Impressions of two days DLX

Steffen Freiling, Berlin based photographer compiled a stunning collection of snaps from just two days. Click  through to see what you missed or enjoy a blast of mermories.

Impressions of two days @ Directors Lounge Berlin 2014

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“Directors Lounge started in 2005 as an experiment, a relaxed space for filmmakers, video artists and everybody interested in experimental forms of cinema and video art, during The Berlin International Film Festival.”
(source: Directors Lounge)

This video represents my impressions of the two nights I had been at the DL. Although the main focus of the DL are short movies, there is also a stage for live performances – live music as well as live music/video/installations.

I hope that the Directors Lounge, in its tenth year now, will go in its eleventh year in 2015 – I’ll be there, for sure. And I recommend this extraordinary event to all of you, who are interested in short films, long nights, great music and amazing artists live on stage.


Footage taken on Feb 12th and Feb 15th. 

Artists on stage:
Dieter Rita Scholl with Martina Colli
Anna Aliena
Kay P. Rinha
Eberhard Kranemann with Ina Sladic

Songs and music:
1:14 – 2:10       “An jenem Tag” performed by Dieter Rita Scholl
3:39 – 5:05       Music + Installation by Eberhard Kranemann
                        Hommage to William S. Burroughs
5:08 – 7:13       Song “Sputnik”, Band .FLICKA.