Album Release of:
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Globoscuro – Musik Für Die Toten (2017)
by Hortus Conclusus Records
with texts by Miriam Glinker and Heike Klar, Anne Hahn & Odessa Selestina Marquardt

Directors Lounge Screening
Sean Derrick Cooper-Marquardt and Cecilia Chapman
Drone Drama – Music for the Dead
Thursday, 29 June 2017

Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

“Music For The Dead” originally arose as the third act of the Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt’s Drone Drama Trilogy, which was previously released in three acts, on three seperate labels, and which includes “The Radiant Child : First Act The Awaking Assiduous Awareness”, “God`s DNA” and finally “Music For The Dead”.

The third act has been recently put to film by the director Cecelia Chapman and has now premired in the city of Cologne and soon at various international film festivals, the album Music For The Dead has been also released and translated in the following languages: English, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Croatian, French. This German Album Release is something completely different due to the fact that is has been re-worked, re-arranged and re-recorded with totally new compositions molded and shaped by the artistic embrace of Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt and Emiliano Pietrini aka Globoscuro and also includes a pdf booklet with four stories by Anne Hahn, Heike Klar, Miriam Glinka & Odessa Selestina Marquardt plus a poem by Sean himself. To crown and wrap this album with another veil of beauty there is the ambigous and wonderful cover art created by the magnificent and talented italian photographer Linda De Luca. The album contains 13 tracks of variable duration between 1 minute and maximum 3 minutes (no second is allowed) that sail like a roaring turbine among sounds devoted to the musique concrete, electroacoustic, psychedelic, post-rock, dark ambient and noise. The sound passage seems to be metaphorize a polidimensional journey in which the listener encounters significances, geometries, emotions and visions that interweave and alternate creating a labyrinthic yet strangely well-defined landscape. Like stories inside the same story that fight to spread their desperate voice but far from the constraint of the word.

Directors Lounge Screening
Dagie Brundert
Ode an Sommer
Saturday, 27 May 2017

Z-Bar Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Ode an Sommer – Ode to Summer
Berlin’s cultural scene would not be the same, if filmmaker Dagie Brundert was not there. The artist started off in the 90’s with some female colleagues as FBI, Freie Berliner Ischen. With ironic and unconventional films they challenged established and artsy art forms, skewed films spiced up with resonances of Camp and Beat, as it reverberated in some young circles in the first decade after the breakdown of the wall. Since then, Brundert stuck to her guns of Super-8 filmmaking with admirable creative productivity. She records everyday occurrences, the obvious things on sight and the things offside, however always dispersing a positive message.

The new program at Z-Bar presents a number of brand new films, one premiere (“Widerstand”, 2017, resistance) and a few rare early films. “Ode an Juni 4 “ (2016, Ode to June), the film giving the name to this program, is one of the few medium long films by Brundert. And, it is part of her favorite seasonal project. She has planned to record a film about June every year. Film developing in biological developer, a trip to the film festival Hamburg, establishing a new dark room, a bath in lake Teufelssee and the hand written numbers of the days are some of the scenes of last years diary, all of which being hand-developed, digitally edited and underscored with summer tunes. It is the small things in the film, the joys of everyday life, which, condensed by a combination of time-lapse and short cuts, makes the film poetic and amiable. It is this delight about exceptional but unspectacular moments, which inform her films, and which still oppose the garish images of the media or the attempts of “going viral” on social media, and which still reminds me of the bearings of the Beats.

In a number of new films, goes back to humorous forms she used back in the past: narrated films (“Bin ich reich? Bin ich reich? Bin ich reich?…” 2015), using objects as characters ("Lametta” 2016), or games from childhood (potato stamps in “Kartoffel” 2013). Other films follow a more discriptive style. The savvy viewers and the friends, however, do not expect new experimental forms from Dagie, but they like to follow her frame of mind, the lighthearted way to look at life. Her films often have the effect of a line of a pop song that suddenly enters your mind and changes the way you look at yourself or your surrounding.

Dagie Brundert will be present for Q&A. Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr.

Artist Link:

Directors Lounge


Directors Lounge at Mitte Media Festival, 5 – 6 May, 2017

The lights are on and the gloves are off for this sensory assault of choicest knock-out punches from around the world of DL. Stories are told, implied or avoided in a rush of shorts spread over two venues and three programs. Everything you need to reactivate undernourished cinema-hungry brain cells will be served up – plenty of DL premiere gems in the bunch, plus other bright lights from a slew of bright minds.

