec 2009

Adrian Melis CU The making of fourty rectangular piece for a floor constuction 05min 30sec 2009

Jose Matiella+Ivan Meza MX Sintia 04min 28sec

Fernando Llanos MX Citta 03min 32sec 2004

Beatriz+CarlosMatiella MX Vecinos 02min 43sec

Beatriz+CarlosMatiella MX Buda 03min 06sec

Hector Falcon MX Simulacro 0min 41sec 2005

Verena Grimm La + Rocha 13min 45sec 2007

Verena Grimm La + Rocha

Special Loop Feature:

Anna Staffel DE Documenta12 13min 23sec 2009

Anna Staffel Documenta 12

For more information on the Urban Research program
click here:

Sun 14th 11 pm

As an extension of his film and video work – and as an antidote to it – Max Hattler performs his audio-visual works  tonight live and direct. Max often collaborates live with other artist filmmakers like Noriko Okaku and Robert Seidel. Max also creates concert visuals or works live with bands including Basement Jaxx, The Egg, Economy Wolf, Dollskabeat and Ladyscraper.

Tonight he jams together with DJ Jouka.

“Max Hattler … master of the live re-mix.” APEngine, UK

Sun 14th 8pm

stock`n`wolf / Tinka Stock & Sébastien Wolf DE Bob Log`s III Electric Fence 2min 25s 2005

Sylvie Boisseau and Frank Westermeyer DE Meine Familie und Ich 6min 27s 1997

Ulu Braun and Alexej Tchernyi DE Fish Soup 10min 20s 2005

Nine Budde DE Huck Go Ewst 13min 18s 2004

Tim Coe DE 0-8-15 3min 49s 2004

Helmut Dick DE Sunday Afternoon 9min 16s 2001

Judith Egger DE Biotopie 5min 25s 2005

Martin Erlenmaier DE Jubel (Jubeltürken) 4min 46s 2006

Dorotea Etzler DE To Go Strange – Fremdgehen 6min 3s 1993

Dietmar Fleischer DE Dranbleiben 6min 2005

Heike Gallmeier DE Protobobs 6min 59s 2003

Florian Gwinner DE Das Modell 1min 15s 2006

Alexander Györfi DE Pimui Home Recording with Carsten Erobique Meier 3min 57s 2005

Philipp Hartmann (F.K.Flumen) DE Kastraten und Männer 4min 30s 2005

Gab Heller DE For The Birds 1min 55s 2004

Philipp Hirsch DE IN 5min 30s 2005

Susanne Huth DE Run 7min 51s 2003/04

David Krippendorff DE Blame 5min 2002

Andy Leuenberger DE Boom Boom Boogie 4min 35s 2005

Maix Mayer DE Ideal City 5min 22s 2004

Lars Nagler DE Grid 1min 30s 2005

Sladjan Nedeljkovic DE Transformers 4min 42s 2004

Kristofer Paetau DE Artforum Accident 4min 41s 2005

Oliver Pietsch DE Out 11min 2s 2001

Nikki  Schuster DE Geisterstunde 11min 2s 2005

stock`n`wolf / Tinka Stock & Sébastien Wolf DE Bob Log`s III Electric Fence 2min 25s 2005

Myriam Thyes DE A Little Meditation 1min 20002

Franz Wanner DE Pirts 1min 2000

Sat 13th 6:30 pm

Indian Boundary Line

Penny Lane & Jessica Bardsley US The Commoners 12min 30sec 2009

In 1890, a wealthy eccentric named Eugene Schieffelin collected every bird ever mentioned by Shakespeare and released them into Central Park. The only one to survive in the New World was the European Starling, now among the commonest – and most despised – urban birds in America. THE COMMONERS is an essay film about European Starlings, poetry, the rhetorical relationship between nationalism and environmentalism, and the paths people forge through history as they attempt to improve the natural world.


