Fri 18th: The Premieres

Mark Maxwell Naturaleza Muerta – (Still – Life) 29 min 2011 world premiere

The story of a soldier of the International Brigades fighting in Spain against Fascism.

A common theme in Mark Maxwell’s work is the transformation of materials and their intrinsic physical qualities and characteristics, which are hidden to the human eye. His practice encompasses several mediums including mixed-media installations, videoworks and paintings.
Mark Maxwell has been creating video works since the mid nineties. He has produced many abstract pieces including works inspired by the microscopic electroplating of metals and, more recently, he has made forays into video direction producing the creative content at live events for bands such as Feeder and Roger Waters (Pink Floyd). In 2009 Maxwell was invited to create a video installation in a museum in Andalucia, Spain. The installation consisted of a large wooden construction, with an attic like interior which housed two video projections portraying dying fields of mournful sunflowers. The videos were projected directly on to the timber clad roofing. An assortment of mementoes and memorabilia lay scattered on the floor and on shelves, immersed in the gently moving video content, which was accompanied by the soft but incessant sound of flies and crickets. In 2010, Maxwell was presented with the opportunity to direct a short 30 minute film in Andalucia which focused on a story of a soldier from the International Brigades fighting against the fascism of Franco during the Spanish Civil War (1936).
The political tensions within Spanish society are still pertinent even today, and although Naturaleza Muerta (Still-Life) is an art film …it does, contain a narrative and also has a certain resonance which is relevant to all wars past and present.
With innovative timelapse photography and striking underwater scenes, the film depicts the spectacular and varied Spanish landscape and the plight of the injured soldier within it. (source: Myriam Blundell Projects)

Massimo Salvato GB Muse 19min 43s 2010 European Premiere

Maria Niro Torso 2 min 39s 2011 (pictured) World Premiere

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