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pictured: Trust in Me Trust in You by Habby Osk

pictured: Drama by Timo Kahlen

Giuseppe Boccassini IT  B#O 000001 13 min  2011 | European Premiere

Nicolas Carrier  FR  Grand Tour  7 min 35s  2011 | European Premiere

James Cho  US  Bamboo Road: Meditation Through the Shakuhachi Flute  35
min 15s  2011 | World Premiere

Kim Collmer  DE  Juicy  2 min  2011 | World Premiere

Lisa De Boeck and Marilène Coolens (Memymom) BE The Escape 3 min 30s
2011 | German Premiere

Simon Ellis  UK Binaural Swimming (beach) 2011 17 min | World Premiere

Jonas Englert DE  Stigma  30 min  2011

Andrew Filippone Jr. US The Auroras of Autumn  7 min 45s  2011 | World Premiere

Max Hattler GB/DE  Sync  9 min  2010

Eric Hynynen  FI  Film Noir  5 min 26s  2011

Timo Kahlen  DE  Drama 2 min 20s  2011

Mirco Magnani  IT  Mio Son Tuo  4 min 40s  2010

Laura Gianetti and Miro Mastropasqua  IT  Everything Makes Sense In The Reverse  1 min  40s  2011 | World Premiere

Habby Osk  IS Trust in Me Trust in You 7 min 25s  2010

Pink Twins  FI  Miracle  8 min 18s  2012

Jean-Michel Rolland FR Acommunication    5 min 29s 2011 | German Premiere

David Finkelstein US  Epistolary Fusillades  18 min 2010

Urssa Severa  RU This Art Piece Was Seeking My Reflection 3 min 20s

Urban Research Loops | ongoing – on exchange:

video still Sebastian Melo

pictured: Superliminal by Sebastian Melo

video still Juha van Ingen

pictured: Top-down by Juha van Ingen

Andrea Acosta Fonrodona  CO  The Crossing  5 min 30 sec 2010  

Mary Billyou  US  Available Properties  3 min  2011

Stefano Boring, Barbara Sad  IT  Waves  7 min 27 sec 2011

Aaron Bowles  US  Day In Day Out  1 min 03 sec 2009

Nicolas Brynolfson  US  LA River Ride  18 min  2011 

Eva Kolcze  CA  775 King St. West  4 min 47 sec 2010

Thomas Lüer  DE  Revier  8 min 

Erika Matsunami  JP/DE  still/silent  10 min 27 sec 2008

Sebastian Melo CL/DE Superliminal 10min 45 sec 2011

Julie Meyer FR Ecrans 5 min 52sec 2010

Vladimir Turner  CZ  UFF  14 min 05 sec

Juha Van Ingen  FI  Top-down  4 min 30 sec 2011

Keren Zaltz  IL  Air pocket  2 min 25  2010 sec

Anna Anders  DE  Im Nebel / In the Fog  17 min 28  2011

Jonas Englert DE Stigma 30 min 2011

More infos about the Urban Research Loops on richfilm

Peter Bo Rappmund Psychohydrographa

pictured: Psychohydrography by Peter Bo Rappmund

In our small cosy screening room in the basement, called “Wohnzimmer”, we will show works on a loop, which you will enjoy watching in the small intimate environment we have set up. Come and go as you like, or watch a movie full length and several times, it is up to you.

Sun 12 Febr. 6 pm
Adam Kossoff  UK  Moscow Diary  22 min 30  2010 

Sun 12.Febr. 8 pm
Chus Dominguez  ES  Catalog of scenes for the death of Pier Paolo Pasolini  48 min  2011

Mo 13 Febr. 6 pm
Michal Lebski  PL  Dziurawa Skarpeta / A hole in the sock  36 min 54  2011 

Mo 13 Febr. 8 pm
Anna Scime 
US  sunvein’  8 min 31  2010
Anna Scime  US  everybody lives downstream’  28 min  2010

Tue 14 Febr. 6 pm
Chus Dominguez  ES  Catalog of scenes for the death of Pier Paolo Pasolini  48 min  2011

Tue 14. Febr  9 p
Richard O’Sullivan  UK  Treasure Island: A Timescape  30 min  2011 Dominguez Catologo De Pasolini

pictured: Catalog of scenes for the death of Pier Paolo Pasolini by Chus Dominguez 

Thu 16 Febr. 6 pm
Rajesh Barnabas  US  From Up Above  29 min 28  2010

Thu 16 Febr  8 pm
Böller und Brot  DE  SCANDALIZATION – Alarm am Hauptbahnhof  86 min  2011

Fri 17 Febr 6 pm
Richard O’Sullivan  UK  Treasure Island: A Timescape  30 min  2011 

Fri 17 Febr 8 pm
Peter Bo Rappmund  US  Psychohydrography  62 min  2010

Sa.18 Febr 6 pm
Barbara Rosenthal
US Toil of Three Cities / Liebesmüh 15 min 2011 World Premiere   

Sa. 18 Febr  8 pm
Helin Bereket  TR  Tourism of Tourism  56 min 06  2010

Sun. 19 Febr 6 pm
Anna Okrasko  NE  Sobota / Zaterdag / Saturday  20 min 31  2011 

The Wohnzimmer Screenings are part of the Urban Research Program.