We are pleased to participate in the Mitte Media Festival, a two-day, multi-venue celebration of video, film, publication and performance works through a spectrum of media starting on May 5th and ending on May 6th.

We will be presenting two screenings at Z-Bar, Bergstraße 2, Berlin at 6 pm and 8 pm, presented by André Werner and Kenton Turk: A buffet of tasty tidbits from 10 years of Directors Lounge, films about self -esteem, aliens, art, moms, toasters and the whole universe. An Urban Research program curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr will take place at the Fata Morgana Gallery.

We will hit you, in the best way possible!


DL at Mitte Media | Program One (80 min) curated by André Werner, 5 May, 6 pm at Z-Bar: all about reception, pictophagia and the autopoietic beauty of images.

Stefan Adamski (PL) Induction 3 min 2007
Neil Needleman (US) Meeskeit 7 min 30s 2009
Jes Benstock
(GB) Phosphenes 10 min 2002
Michael Betancourt (US) The Kodak Moment 2 min 2013
Xavi Sala (ES) La Parabólica 12 min 2007
Sasha Waters Freyer (US) An Incomplete History of Pornography, 1979, 8 min 2013
Jean-Gabriel Périot (FR) 21.04.02 9 min, DV, 2002
Faith Holland (US) RIP Geocities  2 min 31s  2011
André Werner (DE) The Custom of Eating Pictures 9 min 1997
Santiago Parres EZO (ES) Sinecdoquanon 7 min 29s  2011
Tokomburu / Zisis Kokkinidis and Ion Papaspyrou (GR) I Am Not Here Now 9 min 30 s 2013



DL at Mitte Media | Program Two (96 min) curated by André Werner, 5 May, 8 pm at Z-Bar: A wild rollercoaster about the eternal question “Have you ever seen an experimental film?”

Alexei Dmitriev (RU) Dubus 4 min 9s, DV, 2005
Coleman Miller (US) Uso Justo 22 min 2005
Matthew Lancit (FR/CA) 16 Reasons Why I Hate Myself 03:32
Alexandru Ponoran (RO) Isac Inca Doarme 17 min 2012
Samuel Blain (GB) In Dreams 3 min 57s   2011
Bryan Konefsky (US) Miss Yummy Yummy 4 min 2012
Guy Maddin (CA) Sombra Dolorosa 7 min 35s
Nina Lassila (FI) Günter und Mutti  3 min 17s 2011 (Distributor: AV-arkki)
Chema Garcia Ibarra
(ES) The Attack of The Robots From Nebula-5
6min 20s 2008
Javier Chillon (ES) Decapoda Shock  9 min 15s  2011
Luca Zuberbuehler (CH) Lothar 13 min  2013
Oliver Smith (GB) Bob by Oliver Smith 2 min 31s 2013


DL at Mitte Media | Program Three, curated by K.W. Eisenlohr (91 min), 6 May, 4 pm at Fata Morgana Gallery: Exploring the boundaries where video art and cinema merge. 

James Harrar (UK) Vlaamperd 2014, 5:54min
Clemens Fürtler (AT) Bildmaschine 07, Transit 2015  3:30min (silent)
Elaine Tedesco (BR) Leme Posto 2011 2:59 min
James Edmonds (DE) Movement and Stillness 2015 10:52min (silent)
Eric Stewart (US) Rah Rah 2013, 3:58 min
Petra Lottje (CN/DE) Questions to the Moon, 2017 4:46min
Doris Schmid (DE) LEG- 2012 5:00min
Katya Craftsova (IN/DE) Time Conservation 2012, 6:19 min
John D´Arcy & Deborah Uhde (DE/UK) Back ande Vor 2014 5:32 min
Bernd Lützeler & Kolja Kunt (DE) Unterwegs mit Maxim Gorkiy 2014 10:14 min
Sandra Becker 01 (BR/DE) 4 Clips for Loops 2015 01:17min
Mélissa Faivre (DE) The Space in Between 2016  11:48min
Gabriele Stellbaum (DE) Honest Lies 2011 9:45min
Mark Street (US) After Synchromy 2015 5:11min
Felix Brassier.Thanos Chrysakis (FR/UK) Day Two Hundred Seventy Nine Trails 2014 4:22min

