Dog in The Woods by Christian Chapman, Paul Jason Hoffman

A downtrodden house dog escapes into the woods at night to follow the psychedelic temptations of the natural world.

Dog in The Woods 5 min. | 2019
Christian Chapman, Paul Jason Hoffman

screened as part of our presentation of the Department of Anarchy at Slamdance (in attendance of Noel Lawrence) at the Lichtblick cinema and the C.A.R. Photo/Media art fair Video Lounge 2020.

Slamdance Film Festival 2019
Pendance Film Festival 2019
Florida Film Festival 2019
Newport Beach Film Festival 2019
St Kilda Film Festival 2019
Queen Palm International Film Festival 2019
San Francisco Frozen Film Festival 2019
Woods Hole Film Festival 2019
Nòt Film Festival 2019
Drunken Film Fest Bradford 2019
Port Townsend Film Festival 2019
NY Dog Film Festival 2019

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Interview with Erik Luers of NoFilmSchool!

Writer/Director/Editor: Christian Chapman, Paul Jason Hoffman
Producer: Resonator Films
Executive Producer: Holly Meehl
Visual Effects: Marc Zimmermann, Andy Thomas, Tim “Cajun Pepper” McClain, Michalis Gkiokas, Stavros Sofianos, Ovidiu Eftimie, Filip Popov, Dmitry Bashkov, Moolchand, Evan Richards
Colorist: Oliver Eid
Sound Design: Cody Troyer, Resonator Films
Re-Recording Mixer: Shawn Duffy
Music By: Copy Paest and Our Brother The Native
Special Thanks: Suzanne Chapman, Javier Serna, Takeru Shima, Duncan Ransom, David Kramer, Anthony Filanowski, Andrew Hoffman, Daniel Kasden Hoffman