Tues 12 | 9:30 pm

“Semalu” which means Sensitive Plant in Malay, is a cinematic portrait of the children of Cheras, a suburb in Kuala Lumpur. A place in the middle of a transition period of modernization. Between a noizy landscape of construction works we see the youngest generation grow up. The ancestors of this children did not grew up here, they came live here to build a new future. 30 years ago this territory was still jungle and swamp. Far away from the jungle this new urban area will be the kids’ new playground. Here they discover themselves. And here they discover God.

Jimmy Hendrickx  BE Semalu 19:37 2013 (EP)

Tues 12 | 10 pm



pictured: A Story for the Modlins by Sergio Oksman (above); Like Rats Leaving A Sinking Ship by Vika Kirchenbauer

curated and presented by Alexei Dmitriev (filmmaker, curator)

As Brian from the Monty Python’s films says: “We are all individuals!”. He’s right (plus we can’t question the fake messiah’s words). Sometimes these individuals form small groups (also known as families) or big groups (societies). And this program is a collection of films about such individuals and groups.

Vika Kirchenbauer DE Like Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship  24:33 2012 (In attendance | official DL selection)

Hannes Vartiainen & Pekka Veikkolainen FI Gates of Life 06:00 2012 (GP)

Igor Drljaca CA/BO The Fuse: Or How I Burned Simon Bolivar 09:00 2011 (GP)

Mikhel Reha & Erik Alunurm & Mari-Liis Rebane & Mari Pakkas EE Breakfast on the Grass 04:00 2011  (GP)

Sergio Oksman  ES A Story for the Modlins 26:00 2012

Jan Ijas FI Sweet Mov(i)e 3:30 2011

TRT 80 min

Tues 12 | 11:30 pm


Werther Germondari and Maria Laura Spagnoli IT SEX EQUO (sex in the foreground) 63:00 2011 (GP)

After disobeying God and having visited the site of “forbidden fruits”, Adam and Eve are trying to regain the lost Eden. For each fruit a parable about sex is told.

“A series of short stories with a fetish, eccentric, porn, and funny sexuality, in the same remixed and exasperated tone of Italian picaresque comedies. There can’t be any possible linear storytelling in this lesson of sexual misbehaving, because Germondari & Spagnoli’s four eyes see a lot more than a single pair and have a lot less guilt than many. So, high impact voyeurism is the base here for a whole festive imagery of sex, no matter how strange, vulgar, or chic it may be, seem or look. This new cinematographic Kamasutra features Adam and Eve in a paradise of infinitely tempting red apples, a pornographer focused on his Little Red Riding Hood, an androgynous shooter, some playful bi sexuality, multiple-use inflatable bodies, and other indecent fun elements of the flesh. And all that in the context of Italian architecture, which even if it seems touristic, it draws an appealing key on each door to explore other locations of pleasure. You just have to know how to look and enjoy”. (Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente 2011)

TRT 63 min

Afterwards Nightlounge

Wed 13 | 7 pm


Irina Birger, Irina Birger Thinks Drawing Is Important

Céline Trouillet FR SONG N°15 05:21 2012

Ali Asgari IR Barbie 12:30 2012 (IA)

Roger Deutsch US Prelude 07:15 2011 (GP/IA)

Ron Diorio US Born on a blacklist 02:15 2012 (EP)

Shaun Roberts US Dear Texas Highways 11:13 2009 (EP)

Matthew Lancit CA/FR 16 Reasons Why I Hate Myself 03:32 (GP)

Dagie Brundert DE ¡Viva la combinacion! 03:45 2012 (GP/IA)

Anti and Ando Naulainen EE Parrot Peeter Aurelius 01:32  2011

Céline Trouillet  FR SONG N°20 04:12 2012 

Irina Birger NL Irina Birger Thinks Drawing Is Important 15:13 2010 (IA)

TRT 68 min


Anti and Ando Naulainen, Parrot Peeter Aurelius

Wed 13 | 9 pm – open end!



Festivals United | The Official Festiwelt Party

The 9th Berlin International Directors Lounge will be an ongoing, eleven days in a row, cinedalic party. But we are going to top it off by celebrating with all the Berlin Film Festivals. This will be the night to party with all the movers and shakers of the Berlin Film universe.

Again enough Festivals to kill a Rhino.


the following festivals are hosts of the evening:

11mm Fußballfilmfestival Achtung Berlin – New Berlin Film Award Alfilm – Arabisches Filmfestival BerlinAsian Film Festival Berlin Baltic Film Festival British Shorts Contravision Directors Lounge Down Under Berlin – Australian Film Festival Französische Filmwoche Going Underground interfilm Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Berlin Kiezkieken KUKI Internationales Kinder und Jugendkurzfilmfestival BerlinNorthzone One World Berlin Russische FilmwocheSehsüchte Unknown Pleasures – American Independent Film FestivalZebra Poetry Film Festival

LINE UP PARTY(on three floors)

Live Bands:
Lili Sommerfeld – Soul
Shirley Holmes – Rockdisco, Heavy Chanson, Alternative Berlin

Foxy Boxer – Indie, Electro, Rock’n’Roll
Youngbois – Italo Disco
DJ Just Aprés – House, Deep House, Deep Feeling

free admission till 9pm

Thurs 14 | 7:30 pm

pictured: Peter Besson’s True Beauty This Night


The Best of the ISFF Detmold presented by Levent Arslan

Besides the program which is created by more than 3000 short films that are sent from 68 different countries, participants also have the chance to join the various cultural and artistic activities which are held concurrently in Hangar 21’s lounges, also generate, present and share its happiness together.