The Mitte Media Festival program

Mitte Media Festival partners include: FATA MORGANA, Leo Kuelbs Collection, coGalleries, Last Night in Berlin, Chased Magazine, Directors Lounge, Z-Bar, BRLO and more.


pictured: “Uso Justo” by Coleman Miller; “Decapoda Shock” by Javier Chillon,  “16 Reasons Why I Hate Myself”  by Matthew Lancit , “Questions to the Moon” by  Petra Lottje

Directors Lounge Screening
Thanos Chrysakis
Amber Gaze

Thursday, 27 April 2017
Z-Bar Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

The artist, musician and composer Thanos Chrysakis was born in Athens. He lived for sixteen years in London until he moved to Belarus in 2015. He is a trained musician who performs his music internationally in festivals, in concert halls and alternative places. He always had a strong connection with images and thus has created his own videos, or has found people for sound/image collaborations. Since 2007 he operates the record-label ‘Aural Terrains’ focusing in electroacoustics, composed and improvised music.

The program thus presents the composer/musician – Thanos Chrysakis – working with his own visuals and with the audio-visual collaborations of film director Félix Brassier. In our perception of video, or film, of audio-visual material, sound guides the reception of images, sound creates the continuity of space and time or its disruption more than any visual effect, even though the sound editing rarely comes to the surface of our perception. Chrysakis with his sounds on the other hand loves to work with the thresholds of our perception, with the fragility and ambiguity of sounds, and the edges of discernibility. The images of his films, and of those of Brassier, thus play on a similar congenial level of ambiguity on the picture layer, as Chrysakis’ sounds. The visuals may even take up some of the functions, “music for film” traditionally has: a marker for the continuity of space and time. However, the stream of ambiguous consciousness between industrial urban spaces and dreamy imaginations the films provoke, are a product of a fine tuned balance of sound and image creation.


Artist Link:

Directors Lounge

Snaps from the screening:

photo: Klaus W. Eisenlohr


5 – 6 May, 2017

, Torstraße 170
Z-Bar, Bergstraße 2

Mitte Media Festival is pleased to present a three-day, multi-venue celebration of video, film, publication and performance works through a spectrum of media starting on May 5th and ending on May 6th. 

The realization of an idea, as it winds its way through the human mind and body, then is communicated to other creative entities, and finally translated and presented in other media is the process from which Mitte Media Festival draws its conceptual energy.

Hosted by Fata Morgana and its partners and presented in a small group of venues in Mitte, Berlin, Mitte Media Festival also shines a light on the neighborhood’s role as a hub of creation and presentation of multi-media work, as well as the start-up culture that often powers these dynamic permutations.  The sheer change and transition that has occurred in Mitte in the last 10 years makes the area a perfect example of the collision between the terrestrially creativity and ever-expanding digital processes and platforms.

Book presentations, experimental video shows with discussion and other events will typically be presented in two-hour slots, allowing viewers to encounter a variety of work in a variety of settings. Mitte Media Festival is also planning its own online LIVE STREAM providing viewers across the globe access to selected content.


Directors Lounge at Mitte Media

Mitte Media Festival partners include: FATA MORGANA, Leo Kuelbs Collection, coGalleries, Konstantin Kopietz, Last Night in Berlin, Chased Magazine, BRLO, Directors Lounge, Z-Bar and more.  

Sponsored by BRLO, FATA MORGANA, coGalleries, Leo Kuelbs Collection, Z-Bar, Last Night in Berlin, Chased

More information at:

Directors Lounge Screening
Ana Bilankov
Night Riders

Thursday, 30 March 2017
Z-Bar Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Ana Bilankov, Berlin based artist with Croatian background, creates videos connected with peculiar places in different European cities, Moscow and New York, connected with the geographies and stories of those places, mostly interwoven with her own biography or experience. Her short films often combine a brittle visual poetry with rarified narratives on the soundtrack. Her training in art history and German studies in Zagreb together with her Master in Art in Context in Berlin seem to give her the intuition to pick out places and situations that become metaphors for things unspoken or stories untold. It may also have been her biography, which sensitized her for the hidden traces in human geographies, namely her escape from war while it spread over former Yugoslavia. The artist on the other hand calls it her “search for Roland Barthes’ punctum” in the geography of the city.

