Cruel The Ash | Carl Elsaesser

Those who had the pleasure to watch Carl Elsaesser´s THERE IS WIND THAT BLEW during the 8th Berlin International Directors Lounge (or on one of many festivals where he gathered several awards) knew that Carl has a very unique and poetic way of telling a story.

Now he´s going to enter the holy grail of experimental film with Cruel The Ash, shot entirely on 16mm. To do so he needs your support through Indiegogo. A campaign to raise the needed money and your chance to get a copy of Cruel The Ash for as little as 10 $.

“The working title for the film is Brown Ash in reference to the tree used by Maine Indians to make baskets. The film is built in part around the potent metaphor of the threat to this tree posed by the emerald ash borer, which has yet to arrive in Maine but whose arrival seems eminent in the next five to ten years and leaves the fate of the basketmaking tradition suspended. The film is also an ambitious attempt to portray the entire life of a mother in the course of a single day: the choices she makes, the invisible strings that turn her head to notice the woods and define her hopes and fears. The two narratives, poetically woven together, expand and complicate our notions of Maine identity and begin to answer the questions of who we were, who we are and who we will be.”

Carl Elsaesser

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