Sun 9 | 7pm | space A


The Future – The City

This juxtaposition of experimental shorts discusses futuristic aspects of urban life. “The future ain’t what it used to be” as a much quoted Yogiism says. Rather than elaborating on science fiction tales, the pictures combine and merge the present, past and future in different surprising ways. Life in our times may come with more challenges than just a space oddity.

Urban Research is a special film program during the Berlin International Directors Lounge concerned with urban themes curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr.

For years the urban landscape has been under rapid change. Due to the increased economic pressure and shift towards mono-functional uses of the city, public space more and more vanishes. The newly awakened interest in old city centers, which is a rather positive development, has also created new demands in conjunction with the deregulations of national and municipal city tasks: the city has mainly become an object for real estate investment.

On the other hand, new waves for urban movements towards a democratic renewal have appeared. A redetermination of public place may have come across, a new protest culture against the complete commercialization of the city has spread in places. Be it called neoliberal, new labor, social democratic, political-islam or post-Maoism, you name I. The radical loss of democratic political influences concerning urban development seems to have found a counter force in a rediscovery of the political space. The above sometimes extreme changes in the urban are also being reflected in creative art and film, or may even find their unique expression in the arts.


Joe Merrell US Crisis Apparition 06:52 2013

Lorenz Fidel Huchthausen DE Alter Junge 04:28 2013

Pedro Miguel Santos PT Zigurate 05:52 2013

Monika Rechsteiner CH Real Estate II 08:30 2013 IA

Fabian Heitzhausen DE Let’s Play Modernism 04:26 2013

Matthew Pell UK Escence 01:31 2013 WP

Scott Fitzpatrick CD Places with Meaning 03:00 2012

Henry Gwiazda US choice 09:16 2012 GP

Rhayne Vermette CA Full of Fire 02:15 2013 WP

Joas Sebastian Nebe DE Rush Hour 03:00 2013 IA

LJ Frezza US Golden Eye 06:04 2013 GP

Elizabeth Ross MX Insomnio 04:17 2013

Christiane Thalmann UK Conversation on the Underground 05:29 2005

Noyman Gili IL Sounds of Discontent 02:49 2012

Sharon Horodi/ Cheb Kammerer DE Simply a Love Song 05:00 2006 IA

pictured: Urban Research Program Flyer.

TRT 72 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

Sun 9 | 8:30pm | space B


World Premiere

Far from Paris by Gustavo Postiglione A particular subjective and whimsical view of the city of Rosario. A look at Rosario as a woman as a pair of boobs. A look at the personal life of a movie director bounded to the life of that city that can be the place of something deep and obscure. Everything is on the edge of fiction when one lives from fiction. Rosario is that place far away from love but that is the best place for love. The city as a picture of a beautiful woman under the rain wearing boots and a raincoat. The director narrates and narrates himself using the streets his memories and his view of life as a movie in constant motion.

Gustavo Postiglione AR Lejos De Paris (Far From Paris) 1h 8min 2013 WP, Experimental Documentary

DL X program

pictured: Lejos De Paris by Gustavo Postiglione

TRT 68 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

Sun 9 | 9pm | space A


Robert Löbel DE Wind 03:49 2013

Sergey Tsyss RU Second Wind 06:24 2012

Benjamin Villaverde ES Peones 11:23 2013 EP

Felipe Bravo ES Garra Charrúa 11:50 2012 GP

Henry Fanfan Latulyp IT Fate Come A Casa Vostra 16:00 2013 EP

Juan Manuel Aragón ES Peluquero Futbolero 12:55 2012

Marc Adamson GB Appleholics 03:47 2013 WP

Daina Papadaki CY 5 Ways 2 Die 16:35 2013 GP

Kristoffer Rus PL/SE The Big Leap 13:18 2013 GP/ IA

DL X program

pictured: Kristoffer Rus The Big Leap 2013.