Her video pictures are conceived like extended snapshots that unfold, and become meaningful over time. Sound and text work complementary and associative to the pictures and are often from more divers sources than the image. When she points to the former Transatlantic slave trade connected with the sugar manufacturing in Bristol in her film “Sweet Home”, to the poisonous wreckage of Newtown Creek of East River NY in “New Town Future Film”, or to the story of an old broken Jewish House in Vienna (“I want to get out”), the artist never uses a traditional documentary style or storytelling. Instead, the films often comprise a poetic multi-layered audio-visual composition that leaves it open to the viewer to follow all the laid-out traces or to create their own associative connections.

Her film “U Ratu i Revoluciji / In War and Revolution” goes back to Croatia to visit her grandmother and to look for the traces of a book about education during the resistance against the Nazi occupation written by her grandfather, which disappeared as “communist and inappropriate” during political changes an the war of the early 1990s in Croatia. Her grandmother’s fading memories become a metaphor for those lost historical memories of the past, when books are eliminated from the libraries.

The artist will introduce the screening and will be available for Q&A. Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Artist Link:

Directors Lounge

Snaps from our screening

Bergstraße 2, 10115 Berlin-Mitte

Morgenröte Im Aufgang (Aurora at its rising or The rising of Dawn) by Max Hopp, Jan Korthäuer, Ronald Steckel and Klaus Weingarten is a cinematic hommage to Jacob Böhme (1575 – 17 November 1624), a German Christian mystic and shoemaker. He was considered an original thinker by many of his contemporaries within the Lutheran tradition, and his first book, commonly known as Aurora, caused a great scandal.

read more at nootheater

Morgenröte im Aufgang – Hommage à Jacob Böhme
directed by Max Hopp, Jan Korthäuer, Ronald Steckel and Klaus Weingarten. | German | 81 min.                                                        

One of the directors, Mr. Ronald Steckel, will join the evening.

It is a great pleasure to announce Madame Elga Sorbas, formal Member of the Rainer Maria Fassbinder Ensemble, as our special guest for this evening.


MORGENRÖTE IM AUFGANG – die filmische Hommage an den Mystiker und Philosophen JACOB BÖHME, bringt uns einen der tiefsinnigsten Menschen, die je gelebt haben (E. Bloch) und doch den meisten Deutschen gänzlich unbekannten großen Geist nahe, dessen bedeutendsten Schriften bis heute faszinieren.
Der Visionär Jacob Böhme (1575–1624) ist die unbekannteste, geheimnisvollste und zugleich auf untergründige Weise einflussreichste Gestalt der deutschen Geistesgeschichte. Sein mehrtausendseitiges
philosophisches Werk, ohne das die deutsche Romantik und die deutsche idealistische Philosophie undenkbar wären, ist der Entwurf einer reichen und bis heute in ihrer Tiefe nicht ausgeloteten Anthropologie, Kosmologie und Naturphilosophie.
Kein Dokumentarfilm, kein Spielfilm, kein Essay, — eine eigen-artige filmische Verführung zur Erfahrung unserer zweiten Wirklichkeit, — eine filmische Meditation von zeitloser Wahrheit. Weit mehr als Unterhaltung, bietet der Film, durch seine Botschaften, reformatorische, weltbewegende Kraft. Er ist Offenbarung, gibt Sinn, ist Politik, bietet gedankliche Räume und schafft Orientierung.

Der Berliner Regisseur Ronald Steckel hat, gemeinsam mit den Filmemachern Max Hopp, Jan Korthäuer und Klaus Weingarten, aus der Kraft des “böhmschen Geistes”, in dessen feinster Präzision deutscher Sprache, ein anmutiges, würdiges, geistreiches Filmgemälde geschaffen, gleichsam einmalig für die gesamte Filmgeschichte.


Der Film erhielt 2016 den Deutscher FILMGEIST Preis, verliehen vom FILMGEIST Freundeskreis e.V. und den ROSA MARS FILMPREIS 2016.

Einer der Regisseur Herr Ronald Steckel, wird persönlich anwesend zu sein.
Als Dame des Abends, begrüßen wir Frau Elga Sorbas, Mitglied des Rainer-Werner Fassbinder Ensembles.

