Sun 9 | 8:30pm | space B


World Premiere

Far from Paris by Gustavo Postiglione A particular subjective and whimsical view of the city of Rosario. A look at Rosario as a woman as a pair of boobs. A look at the personal life of a movie director bounded to the life of that city that can be the place of something deep and obscure. Everything is on the edge of fiction when one lives from fiction. Rosario is that place far away from love but that is the best place for love. The city as a picture of a beautiful woman under the rain wearing boots and a raincoat. The director narrates and narrates himself using the streets his memories and his view of life as a movie in constant motion.

Gustavo Postiglione AR Lejos De Paris (Far From Paris) 1h 8min 2013 WP, Experimental Documentary

DL X program

pictured: Lejos De Paris by Gustavo Postiglione

TRT 68 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
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