For more information

Sat 18 | 6:45pm

pictured: Bandit Bull by Eduardo Srur

Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Cesy  Leonard  DE  Schuld. Die Barbarei Europas  16 min 00  2011

Eduardo  Srur  BR  Bandit Bull  3 min 22  2010

Russell J.  Chartier  US  Confined  3 min 34  

Daniel  Künzler  AT  Inside Pockets Of The City  13 min 17  2011

Diane  Nerwen  US  Up On The Farm  16 min  2011

Vladimir  Turner  CZ  Dum Z Karet  2 min 36  

pictured: The Scalable City by Sheldon Brown

Sheldon  Brown  US  The Scalable City   4 min 04  2007

Matt  Grau  DE  Lachen in der U-Bahn  2 min 59  2011

Eduardo  Srur  BR  Attack  3 min 34  2004

Brandstifter  DE  Ein kleines Stück Papier  10 min 00  2008

With special guests: Frank Behnke, Klaus Beyer, Brandstifter, Tanja Roolfs, Carsten Wagner (Ein kleines Stück Papier)

77 min


Brandstifter DE Asphaltbibliotheque Berlin 2011
Exhibition with lost and found sheets of paper

The installation “Asphaltbibliotheque Berlin 2011” at Directors Lounge works together with the screening of Brandstifter’s documentation of his long term concept “Ein kleines Stück Papier” for Urban Art Research, displaying the gathered remains from Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Lichtenberg, Mitte and Neukölln from the “lost&found art research tour Hannover-Berlin” Easter 2011 as a brief sample of his huge collection that he archives from public space since 1998.

The Poetry of Papers “The Asphaltbibliotheque shows how poetic and many-layered artistic reordering can make an idea that is simple in itself. Brandstifter understands how to charge the profane with the poetic, and in so doing to provide playfully anarchic inspiration to conceive the everyday world as a freely formable work of art.” (Martin Büsser, art critic, author, publisher, Testcard/Ventil Verlag)

Asphaltbibliotheque Brandstifter

Find more infos about the Urban Research Program and the films at richfilm

Wed 15 | 6pm (upfront the Festiweltparty)

pictured: I never told you what i do for a living by Curtis Burz

Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Beate  Hecher  AT  Silent Circles  3 min 00  2007

Marjorie  Hernandez Tejada  VE  Here  5 min 48  2011

Curtis  Burz  DE  I Never Told You What I Do For A Living  12 min 11  2010

Hirakawa Youki  JP  Depth of Whisper  4 min 00  2011

Alastair  Cook  UK  Filmpoem 15  02 min 07 

Petra  Lottje  DE  Go West  1 min14  2007-2011

Henry  Gwiazda  US  Infectious  2 min 03  2009

Henry  Gwiazda  US  Thankfully……Finally  3 min 10  2009

pictured: Depth of Whisper by Hirakawa Youki

Isabelle  Martin  BE  Tu As Loué Une Voiture Pour Pleurer (Crying In Our Cars)  15 min 00  2010

Ayman  Nahle  LB  Myths of Everyday, Page 5  2 min 15  2011

Ayman  Nahle  LB  Myths of Everyday, Page 8  2 min 02  2011

pictured: Phantasma Pripyat by Klaus W.Eisenlohr

Klaus W. Eisenlohr  DE  Phantasma Pripyat  13 min 23  2011

Monika  Rechsteiner  CH  To Be Continued  32 min 00  2011

Jaime  Rguez  ES  Transit  3 min 43  2011

Suman & Sourav  [TAXI]  IN  Swimming Around  2 min 35  2009

82 min

Find more infos about the Urban Research Program and the films at richfilm

Mon 13 | 8pm

pictured: 10 Moments by Wenhua Shi

Curated and presented by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Alejandro  Bernal  DE  Zentralflughafen  14 min 38  2011