AND Sneak Preview:

Thomas Comerford US The Indian Boundary Line 42min 00sec 2010

Over the last eight years, Chicago musician and filmmaker Thomas Comerford has been at work on a series of quietly-observed films that contemplate the entwined social, political, and environmental histories of Chicago (Figures in the Landscape, 2002; Land Marked/Marquette, 2005).
His new film, The Indian Boundary Line, follows “a road very close to my home in Chicago, Rogers Avenue,” that traces the 1816 Treaty of St. Louis boundary between the United States and “Indian Territory” and examines the collision between “the vernacular landscape, with its storefronts, short-cut footpaths and picnic tables, and the symbolic one, replete with historical markers, statues and fences.
In its observations and audio-visual juxtapositions, THE INDIAN BOUNDARY LINE meditates on history and history’s relationship to the landscape, with its shifting boundaries, designs, uses and inhabitants across two centuries.”

Indian Boundary Line

For more information on the Urban Research program
Link click here:

Sat 13th 8 pm

Urban Research has been a successful program both at Directors Lounge Festival and in screenings in London, Hannover, Poznan, Freiburg, Essen, Dordrecht, St. Petersburg and Berlin. International artists present their vision of public space and urban landscapes. How is the condition of the public realm connected with urban space? Can we talk about urbanity as a common figure in urban life at all? Has public space been replaced by the electronic virtual spaces? Or, has public place been bounded, forcefully homogenized and “pacified” by surveillance and private security forces? Are there new developments, definitions and uses that make “public space” lively again? Artists find challenging views and concepts, or more importantly, they question anew the common concepts of urbanity.

UR1   Urban Research | Tomorrow, Night and Day

In the Aboriginal tradition “Dreamtime” is the ancient time of the myths. However, in Western concepts, the waking dreams in cities rather manifest a possible future, something that has the potential to become manifest from its yet virtual possibilities. According to Walter Benjamin, the day-dreaming of popular myths discloses potentials of future changes; and following those principles, the Situationists propagated dérive, the aimless strolling in the city as a cure against the false desires of the society of spectacle. The artists in this Urban Research program use vernacular, mundane urban settings and landscapes for their dreaming and imaginative shifts from the ordinary and expected. They may be read as much more than just a happy visual game.

Wolf D. Schreiber DE The Great Art Swindle 3min 30sec 2009

Steven Ball UK Aboriginal Myths of South London 10min 30sec 2010

Pilvi Takala FI Easy Rider 4min 25sec 2006

Joe Merrell UU Tomorrow Never Comes 4min 15sec 2009

Elena Näsänen FI Drive 9min 15sec 2003

Sophie Warren & Jonathan Mosley UK Fallout  9min 27sec 2010

Maarit Suomi-Väänänen FI Jalkeilla Taas (Up And About Again) 10min 49sec 2009

Gerard Freixes Ribera ES Alone – AislaDO 3min 20sec 2007

Henry Gwiazda US Claudia and Paul 5:05 p.m. 6min 38sec 2008

Yaron Lapid UK Night Meter 4min 23sec 2000

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne DE Encoded 5min 30sec 2008

Anders Weberg SW Elsewhereness:Yokohama 7min 00sec 2008

Pilvi Takala FI Amusement Park 1min 00sec 2001

Anders Weberg Elsewhereness:Yokohama

For more information on Urban Research program
Link click here:

Sat 13th 10 pm

Where else youʼll get a 90 minutes show compiled of singing turkish market workers, innovative Radioheadʼs music video, home movie of Animal Collective having night fun, Japanese pajama dance, Russian street performers and a flipbook based work?
Nowhere but here. For sure.

Andrei Kagadeev & Nikolai Kopeikin RU Russian Wanderer 4min 0s 2008
Celtic folk song

Jenny Coburn & Thomas Hicks & Will Perrens GB Rock My Boat 4min 10s 2006

Miikka Lommi FI Summertime Cowboy 3min 27s 2007
Husky Rescue

Masha Godovannaya RU Untitled #1 4min 0s 2005
Gianluca Porcu aka LU

Ahmet Tas DE Apple & Ei 5min 35s 2007
Marco Meister

Daniel Eskils SE Sheʼs the One 4min 0s 2008

Keith Schofield US Toe Jam 3min 27s 2008

Pavel Egorov RU Серебро / Silver 4min 0s 2005

Andre Maat & Henk Loorbach NL Squeeze Me 3min 25s 2008
Kraak & Smaak

Markus Wambsganss DE Lightning Bolts and Man Hands 6min 16s 2004
Hymieʼs Basement