TRT 96 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

Sun 9 | 10pm | space B


51 Paintings is the first instalment of the 51 Paintings Suite filmed between 2006-2012 in Germany, England and Australia by director Shaun Wilson. After visiting the medieval St Michael’s Church in Schwabisch Hall, Wilson recreated 51 characters found in the displayed religious paintings into other places of historical note with actors, friends and other film makers playing out the idea of the ‘memory’ of each painting nested in each new segment. There are no words spoken, only moving paintings and is meant to be experienced, not understood. This experimental, non-narrative film plays out the notions of slowness as a means of cinematic device by exploring the poetic links between
memory, art and time..

Shaun Wilson AU 51 Paintings 1h 11min 2013

DL X program

pictured:51 paintings by Shaun Wilson

TRT 71 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

Sun 9 | 11pm

Jense at the turntables

He began djing at the age of 16 and entering after a couple of years into the electronic music world with a strong tendence to Deep House, Tech House, House, Nu Disco and Minimal influence.

Music has always been a fundamental part in Jens’ life.His mixes are driven by deep sounds, groovy basslines and sweet vocals. He started to play in several small clubs, bars and parties in Germany and Finland.

DL X program.

pictured: Jense hunting da deep groove .

Mon 10 | 6:30pm | space A


“if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to worry” (if you worry …)

Our good fellas, the Medienwerkstatt Berlin will present videos of artists working with The theme of “Supervision.” This theme was chosen in response to increased public sensitivity concerning issues of surveillance in our everyday environment, and the phenomena of the evaluations of these observations running out of control.

mobtik DE Alles läuft gut 2 03:00  2013

Anna Wignell S Grey Limitations 04:13  (2012 ?)

Roberto Duarte RCH Reflektionen 06:49 2009

Gerhard Schuhmacher DE Alle Macht 01:49 2010 (1980)

Jo Zahn DE Dann ist man im hohen Gras nicht mehr zu sehen 03:10 2008

Astrid Menze DE Red Curtain 01:07 2009

Marisa Maza E blue 00:55 2013

Fried Rosenstock DE Winterschnitt 06:17 2009

Jan Brand DE Rosenthal 06:04 2009

Brigitte Geier DE Ich erwische euch doch! 05:02 2013

Christa Biedermann A Big sister is watching you 01:00 2013

Herbert Liffers DE Überwachung 00:17 2013

Karla Albert DE Die A. und ihre Akte (Ausschnitt) 06:00 2013

Ottjörg A.C. DE Doch die Zähne sieht man nicht 01:01 2012

Kerstin Wittelmeyer DE Spurensicherung (Ausschnitt)  07:00 2013

Heike Hamann DE Sighted 03:00 2003

Nathalie Becher DE Ich und Du im Sommerwind 02:11 2013

Anja Christine Roß DE  o.T. 01:30 2013

Ron Hagell US Quittin’ Time 05:49 2013

Chat DE Ich bin die, die Du verpasst hast (Ausschnitt) 04:50 2013

Barbara Wolters DE Trace Look 03:51 2013

Ilka & Volane Forst DE … 03:00 2013

Constantin Hartenstein DE Keystone 02:43 2012

Sharon Paz IL Follow Me 01:29 2013

Katzengold (Nicole Messenlehner / Wolfgang Kriener) DE True Shelter 04:59 2007

Tobias Sjöberg S Revolutioner I (Ausschnitt) 05:56 2011

Maria Koehne DE Put_zen 03:27 2011

Wojtek Skowron PL Shame, Sense of Guilt and Fear 02:41 2013

TRT  01:48:35

(mit 2 Zäsuren/ two breaks)

The Medienwerkstatt was installed in 2008 by the Kulturwerk of bbk berlin with public funds as a workshop of artists for artists to further their practice and gain valuable skills. Besides the many technical facilities available to users of the Medienwerkstatt, such as the Media Lab and Green Screen room, the media workshops themselves strengthen and interlink mutual support networks among artists.

pictured: Alle Macht dem Super 8, Gerhard Schuhmacher.

