line • Do thurs 15 02

• 18 h 30 • 6:30 pm AIC, Sao Paulo, Brazil curated by Ram Devineni

Academia Internacional de Cinema

• Roberto Andreoli BR Sete Grilos/Dois Cachorros (7 Crickets/2 Dogs)
5 min 24s, DV, 2005, Portuguese with English subtitles

• Catia Reis BR Curitibatuquetown 9 min 39s, DV, 2005, No dialogue

Cristiano Burlan BR 4:48 am
9 min, DV, 2006, Portuguese with English subtitles

Selection of films produced at the Academia Internacional de Cinema in Sao
Paulo, Brazil.



Sete Grilos/Dois Cachorros (7 Crickets/2 Dogs) is an uncanny vision of a young man's insomnia through an interminable night based on a popular Brazilian poem.

Curitibatuquetown, reminiscent in style to Koyaanisqatsi, looks at Curitiba, Brazil from day to night

.4:48 am: A common man wakes up every day at the same time, and always does the same things. The film captures the rigorous routines of the

• 20 h • 8 pm assorted shorts compiled by Directors Lounge

Short Stories

• Joseba Fuentes ES Dos Veces (Twice) 24 min, HD, 2006

• Wolfgang Spahn DE Unter Die Haut 5 min 02s, DV, 2006

• Esteban Crespo ES Amar (To Love) 11 min,, HD, 2006

• Yuri Shapochka UA Waiting 14 min 50s, HD, 2006

• Dany Campos ES El Canto Del Grillo (The Song Of The Cricket)
17 min, HD, 2006

Esteban Crespo ES Amar (To Love)
A young couple, passionately in love, in a mutual giving action, exchange their sexual identity.


• 22 h • 10 pm

an evening with aE3

• aE3 FR/GB Facelines 2 min 25 s, DV, 2006

• aE3 FR/GB Residues After Sleep 6 min 8 s, DV, 2007

• aE3 FR/GB Excavation on a Battlefield 50 s, DV, 2007

• aE3 FR/GB The World's Pain 1 min 24 s, DV, 2007

• aE3 FR/GB Never Anything 41 s, DV, 2007

• aE3 FR/GB reVac (vacarme II) 11 min, DV, 2007

• Flotser BE The Fish and the Ring 12 min, DV, 2007

Im Anschluss

• Carlos Lapenas ES Cuatro Horas En Chatila (Four Hours In Shatila)
23 min, HD, 2006

The Sabra and Shatila massacre (or Sabra and Chatila massacre; Arabic: صبرا وشاتيلا) was carried out in September 1982 by Lebanese Maronite Christian militias against Palestinian refugee camps. The Maronite forces stood under the direct command of Elie Hobeika, who would later become a longtime Lebanese parliament member and in the 1990s also a cabinet minister. The number of victims of the massacre is estimated at 700-3500.
The camps were surrounded by Israeli Defence Forces throughout the incident. The degree to which the Israeli military was involved in the incident is a matter of controversy .
In September 1982 Jean Genet was in Beirut when the massacres took place in the Palestinian camps of Sabra and Shatila. In response, Genet published "Quatre heures à Chatila" (Four Hours in Shatila), an account of his visit to Shatila after the massacres on which this film is based.



Again aE3 from Nantes will be our host for a very special evening. Next to his personal work he will present a fresh collection from fellow directors, including Flotser from Belgium. Nearly all works presented at this enjoyable night will be screened in world premiere.

Erneut wird aE3, Multimediakünstler aus Nantes, einen ganz speziellen Abend gestalten. Neben eigenen Arbeiten werden Werke befreundeter Regisseure, u.a. Flotser aus Belgien, zur Aufführung gelangen. Fast alle Filme werden als Weltpremieren zu sehen sein.



Cuatro Horas En Chatila (Four Hours In Shatila)
1982 kam es in Beirut im Lager Chatila zu einem Massaker von der Phalange-Miliz unter den Palästinensern. Der damalige israelische General Ariel Scharon hatte den phalangalistischen Truppen die Durchsuchung und Säuberung der Lager genehmigt.
Jean Genet, zu jener Zeit in Beirut, machte sich zwei Tage spater vor Ort ein Bild davon. Drei Tage später reiste er zurück nach Paris und arbeitete den ganzen Oktober an dem Essay „Quartre heures à Chatila“ („Vier Stunden in Chatila“) auf dem dieser Film basiert.


• 24 h • 12 pm assorted shorts compiled by Directors Lounge

• • • •

Ira Schneider US How Bill Viola Does It 2 min, DV, 2000

• Tanya Jo Miller US Steal This Image 2 min 30s, DV, 2006

• WitKacy CA Kuleshov´s Paradox 10 min 30s, DV, 2006

• Carrie Fucile US Digging 4 min 45s, 1DV, 2006

• Sasha Waters US Her Heart Is Washed In Water And Then Weighted
12 min 45s, 16mm, 2006

• Gennaro De Pasquale CA Architecture Around 0DB 12 min 58s, DV, 2006