line • Sa sat 10 02

•18 h 30 • 6:30 pma closer look curated by Directors Lounge

selected shorts

• Sheri Wills
US Gravity 14 min, DV, 2004
• Masha Godovannaya
RU Gnawed Vanity 8 min, DV, 2006
• Jean-Gabriel Périot
FR Undo 10 min, 35mm, 2005
• Masha Godovannaya
RU A Few Drunkards At The Marsbar 1 min, S8, 2001
abjectleaderSally Golding (film) Joel Stern (sound) AU
Bloodless Landscape
6 min 40s, 16mm, 2004
Jean-Gabriel Périot
FR Under Twilight 5 min, DV, 2006
• Sheri Wills US Effigy
2 min 30s, DV, 2004
• Masha Godovannaya
RU Untitled #1 4 min, S8 DV, 2005



• 20 h • 8 pmIn Focus Wolf Kahlen curated by Gallery KMZA

Trespassing • video 1969 >

Einer der ersten Videokunstponiere Deutschlands im Portrait

A closer look into the work of one of the earliest video art pioneers.

Ich kann sagen was ich will 5 min, 1975
Selbstversuch II (Körperrasur) 1 min 45s, 1969/71
Trespassing 5 min, 1969/1971
Selbstversuch IV (Bräunung) 5 min 45s, 1969/71
I can’t get hold of her 5 min, 1975
Lindentunnel 7 min 36, 1991
Some proofs/Some more proofs of water refraining from shaping
12 min 43s, 1991/2002
Art Flood 4 min 22s
Schnelles grau 6 min 49s, 1990
Wolken die Berge Versetzen 36 min 36, 1990/1999

more here


Im Blickfeld Wolf Kahlen curated by Gallery KMZA

Wolf Kahlen Trespassing 1969/71
aus dem Zyklus Angleichungen


• 22 h • 10 pm LiveBox, Chicago curated by Catherine Forster

part 1: "Didn’t Cha Know"

• David Lachman US Home Made 4 min 50s, DV, 2004
• Rachelle Viader Knowles CA In My Mind I am in NY 9 min 45s, DV, 2005
David Lachman US Flower to Flower 6 min 50s, DV, 2004

part 2: "Knots and Crosses"

• Irina Botea RO/US Aktion 1 min, DV, 2003
• Kazuhiko Kobayashi JPGate Vision 5min 24s, DV, 2005
Thom van der Doef US Cup 4 min, DV, 2006

part 3: "Sparkling Diamonds"

• Lee Arnold GB/US Alpinia 1 min 36s, DV, 2006
• Galina Schevchenko RU/US Flower Immersion 7min 35s, DV, 2006
Patricia Shrigley GB Pilchard 4 min, DV, 2006

part 4: "Brothers Grimm"

• Jill Johnston-Price US PrickleE Britches 6 min, DV, 2006
• Catherine Forster US Humpty Dumpty 7min 35s, DV, 2006

part 5: "Experimental Melodies"

• Carol Kim /US Chasing Pools 8 min 35s, DV, 2005
• Tony Gammidge GB A Short Song About Thread 4min 06s, DV, 2005
Kim Collmer US/DE Lichtwelten 4 min 30s, DV, 2006
• Scott Wolniak US The Pond to the Ocean 6 min 40s, DV, 2006

Catherine Forster will be present

detailed program here and here

part 1:This selection of work is a playful look at contemporary narratives.
All the artists deploy humor and tap into the mundane moments of life.


part 2 : short, sharp and witty



part 3 : The artists in this program load their work with saturated colors, intensity, high energy and inventiveness.


part 4 : This selection of work evocatively appropriates and manipulates childhood nursery rhymes and fairy tales.


part 5 : This selection is the most experimental and includes two gorgeous non-narrative musings.

more here and here

• 24 h • 12 pm assorted shorts compiled by Directors Lounge

Boy Meets Girl

• AV RU Dubus 4 min 9s, DV, 2005

• Angélica Chio MX Le t Us First Be Friends 3 min 24s, DV, 2006


• Ciro Altabás ES DVD 17 min 50s, HD, 2006


AV RU Dubus

A slow dance of the classical cinema to the music of Zelany Rashoho.

Angélica Chio MX Le t Us First Be Friend
Von einer gehörigen Portion Kontaktanzeigenromantik begleitet, suchen flüchtige Gestalten einander im Großstadtdschungel.

Ciro Altabás ES DVD
The Spanish comedy short titled "DVD" is about a geek and his love for video games, movies and an ex-girlfriend. It's a life lessons movie with game cameos from Tetris R-Type and creative GTA opening title sequences to name a few.

You can check out the movie in its entirety without subtitles on Google Video.