DL X program.

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

Mon 10 | 6pm | space B


new tendencies zagreb 1961-1973, docu film
lecture – artists talk
Miro A. Cimerman, bcd cybernetic art team: “Zagreb Avant-garde in the Shadow of Yalta

new tendencies zagreb 1961-1973, DocuFilm by:
HRT (Croatian Radio and Television, Zagreb)
MoCA (Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb)
ZKM (Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe)
bcd cybernetic art team (Königswinter | Berlin | Zagreb)

pictured: a still from the video collage “Vladimir Bonačić – Dynamic Objects” by bcd cybernetic art team

DL X program.

Mon 10 | 8pm | space B


Medienkunst aus Kroatien” (Media Art from Croatia) curated and presented by Ingeborg Fülepp.

From the early 1970s, Croatian artists Sanja Ivekovic, Dalibor Martinis, Ziva Kraus and several others have been experimenting with video as a new technological possibility to express their artistic ideas and sensibilities. Over the ensuing several decades, there have been a number of Croatian artists who have been producing video art, following international trends in a wide range of styles. Especially during the last decade, Croatian video art has come to be shown all over the world at many different festivals and exhibitions.

DL X program

The selection which will be shown at DL is part of the broad program of three and half hours which was presented last November at the media facade at the Collegium Hungaricum as well as students’ works from the Universität der Künste in Berlin. In addition to this, several of the newest productions of students from the Academy of Applied Arts of the University of Rijeka will be shown.

Alem Korkut “Hommage – Glava”, Kariatida, Noga, Saka, Preporod", 2 min

Andrea Crnkovic “Afan”, 2013, 4 min.

Tomislav Brajnovic  “Arctic-peace”, 0,48 min.

Daxl/Fülepp/Mur “Lost City”, 3,13 min., 2011/2013

Iva Matija Bitanga “Vrti, vrti”

Ivana Franke “Focal Slowing"  6,15 min., 2013

Dalibor Martinis "Open Reel"  3,6 min., 1976

Nadija Mustapic "Different Beginnings II"  6,17 min., 2009

Davor Sanvincenti "The River"  7,30 min., 2009

Alen Floricic "untitled No. 01/06” 5’20’’, 2006

Vladislav Knezevic   “Arheo 29” 9,20 min., 2010

Fokus Grupa “There arent Words” 14,51 min.

Goran Skofic “Fronta"  7,48 min., 2012


Ivona Maslak "Listening”   2,5 min. 2014

Mateo Grubisic “Allusion” 1,20 min. 2014

TRT 75 min

image image

pictured: Arheo 29 by Vladizlav Knezevic  

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

Mon 10 | 8:30pm | space A


pictured: Aude Danset and Carlos de Carvalho “Premier Automne”

Krisztina Fazekas-Kielbassa HU Twist 03:30 2013 GP

Hüseyin Aydin Gürsoy FR 8 Months 19:45 2013 GP

Ignacio Estaregui ES Reveal 14:00 2013

Maciej Marczewski PL Games 30:00 2013

Aaron Zeghers
CA Living on the Edge 03:20 2013 GP

Ken Paul Rosenthal
US In Light, In! 12:00 2013 GP

Aude Danset and Carlos De Carvalho
FR Premier Automne 10:30 2013

DL X program

TRT 94 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

Tues 11 | 8pm | space A



Kemys Tubbs NZ The Beer Effect 07:06 2013

Neil Needleman US Freedom 04:32 2013

Alex Brüel Flagstad DK/DE The Hopper 17:00 2012

Benna Gaean Maris IT Topic #8 04:15 2013 WP

Lien Chien Hung TW A-WAY 29:58 2013 GP

Barbara Marheineke DE Green Gold 13:10 2012

DL X program

pictured: A-WAY by Lien Chien Hung and The Hopper by Alex Brüel Flagstad

TRT 75 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance