Filtrate by Mishka Kornai

In a surreal future, humanity has been transformed beyond any and all recognition by the echo chambers of social media. Shot entirely on iPhone 7 in the Montréal underground, FILTRATE is an exploration of digital connectivity and physical isolation.

Filtrate by Mishka Kornai (Canada) | 13 min. | 2019

screened as part of our presentation of the Department of Anarchy at Slamdance (in attendance of Noel Lawrence) at the Lichtblick cinema and the C.A.R. Photo/Media art fair Video Lounge 2020.


World Premiere // 2018 Fantasia Film Festival
US Premiere // 2019 Slamdance Film Festival
Gallery Exhibition // Centre Never Apart – Montreal, QC

FILTRATE from Mishka Kornai on Vimeo.