line • Frei fri 16 02

•18 h 30 • 6:30 pmUrban Research curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Unterwegs – On The Road

• Caroline Koebel
USA Berlin Warszawa Express 19 min 50s, DV, 2006
• Seppo Renvall FI Inside 5 min, DV, 2004
• Seppo Renvall FI Janeiro 3 min, DV, 2004
• Alli Savolainen FI Abroad 3 min 40 sec, DV, 2006
• Stephane Leonard DE Coney Island 25 min, DV, 2006
• Karola Schlegelmilch DE Blumenthal 7 min 30s, DV, 2006
• Telemach Wiesinger DE Augenblick 3, 25 und 35 12 mIn, 16mm, 2006



Coney Island
Stephane Leonard DE Coney Island


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• 20 h •8 pm assorted shorts compiled by Directors Lounge


• Anne Maisoneuve FR Once Upon A Time 2 min 11s, DV, 2006

• Olivier Grossetête FR Bateau Ivre I 12 min 45s, 16mm, 2001

• GUP-py JP Underhoney 12 min10s, DV, 2005

• André Werner DE Die Stadt Der Sternschnuppen
17 min, DV, 1995/2006

• Devis Venturelli IT Lo Sono Il Vento 14 min, DV, 2006

Olivier Grossetête FR Bateau Ivre I

There´s a bit of Tati in his Bateau ivre I, a monumental sculpture of a paper boat (like those which graced the floors of our schools) shown as a 16 minute video-fiction to the great enjoyment of the spectateurs.
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• 22 h • 10 pm live video a guided screening by Torben Simonsen



LUST – step one, a sketch of a neverrealized video-installation.
Torben Simonsen, creator of LUST Step One will guide us through
an interactive labyrinth, where the spectator in each viewing will
experience something unique.


These two characters
they have this thing going on
they cannot let go of one another
he cannot let go of her
and she tells him
we cannot be lovers
we can be friends
and he says, allright then honey
lets make a movie
she says, okay babe
what should that movie be about
that movie should be about you and me
beeing lovers in the movie
oh thats a great idea she says
and so the story begins
and so they go off
out into LUST

Those are the words of the first video you encounter in LUST step one. In 2002 “he”, Torben Simonsen, goes to America to make an erotic roadmovie.

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• 24 h • 12 pm TAZ Temporary Autonomous Zone

To The Core

• Sophie B FR Eternity, Dream... And To The Core 75 min, DV, 2006


Eternity, Dream... And To The Core chronicles a journey deep into anarchy, techno music, the malaise of a generation left unsatisfied with society´s solutions.