Directors Lounge Screening
Gabraz Sanna
Interlude and Other Dreams
Monday, 26 February 2018

Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Gabraz Sanna, joins us from Brazil for his film program „Interlude and Other Dreams“ at Z-Bar. The experimental film director creates calm contemplative images that are both seductive and involving the viewer. Gabraz is closely connected with the underground music scene of Rio de Janeiro, and some of his recent films have been portraits of musicians, while at the same time being meditations on their work. The main film in this program “Interlude” follows the creative couple Van Demichelis and Jiulian Gonçalves, both electronic musician, on their artistic process, during a residency. Gabraz and producer Anne Santos stay for several weeks, filming and editing.

How do you present a creative process, one could ask? The filmmaker creates images of the relation of the couple, and their personal interaction with only few words about concepts and (gender) politics. It seems Gabraz often opens his pictures by very slow and intense reflections oh his subject. With long arresting shots he takes the viewer into a world of its own, and only when he already established a deep connection between viewer and story, he brings in contrasting and dialectic views.

This is true also to “Sonho de Sara.” A car trip through the desert that shows incredible colors during the blue hour is followed by associative images of a woman, of cows and a donkey. Images the viewer would not connect, if the extended shot accompanied by dreamy music and a phone conversation on the sound track would not have put the viewer onto a third level of reception.

“Dreamers” on the other hand, does not have that turning point into the mood the filmmaker sets in the beginning of the movie, but it has the same slow pace which on the other hand is interwoven with the violent reality of destruction connected with mining. It is a short piece produced as a video clip, that has all the power to be shown in film festivals.

We are looking forward to have Gabraz Sanna present this engaging work in person and be available for Q&A. Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr



The audience at yesterday’s DL presentation of Gabraz Sanna’s films in the Z-inema of Z-Bar were treated to unannounced pop-up performance by the legendary Tantão of Rio de Janeiro’s club scene and Black Future “Eu Sou O Rio” fame (accompanied by Switzerland’s Delmore FX at the boards), who proved (in spades!) he is as wild as his reputation says – on and off stage! Photos: Kenton Turk 
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