Mon 10 | 8pm | space B


Medienkunst aus Kroatien” (Media Art from Croatia) curated and presented by Ingeborg Fülepp.

From the early 1970s, Croatian artists Sanja Ivekovic, Dalibor Martinis, Ziva Kraus and several others have been experimenting with video as a new technological possibility to express their artistic ideas and sensibilities. Over the ensuing several decades, there have been a number of Croatian artists who have been producing video art, following international trends in a wide range of styles. Especially during the last decade, Croatian video art has come to be shown all over the world at many different festivals and exhibitions.

DL X program

The selection which will be shown at DL is part of the broad program of three and half hours which was presented last November at the media facade at the Collegium Hungaricum as well as students’ works from the Universität der Künste in Berlin. In addition to this, several of the newest productions of students from the Academy of Applied Arts of the University of Rijeka will be shown.

Alem Korkut “Hommage – Glava”, Kariatida, Noga, Saka, Preporod", 2 min

Andrea Crnkovic “Afan”, 2013, 4 min.

Tomislav Brajnovic  “Arctic-peace”, 0,48 min.

Daxl/Fülepp/Mur “Lost City”, 3,13 min., 2011/2013

Iva Matija Bitanga “Vrti, vrti”

Ivana Franke “Focal Slowing"  6,15 min., 2013

Dalibor Martinis "Open Reel"  3,6 min., 1976

Nadija Mustapic "Different Beginnings II"  6,17 min., 2009

Davor Sanvincenti "The River"  7,30 min., 2009

Alen Floricic "untitled No. 01/06” 5’20’’, 2006

Vladislav Knezevic   “Arheo 29” 9,20 min., 2010

Fokus Grupa “There arent Words” 14,51 min.

Goran Skofic “Fronta"  7,48 min., 2012


Ivona Maslak "Listening”   2,5 min. 2014

Mateo Grubisic “Allusion” 1,20 min. 2014

TRT 75 min

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pictured: Arheo 29 by Vladizlav Knezevic  

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance