Future My Love by Maja Borg, featuring Nadya Cazan

Some years ago, during the 4th Berlin International Directors Lounge, we had the pleasure to screen the film Ottica Zero, by Swedish filmmaker Maja Borg with Team Directors Lounge member Nadya Cazan as the female lead.

Now, the follow up, Future My Love is shortly before it´s world-premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival, 21st of June.

Future My Love is a unique love story challenging our collective and personal utopias in search of freedom.

At the brink of losing the idealistic love of her life, filmmaker Maja Borg takes us on a poetic road trip through the financial collapse, exploring a radically different economic and social model proposed by 95-year-old futurist Jacque Fresco. How much freedom are we prepared to give to the ones we love? And how much responsibility are we ready to take for our society?

“I have always been an outlier and I don’t see myself as primarily an actress. Neither am I an activist or a visionary like Jacque Fresco, whom I admire with all my heart. I am something without a name. My hope is to be a catalyst for positive change, and so I choose to engage in a different way than the one expected of me by my society.“

Nadya Cazan

Carefully weaving a texture of archive footage, black and white Super 8 film, and colour HD, Borg poignantly depicts the universal struggle between our heads and hearts in times of big change.