Seen at DL 9: Joe Hambleton CA Days of Future Past 07:44 2012

Trapped in a rut. Unable to say what I wish to say. I look to Burroughs for an answer. Video is cut up, randomly selected and interwoven with objects from my travels. My process is changed, memories are stirred. Visions of the future appear, a narrative forms. My fears and insecurity about the future come to fruition through an understanding of the past. Together they create a realization of my present. These are my Days of Future Past.

Days of Future Past is an experimental video work that utilizes the technique described above in an attempt to alter my process of filmmaking. Multiple scenes were shot across Windsor and Detroit and then randomly selected and organized, creating the structure and tone of the work. During this time, I also began to pick up any objects that had the potential to stir up memories. I imposed these objects onto the original footage as a reference point in each scene’s narrative. Through this process, a realization of the present became strongly apparent within the work.

Joe Hambleton CA Days of Future Past 07:44 2012,
screened as part of DL selection II, Mon 11th 2013