Uso Justo by Coleman Miller

“Coleman Miller is destined for admiration and great poverty.”
– Isabella Rossellini

“It put a bouquet of flowers on the concept of the experimental film.”
– Ed Ruscha

“A laff a minute”
– Bruce Conner

“Do not miss Coleman Miller’s brilliant Uso Justo.” – Bill Stamets (Chicago Sun Times)

“Uso Justo is the most hilarious and mesmerizing film I have seen in years.” – Jonathan Caouette (Tarnation, Walk Away Renee)

”Uso Justo is BRILLIANT!!!Fantastic! genius! Wonderful! marvelous! Fuckin’ Brilliant!!!” – Craig Baldwin (Sonic Outlaws, Tribulation 99)

In short, I took an old mexican melodrama from the 50’s and reworked it into a narrative about an experimental filmmaker making his next film in the town of Uso Justo (Roughly translated: Fair Use)

We screened Uso Justo first at the opening night of DL7 | the Berlin International Directors Lounge

Coleman Miller US Uso Justo 22 min 2005