Scott Coello GB Breasts on his Back 1min 46s 2008
Son of Robot

Edgar Dubrovskiy LV-GB You Act Like a Baby 2min 50s 2008
Tribes of the City

Catrin Sonnabend DE Micronomic 3min 40s 2005
Lali Puna

Andrew Gibbs SA – GB Florian 4min 34s 2008

K+Me JP My Way 4min 0s 2008

James Frost GB House of Cards 4min 32s 2008

Tilman Hatje & Lukas Thiele DE 4xtra 2min 38s 2008

Radical Friend US Insomnia 4min 17s 2007
Electric President

Lindsey J. Testolin
US An Average Idea 1min 42s 2007
Love in October

Marc Craste GB Will the Summer Make Good for All of Our Sins? 4min 02s 2004

Jon Leone US Fireworks 6min 50s 2007
Animal Collective

JP Bedroom Bossa Band 2min 53s 2006

Overall: 85min 54s

Fri 12th 6:30 pm

Domique Gagnon CA Rip in pieces America 62 min 2009

« I was watching video on the Internet and I noticed that certain homemade clips were flagged for their content. As they were disappearing from free hosting sites, I started to save and edit them in a capsule format. Working in a gray zone about copyright, I nevertheless fulfill the authors’ will to contextualize their situation by grouping their videos together and more important diffuse / preserve their messages. » D.G.

« When this thing goes down_
and the crack-down happens_
all this information that is on the internet_
all these documentations_ not going to be there anymore, man_they are going to cut off
the main frame_delete all this information_
that’s it_you’re not going
to know anything. » RIP

Fri 12th 8 pm

This part of the selection gathers pros and amateurs, big musicians and bands youʼve
never heard of! Such mastodons of independent music as Sigur Ros will be accompanied by Moscowʼs ex-teenager Mujuice and the debut work by Guatemala-based Eduardo Benchoam will challenge already acclaimed animator Clay Lipsky. Intrigued?

Kristofer Ström SE Animals 3min 40s 2008

Keith Schofield US One with the Freaks 3min 31s 2006
The Notwist

Paul Banks GB Shorebound 2min 25s 2008 

Alexei Terekhov RU Lights 3min 30s 2008
Lyapis Trubetskoy

Arni & Kinski IS Hoppipolla 4min 28s 2005
Sigur Ros

Clay Lipsky US Sundown 3min 19s 2006

Takayuki Kozyma JP Satellite 4min 58s 2007
4 bonjour’s parties

AV RU Dubus 4min 09s 2005
Zelany Rashoho

Virgilio Villoresi & Erica il Cane IT The Rain 3min 26s 2007
Lou Rhodes

Lee Lennox GB Girl and the Sea 4min 40s 2005
The Presets

Raymond Prado US Wasted 4min 11s 2008
Matthew Bryan

Price James GB OK 4min 20s 2007

Jesse Ewles US Central and Remote 4min 28s 2007
Grizzly Bear

Roma Litvinov RU Love Park! 5min 20s 2008

Marie Losier US Papal Broken-Dance 6min 2008
Psychic TV

Sophie Gateau FR Boa 3min 01s 2006
Eglantine Gouzy

Jodie Mack US A Joy 3min 03s 2005
Four Tet & Kieran Hebden

Tom Scholefield GB You Got Me Up 2min 0s 2006
Jamie Lidell

Celia Galan & Ana Lorenz ES Fugaz 4min 28s 2008
The Pinker Tones

Imery Watson GB – NZ Sloup 4min50s 2006
Susumu Yokota

Kids of Eighties FR Motherfucker 2min 53s 2007

Eduardo Benchoam GT Just Like a Drummer 3min 47s 2008
The Wave Pictures

Overall: 86min 27s

Fri 12th 11:30 pm


together with Crypto doing the visuals