Directors Lounge Screening:

Philip Widmann und Karsten Krause

Thursday, 26 June 2014
Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Szenario, a collaboration of the filmmakers Philip Widmann and Karsten Krause appears to be a documentation about a love affair; a chronicle of 3 months in fall 1970, when a married man called Hans starts an affair with his secretary, called Monica, also married.

The main character of the film could be called “the suitcase”, though, a collection of notes, photographs, tickets and other papers from a suitcase, apparently collected by “him”, the male lover. The notes conof diary entries, where Hans meticulously wrote down every date he met with Monica, how long they had sex, and in which position they had intercourse. He also added to the record the places and circumstances they met, yet and always in the spare lasistnguage of a book keeper or bank clerk. The typewritten notes are spoken by a female voice, while the film images show passages of urban landscape of Köln, mostly slow tracking shots, some of them from car, and both at night and at day time.

What looks like a straight documentary at first, however, turns out to be something altogether different if the viewer looks more precisely. It turns out to be a sophisticated narration that keeps irritating by indulging the viewer into the immersions of story telling on one hand, and showing doubts on its own media:
contradictions in sound, picture and story telling. The techniques of irritation or Brecht-like alienation effects start right from the beginning. It is thus worth to try a more close reading from the beginning again, of the opening scenes of the film. A young woman with large red glasses starts reading from a script. -*°°*-  Full text at

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