More snaps from the screening


In Zusammenarbeit mit der Roten Loge und Filmgeist Freundeskreis e.V.

Mehr auf nootheater

Z-Bar, Bergstraße 2, 10115 Berlin-Mitte

Directors Lounge Screening
Urban Research – Private Affair
Thursday, 26 January 2017 | 21:00

Z-Bar | Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

In the times of public intrusion into the private sphere, right wing populists and religious fundamentalists threatening the freedom of expression and diversity, and conservative politicians pressing for control and surveillance, the expressions of private life become a political affair again. Related to the slogan of 1968 “The personal is political”, the here presented films talk about personal or private affairs in relation to the public sphere and the urban space.

Many of the Urban Research films submitted in 2016 are dealing with private stories, that are related, in one way or the other, to the urban space and expressing the importance of freedom and solidarity for the divergent, the subversive and the liberal mind. The films present the small stories with high artistic aspiration, the nuanced views and the subjective diversity, which are even more important at times when populist positions start to replace distinguished sentiments in culture and politics.

A fine selection of Urban Research films shown at 48h Neukölln in addition to a brand new film by Penny Lane. And, films by Petra Lottje, Vladimir Turner, Rob Santaguida, Anna Okrasko, Doris Schmid, Salise Hughes, Eleonore de Montesquiou, and Ezra Wube

Directors Lounge

Snaps from this screening

Directors Lounge Screening
James Edmonds
The Material Question
Thursday, 24 November 2016
Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

“The cinema of James Edmonds (1983) explores the complexities of the real not as a mere substance named ‘reality’ but in its most fluctuating and Turnerian correlation, in those uncertainties that make it impossible to fix it in any specific point in space.”(Toni D’angela, La furia umana 28, 2016)

James Edmonds is an artist filmmaker from the UK living in Berlin and London. His practice centers on a personal poetics in which the nature of recording, when approached from the materiality of analogue film, offers a tangible surface for what is intangible and fleeting – our personal experience, inner worlds, thoughts and reflections.

He has presented screenings and exhibitions at various venues, project spaces, galleries and cinema events, including Fronteira Festival Brasil, The Temenos Screening Kino Xenix Zurich, Another Vacant Space Berlin, Mystetskyi Arsenal Lavra Kiev and ACCEA Armenia. Since 2015 he also curates the monthly film series Light Movement in Berlin.

– Movement and Stillness, 2015, super 8, 11min, colour, silent
– Inside Outside, 2008/2015, super8, 6min, colour, soundtrack
– Sternwarten der Welt / Sun Documents, 2010-11/2016 (in progress), super8 double projection, 6min, colour, soundtrack
– OVERLAND, 2016, super 8, 22min, colour and black+white, soundtrack
– Patterns of Summer, (in progress), super8, 3 mins, colour, silent

Artist Link:

Directors Lounge

Directors Lounge Screening

Bruno Gularte Barreto
5 Houses

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Blender & Co
Boddinstrasse 32
12053 Berlin
U8 Boddinstrasse

The Brazlian director and photographer Bruno Gularte Barreto comes to Berlin to present his new film project “5 Houses”. The idea of “5 Houses” revolves around trying to recreate childhood memories’ images, but it is also a journey through the lives of the people in a small town in the extreme south of Brasil.

5 HOUSES is a feature documentary project portraying the houses and lives of 5 different characters. They talk about life and death, memory, education, prejudice, violence and share their experiences and beliefs. Though they are very diverse people, they share a connection in their relationship with the director`s childhood memories. Each person and house to be portrayed was part of his upbringing throughout his childhood and formative years.

Besides being part of the same array of memories, these characters share another characteristic: the fact they are all, in their own way, “outsiders” in the somewhat narrow-minded place where they live.

During the film, a portrait is revealed, an image of the city itself and the way some people, even-though humble, can help change other people’s lives for the better. In the last house we have a fifth character, who is actually present in the other four segments in the figure of the director – an invisible observer who frames and chooses where, what and who to look at.

Original title: 5 Casas, English title: 5 Houses.
Director: Bruno Gularte Barreto
Producer: Jessica Luz
50 mins work-in-progress
English subtitles Brazil, 2016

Artist Link:  password: 55555

Directors Lounge
Blender & Co.


Q&A with the filmaker and curator | photo: Kenton Turk/DL

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