Mauro Folci IT Boredom / Noia 2009 03:33 Experimental

A man is sitting at a desk opposite a lion, whose paws rest on the desk the imagine focuses on the two figures and on the strange interaction between the animal’s paw and the man’s hands. As a result of the bare surroundings, both the interplay between the hands and the paws and the man’s closeness to the enormous beast sitting solemanly opposite his minute body stand out. The hands and the paws rest on the table at a proximity emphasized by the black background.

Peter Besson US True Beauty This Night  2009 10:03  Ficton

Last night Rhett Somers, so far scraping by on good luck or just plain old ignorance, met the love of his life. The only thing left to do is convince her that she’s the one. Not an easy feat considering how they met.

Martin Wallner and Stefan Leuchtenberg DE A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation 2010 10:00 Animation

When his father dies unexpectedly, a young man seeking to cope with his grief goes on a powerful emotional journey through time and space. The film begins with the funeral and shows how feelings change throughout the years. It ends with the question: Is there a due date for grief …?

Vincent CAPES FR Fascinus & Mentula II  2009 07:45 Animation

Nothing than sex exhaling dark flowing desires, exulting songs buried in internal night since the origin.

Beppe Tufarulo IT We love our clients / Al Servizio Del Cliente 2010 02:35 Fiction

Since the employees of a supermarket are experiencing the night shift, they perform their duties with great boredom. Until they find a new way to plan the attention to the consumers.

Sylvain Cappelletto GA Septimana 2010 04:00 Animation

Freely inspired by Marquis de Sade, this animation film shows new passions for every week day.

Damian Nenow PL Paths of Hate  2010 10:00 Animation

 “Paths of Hate” is a short tale about the demons that slumber deep in the human soul and have the power to push people into the abyss of blind hate, fury and rage. Falling into that abyss inevitably leads to downright destruction and extinction.

Rogier Klomp NL The Masters of the Media 2010 05:00 Animation

‘The Masters of The Media’ is the first short animated documentary in the ‘This is Propaganda Series’. It analyses monopolization in the Media Industry. In western society the most valuable product is information. Based on information we decide who to vote for and what to buy. The companies that deliver it are therefore extremely powerful and influential. More companies means more sides to story. But their number is decreasing rapidly.

Stefanie Ernst DE My Kingdom Come / Adveniat Regnum Meum  2011 08:17 Animation

Impressions of urban social life between men and women. Agression is the cause of human disasters – humans are lead by their sexual drive and can’t control the evil desire.

Benjamin Stephan & Lutz Vogel DE Trusted Computing  2005 03:31 Animation

You are no longer trusted to choose what to run on your computer.

James Pilkington GB Reg 2010 10:00 Fiction

Reg is the story of boys love and betrayal by his mother. When life gets really bad and you think it can’t get any worst, you realise after this film it can!

TRT 75 min

The next ISFF Detmold: 1-10. June 2013 


Fri 15 | 6pm


pictured: Vladimir Turner, Merry-Go-Round

curated and presented by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Filipe Afonso PT Televisão 14:45min 2012

Nuno Escudeiro PT Pass by… 4:22min 2011

Philipp Hartmann DE / AR Entre despacio y por favor no haga ruido! 4:30min 2012

Julia Dick und Katharina Sandner aka katze und krieg DE Die Abenteuer von Sissi und Sissi 21:08min 2012

Laura Kissel US Window Cleaning in Shanghai 2:36min 2011

Kollektiv Graukarte AT Transforming a Non-Place 3:15min 2011

Gabrielle Le Bayon FR Image of a City 11:00min 2011

Kika Nicolela BR Don’t! 5:49min 2010

Jaime Rguez ES sawaruna 触るな【don’t touch!】 6:17min 2012

Signe Theill DE The new Middle 3:05min 2010

Vladimír Turner, Vojtěch Fröhlich, Ondřej Mladý and Jan Šimánek CZ Osvícení / Enlightenment 2:27min 2012

Jan Šimánek, Vladimír Turner, Vojtěch Fröhlich, Ondřej Mladý CZ Merry-Go-Round 2:05min 2011

Full Urban Research 2013 program details with images and text:


pictured: Kollektiv Graukarte, Transforming a Non-Place

Thurs 14 | 9 pm

This film is a vertiginous voyage about the impermanence and evolution of the relative value of things through certain lapses, spaces, ideas, conditions, beings and objects; our attachment to them, to life, their way to the end, to their rebirth, to their transformation.

Dalia Huerta Cano  MX  ¿Olvida usted algo?  27:47  2012 (EP)

TRT 28 min

Thurs 14 | 9:30 pm


Wuttin Chansataboot, Visual Element

Mihai Grecu and Thibault Gleize RO Glucose 07:18 2012 (WP)*

Max Hattler DE Shift 03:00 2012

Pablo Chavarría Gutiérrez MX Telúrico 05:22 2013 (WP)

Karl F. Stewart DE/US Animaux Découpages 04:33 2012 (WP)

Santiago Parres (EZO) ES BbUgG 03:30 2012

Alessandro Amaducci  IT Black Data 04:05 2012

Jung Hee SEO  KR Sing Under 10:00 2012

Laura Hyunjhee Kim US HERE THERE HERE THERE 07:29 2012 (EP)

Oded Arad IL “Hot Case” 0:07:09 2012 (WP)

Wuttin Chansataboot TH Visual Element 29:57 2012 (EP)

Maximilian Schmötzer and Fabian Heitzhausen  DE The Conversation 03:24 2012

Sandra Araújo PT Tape Loading Error 02:55 2012 (GP)

TRT 86 min

*) Mihai Grecu/Thibault Gleize, group exhibition at Hengesbach Gallery, Berlin running till March, 2 2013