Sun 16 | 9pm | space A


The last cinelicious supper. Selected tidbits from the last 10 days, spiced up with fresh flics.

Carl Knickerbocker US SP#10 02:45 2013 WP

Fried Rosenstock DE Der Schatten Meiner Selbst 3:00 2012 WP/IA

Maria Laura Spagnoli and Werther Germondari IT Psychosofatic 04:00 2014

Lioba von den Driesch DE Last Supper 01:55 2013

Tomislav Brajnovic  “Arctic-peace”, 0,48 min.

Daxl/Fülepp/Mur “Lost City”, 3,13 min., 2011/2013

Lea Vidakovic RS Sisters 07:48 2012

Aaron Zeghers CA Living on the Edge 03:20 2013 GP

Aitor Marín Correcher ES Lovearthcam 03:21 2013

Benedikt Kruger, Sebastian Lörscher, Xaver Xylophon DE Zyklus I, 01:40 2011

Alexis Barbosa FR Mona 13:00 2013 GP

Manuel Arija ES Pequeños Electrodomésticos / Little Appliances 08:00 2012

Mateo Grubisic “Allusion” 1,20 min. 2014

Arthur Patching Il Ritorno 04:24 2012 WP/IA

DL X program.

pictured: Arthur Patching Il Ritorno 2012.

TRT 60 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

Sun 16 | 10:30pm


Video still taken from the Lady Pheres video by James Slater

Your last chance to enjoy this year´s Lounge. From dusk till dawn.

Steve Morell at the turntables

Jense at the turntables

Steve Morell remixer, DJ, producer, musician, founder of the record label “Pale Music Int.” and the German underground festival “Berlin Insane”. As the founding member of the DJ & remix duo “The Scandals’ he worked on Remixes & Collaborations for artists like: Miss Yetti, Bruder & Kronsädta feat. Nina Hagen, Eric D. Clark, Ascii Disko, Punx Soundcheck feat. Marc Almond, Pink Grease, Neonman, Beroshima, Lola Angst, Atomizer, Junesex, The Nihilists, Boy George, Trafalgar,
Schwefelgelb, DJ Donna Summer und DJ Wool.

DL X program


Around 2011, the animated gif, that old-guard Internet file format, rose to new glory as a way of creating images with video effect. Cinemagraphs, a term coined by U.S. photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, have gone on to virtually rule the roost in much of web culture.

Since gifs do in fact move, they can be classified as moving images, earning themselves a chance to shine at Directors Lounge.

You can upload your audience-thirsty animated gifs directly here. We’ll post all entries as they fly in… with the best later receiving a dedicated presentation during DLX.

• Animated gifs can be sent by e-mail or by using this page. (You´ll need to be on tumblr.) Make sure it is no larger than 1MB and no more than 500 pixels wide.

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