Directors Lounge Screening
Dagie Brundert
Ode an Sommer
Saturday, 27 May 2017

Z-Bar Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Ode an Sommer – Ode to Summer
Berlin’s cultural scene would not be the same, if filmmaker Dagie Brundert was not there. The artist started off in the 90’s with some female colleagues as FBI, Freie Berliner Ischen. With ironic and unconventional films they challenged established and artsy art forms, skewed films spiced up with resonances of Camp and Beat, as it reverberated in some young circles in the first decade after the breakdown of the wall. Since then, Brundert stuck to her guns of Super-8 filmmaking with admirable creative productivity. She records everyday occurrences, the obvious things on sight and the things offside, however always dispersing a positive message.

The new program at Z-Bar presents a number of brand new films, one premiere (“Widerstand”, 2017, resistance) and a few rare early films. “Ode an Juni 4 “ (2016, Ode to June), the film giving the name to this program, is one of the few medium long films by Brundert. And, it is part of her favorite seasonal project. She has planned to record a film about June every year. Film developing in biological developer, a trip to the film festival Hamburg, establishing a new dark room, a bath in lake Teufelssee and the hand written numbers of the days are some of the scenes of last years diary, all of which being hand-developed, digitally edited and underscored with summer tunes. It is the small things in the film, the joys of everyday life, which, condensed by a combination of time-lapse and short cuts, makes the film poetic and amiable. It is this delight about exceptional but unspectacular moments, which inform her films, and which still oppose the garish images of the media or the attempts of “going viral” on social media, and which still reminds me of the bearings of the Beats.

In a number of new films, goes back to humorous forms she used back in the past: narrated films (“Bin ich reich? Bin ich reich? Bin ich reich?…” 2015), using objects as characters ("Lametta” 2016), or games from childhood (potato stamps in “Kartoffel” 2013). Other films follow a more discriptive style. The savvy viewers and the friends, however, do not expect new experimental forms from Dagie, but they like to follow her frame of mind, the lighthearted way to look at life. Her films often have the effect of a line of a pop song that suddenly enters your mind and changes the way you look at yourself or your surrounding.

Dagie Brundert will be present for Q&A. Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr.

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