Thurs 10th inbetween and after the screenings

Im Chaos der Tage

 T. W. Blum: Guitar, Electronic, Light painting |  Julia Dimitroff: Cello

 Accoustic and electronically manipulated instruments merge with light paintings in real time. Digital drawings and sounds are animated and combined with instrumental improvisation, creating sound and light textures.

Akkustische und elektronisch manipulierte Instrumente verschmelzen mit in Echtzeit generierter Lichtmalerei. Mittels Wii – Controller und Computer werden digitale Zeichnungen und Sounds animiert und mit instrumentalen Improvisationen kombiniert.

Es entstehen melodiöse bis atonal abstrahierte Klang –und Lichttexturen.

Thurs 11th 8 pm

The Opening Party.

We won´t spoil the fun, just say tonight is the night to dive into the fun.

Assorted highlights from all flavours of this year´s Directors Lounge

alongside live music by the infamous Koerting-Wagner-Syndrom.

doors open at 8 pm

opening mix I

Assorted tidbits from urban research

opening mix II

Johan Söderberg SE  Det Snurrar i Min Skalle   3 min 51s   music: Familjen
Neil Needleman US Visions of Wasted Time  4 min 40s 2007
Eva Teppe DE Die Welt Ist Alles Was Der Fall Ist  2 min 23s 2003
Alexei Dmitriev RU Abstract 3 min 32s 2009
Arthur Tuoto BR Disforme  2 min 30s 2009
Antoine Hilaire FR Cross the Fader 3min 26s  2008     music:  Jamaica
James Snazell GB Scape 7 min 2009
Neil  Needleman US Meeskeit 7 min 30s 2009
Barbara Hindahl DE ..und Du suchtst Ihr Herz  5 min 48s 2006
Ron Diorio US A Season Of Wants  2 min 20s 2008
stock`n`wolf / Tinka Stock & Sèbastien Wolf DE   Bob Log`s III Electric Fence 2min 25s 2005
Franz Wanner pitrs 1 min 11s 2000
Make the Girl Dance FR Baby Baby Baby 4min 21s 2009 music: Make the Girl Dance

opening mix III

Claudia Guilino DE Abgesang, kupferfarben  3 min 52s 2009 world premiere
Pablo Wendel DE Terracotta Warrior 8min 41s 2006
Milos Tomic CZ Dlake (Hairs) 3min 15s 2007 music: Ridina Ahmedova
Laura Brocken GB   Tell  2008   2min 35s
Max Hattler GB – DE – JP Aanaatt 4min 45s 2008  music: Jemapur
Jakob Kirchheim DE Im Schnee 2 min 11s 2006
Philippe Rouy Hypn 7min 30s 2009
Paul Fernandez Somnio (LiveBox)  1min 37s 2008
Jean-Gabriel Périot France  the delicate art of the bludgeon 2009  4 min
Ahmet Tas DE Apple & Ei 5min 35s 2007 music: Marco Meister
Reuben Sutherland GB Happy Up Here 2min 58s 2009 music: Royksopp
Dorotea Etzler DE To Go Strange – Fremdgehen 6min 3s 1993
Keith Schofield US  Toe Jam 3min 27s 2008 music: The BPA

see you at the meinblau