Caroline  Koebel  US  Swoop  7 min 36  2011

Yptu End  DE  Verlassen den Hafen  8 min 34  2010

Wenhua  Shi  RC/US  10 Moments  5 min 23  2011

Deron  Williams  US  We Want To Give You $40 Ask Us How  2 min 30  2010

Leslie  Supnet  CA  Spectroscopy  2 min 41  2011

pictured: Heart of Durham by Joel Wanek

Joel  Wanek  US  Heart of Durham  13 min 22  2011

Chris  Kennedy  CA  Simultaneous Contrast  5 min 00  2008

Sarah  Christman  US  Broad Channel  13 min 40  2010

74 min

Find more infos about the Urban Research Program and the films at richfilm

StadtRaum Film Double Feature
• Klaus W. Eisenlohr
Stadtrandzone Mitte 46 min, 16mm, sound
• Klaus W. Eisenlohr und Johann Zeitler
zwischen | stadt | raum 64 min, 3 channel (HD Version)

StadtRaum – Urban Space Double Feature

Two films, two film essays about public space. One is based on performances including public interventions on urban plazas in Hannover and the second film explores encounters in public space in Gropiusstadt, a modernist residential area in the South of Berlin. Both films bring forward issues of public space and urban development: Will public space disappear under the changes of globalization and the development of an electronic public sphere? Are there new meanings and new functions of urban public space that could reactivate public space also in urban areas outside of the historic center of cities? Do we still need public places, or urban community space in the larger metropolitan areas?
Both films developed from visual researches in the respective urban areas and may be best described as visual essays.

Klaus W. Eisenlohr is a lecturer at Photocentrum Kreuzberg and at Lexia International in Berlin. His media are photography, film and new media. Johann Zeitler mainly works with painting, performance and drawing. Both artist have collaborated on urban and film projects since 2003.

A DL Screening: Monday, 5 Dec 2011, 7:30pm
Bergstr. 2 
D-10115 Berlin-Mitte
U-Rosenthaler Platz

ongoing  |  in exchange

Alan Smithee  |  Julia Murakami  Lost Masterpieces #1  (red) 2010

Michaela Nettell Beehive

Keith Sanborn US Energy of Delusion 2010

Patricia Shrigley UK  Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England 2009

Tilman Kuentzel DE  Sonic Eye 2010

among others

Compressive Percussive by Scott Stark

Compressive/Percussive by Scott Stark

Urban Research Loop Program:

James George US what i remember 4min 36s 2010

Ken Paul Rosenthal US Arcs of Texture 6min

Scott Stark US Compressive/Percussive 18min. 2010

Yaron Lapid IL / UK Except in struggle, there is no more beauty  1min 18s 2009

Wed 16th 7pm

Interventions – The Spaces of Politics

Terrorsounds by Jacob Kirchheim

Terrorsounds by Jacob Kirchheim and Teresa Delgado

Andrew Norman Wilson US Workers Leaving the Googleplex 11min 59s 2010

Jacob Kirchheim, Teresa Delgado DE Terrorsounds 6min 2010

Masha Godovannaya RU 40 10min 40s 2010

Pilar Ortiz X CL Circunvalación 33min 2010

Shalalae Jamil PK Watching Wheels 5min 30s 2010-2011

Tom Skipp ES Antioch – Florent on the Bridge 9min 26s 2010

curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Antioch by Tom Skipp

Antioch – Florent on the Bridge (Caravan Project) by Tom Skipp

More infos on Urban Research at

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Tues 15th  8pm

Imaginary Spaces – Virtual Vision

The Oyster Effect by Valentina Ferrantes

Anders Weberg SE Elsewhereness: Utrecht 4min 7s 2010

Anders Weberg SE Elsewhereness: Cape Town 2min 7s 2009

André Chi Sing Yuen DE The Work 3min 35s 2010

Andrew de Freitas NZ/CN L’Espace Quotidien 10min 46s 2010

Henry Gwiazda US something/the/you 4min 58s 2009

Julie Meyer FR Eclipse 1min 20s 2009

Marina Chernikova NL Metro V 2min 30s 2009

Morehshin Allahyari IR Over There Is Over Here 5min 43s 2010

Sarah Breen Lovett AU Expanded Architecture 04: Window Wound 1min 20sec 2010

Susanne Wiegner DE Just Midnight 3min 37s 2010

Tina Willgren SE The Polymoids 2min 51s 2010

Valentina Ferrandes IT The Oyster Effect 11min 52s 2010

Vera Frenkel CN Once Near Water: Notes from the Scaffolding Archive 15min 26s 2008

Yoko Hata JP Out of the Sky – Back into the Sky 9min 4s 2010

curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Notes from the Scaffolding Archives by Vera Frenkel

Once Near Water: Notes from the Scaffolding Archive by Vera Frenkel

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