line • Di tues 13 02

• 18 h 30 • 6:30 pm videos from Poland compiled by Lokal 30

Fighting Poland

• Zuzanna Janin PL Fight 30 min, 2001/5
• Tomasz Kozak
PL Inversus Monastery 11 min 55s, 2003
• Maciej Kurak
PL Duel 7 min 40s, 2004
• Monika Mamzeta
PL Loves Me, Likes Me, Not... 1 min 50s, 2002/6
• Piotr Wysocki
PL Heimat 9 min 12s, 2005
• Jozef Robakowski
PL Art Is Power 9 min, 1984/85
• Tomasz Kozak PL Romantic Neurosis 6 min 45s, 2004


Fighting Poland seems to be a flamboyant picture of struggle seen from different, personal points of view. The fight that happens to each one of us, but in different time, place, circumstances. Fight which takes place next to us, sometimes unnoticed, but present...


• 20 h • 8 pm China Doc part 04 curated by Marina Foxley

two shorts

• Xu Xin CN Carriage (che xiang) 18 min, bw, DV, 2004

• Wei Tie CN People of Yangtze River (chang jiang shang de ren )
28 min, DV, 2005

Marina Foxley will be present

In cooperation with Zhu Rikun and Fanhall Studio, Bejing

Im Anschluss / afterwards

• Laszlo Kerekes RS Digital Pinhole Movies 5 min , DV, 2006

• Masha Godovannaya RU Gnawed Vanity 8 min, DV, 2006

• Erik Urlings NL Exit Exit 16 min 5s, DV, 2006

• Zhenchen Liu FR Shanghai Shanghai 11 min 37s, DV, 2006

Jean-Gabriel Périot FR Under Twilight 5 min, DV, 2006


Carriage (che xiang)
Spring Festival is coming. It is the time for family reunion, including for the migratory workers who have left their hometown all year long struggling for a living in big cities. A cheap train ticket is their first choice. So begins the annual overcrowding of railroad transportation...

People of Yangtze River
A contemplative documentary showing the daily life of the business men, the peasants who sell agricultural products and the youths that wander and grow on the pier on the longest river in China, the Yangtze.


• 22 h • 10 pm An Evening with..

Andreas Gogol and Florian Krautkraemer

• Andreas Gogol DE N.Y.99 1 min 30s, 16mm, 1999

• Andreas Gogol DE Somogyzsitfa 6 min 30s, DV, 1999

• Florian Krautkraemer DE Das Loch 1 min 30s, DV, 2002

• Andreas Gogol DE Blickzeit 10 min, 16mm, 2001

• Florian Krautkraemer DE Probestreifen 2 min,16mm, 2001

• Andreas Gogol DE HagiaSofia 4 min, 16mm, 2001

• Florian Krautkraemer DE
Der Duft Der Engelstrompete (The Smell of an Angel's Trumpet)

2 min 30s, 16mm , 2002

• Florian Krautkraemer DE InResonanz 8 min , 16mm, 2004

• Andreas Gogol DE Can B Twix 7 min, 16mm/video, 2003

• Florian Krautkraemer DE Studie Ueber Die Zeit 5 min, 16mm, 2002


Artistically seen, Andreas Gogol, musical collaborator of Simon Fisher Turner, C-Schulz and many others, has many lives. He is a filmmaker, a photographer and a musician while also being involved in several other fields of the fine arts.
Andreas Gogol is a well known name for friends of Directors Lounge as the acoustic half of the acclaimed LANDED TAKES & SOUND TIMES, a live performance by Telemach Wiesinger (Film) & Andreas Gogol (Sound) that has been shown in two, completely different, representations during Directors Lounge 2006 and later as part of our row of summer evenings.

One of the most important aspects about InResonanz was my physical work with the material. As the theme is the body of film, the body in film and the disembodiement of the spectator, I just can't make this movie and do not work physically with the material.
Florian Krautkrämer

Florian Krautkrämer was born 1977 in Freiburg, the South of Germany. Being involved in the Kommunale Kino, he began making films and videos, as well as leading seminars, giving lectures and introductions to films. Since 2005 he works as Assistant Professor in Braunschweig (media studies).

New works by Telemach Wiesinger will be screened as part of
On The Road, fri 16th, 6:30 pm

• 24 h • 12 pm John Cage • Chicago Underground Trio

Wolf Kahlen • Raymond Salvatore Harmon

The sound of one hand clapping

• Wolf Kahlen DE The sound of one hand clapping 18 mins, DV, 1990/99


• Raymond Salvatore Harmon US Chronicle 75 mins, DV, 2006



The sound of one hand clapping is Wolf Kahlen's homage to the work of John Cage. Cage, whom Kahlen knew since 1980, gave his actually last European public concert at the Akademie der Künste Berlin/GDR in 1990, a few months before his passing away. The main actors here are hands, actionless or acting, nervous or waiting. And clapping. The title corresponds to Cage's zen-buddhist philosophy and life style.


Chronicle is a live performance of the Chicago Underground Trio turned inside out as a dense experimental film. Chronicle is unlike any music performance film made to date. Often verging into the psychedelic, both sonically and visually.