Directors Lounge Screening:

Jonathan Rescigno
Territorial Transitions
Thursday, 28. January 2016

Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Jonathan Rescigno’s film work combines classical documentary film and art. The French born artist from the region Loraine now lives in Berlin, and he presents his work not only in festivals but also as video installations in art shows in Germany, France and Switzerland. However, he is still interested in and connected with Loraine, the industrial province in the East of France. The region, once connected with mining and immigrant workers, and prosperous after WW2, had to undergo a period of de-industrialization in the past decades and has been undergoing a time of antagonism between Migration, Integration and on the other hand right wing political populism. It thus seems to be a natural consequence, that in his new works, Rescigno deals with migration and what in Germany has been called „refugee crisis“.

The films of Rescigno can be distinguished from traditional documentary film by his narrative voice. He never uses the common all-knowing voice-over (God eye’s view). If he talks in first person and as voice-over, he then takes a radical subjective point of view. And, when he gives other people the opportunity to talk, he gives them the space to speak for themselves. Otherwise, he lets the documents speak without comment or voice-over. In addition, he uses techniques of montage in order to confront and combine materials, documents and film images and to create an essay-like structure for his narrative. He does gives the viewer the opportunity and the challenge to draw their own conclusions instead of just consuming given results of the documentary research.

The program thus gives the opportunity to reflect on the very current political subject of territorial , while at the same time opening to a wider local and historical perspective.

Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

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