Istanbul > Berlin > New York and (surely) beyond: Erdal Inci in Times Square

Video loop Wunderkind Erdal Inci of Istanbul, not least known to DL-ers through our first-time-in-Germany presentation of his insistently circling light-and-shadow-plays at DLX in Berlin way back in 2014, is now plastering his hypnotic (and at times unsettling) digital visions in nowhere less than Times Square, in the heart and core of the Big Apple. The work involved is called “Centipedes” and is presented in collaboration with DL kindred souls Moving Image Art Fair. But then, we always knew his work was astounding. Congrats from all of us here in Berlin, Erdal!

If you want to delve deeper into this enigmatic man’s soul, dive into our DL Deep Feature on Erdal, “Knocked For a Loop” – just click here.

Around 2011, the animated gif, that old-guard Internet file format, rose to new glory as a way of creating images with video effect. Cinemagraphs, a term coined by U.S. photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, have gone on to virtually rule the roost in much of web culture.

Since gifs do in fact move, they can be classified as moving images, earning themselves a chance to shine at Directors Lounge.

You can upload your audience-thirsty animated gifs directly here. We’ll post all entries as they fly in… with the best later receiving a dedicated presentation during DLX.

• Animated gifs can be sent by e-mail or by using this page. (You´ll need to be on tumblr.) Make sure it is no larger than 1MB and no more than 500 pixels wide.

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