Directors Lounge is pleased to present works created and produced in the context of the medienwerkstatt Berlin (an artist-run project of the BBK Berlin offering production facilities for media artists).

Rythm. Rythm. Rythm. We change the direction to explore. We alienate to interact. The never ending ‘why‘ gives the answers in REtreat. (german version below)


Artists / Künstler:

Alisa Javits, Anne-May Fossnes, Barbara Deblitz, Betty Böhm, Christa Biedermann, Daniela Butsch, Darko Aleksovski, Elisabeth Molin,  Fellipe Sperk (FELL), Florian Bielefeldt (The Fortunists), Francesco Pace (Tellurico), Gabriele Stellbaum, Gaby Schulze, Hara Shin, Heike Hamann, Helen Anna Flanagan, Herbert Liffers, Insa Langhorst, Jakobine Engel, Karen Thastum (TURA YA MOYA), Laurent Bébin (CARBON CREAM), Lina Walde, Lotte van der Woude, Maria Felix Korporal, Mariel Gottwick, Marissa Rae Niederhauser, Ottjörg A.C., Petra Lottje, Regina Liedtke, Rosanna Chizhova, Sandra Becker 01, Sandra Riche, Simone Häckel, Una Quigley, Verena Kyselka.


(german version)

Das Screening zeigt Arbeiten, die im Kontext der Medienwerkstatt entstanden sind. Rhythmus, Rhythmus, Rhythmus. Wir ändern die Richtung, um Neues zu erkunden. Wir entfremden uns, um zueinander zu finden. Die endlose Frage des „Warum“ beantwortet sich im RÜCKzug.

Read more: Directors Lounge at the Contemporary Art Ruhr, May 2017


Directors Lounge at Mitte Media Festival, 5 – 6 May, 2017

The lights are on and the gloves are off for this sensory assault of choicest knock-out punches from around the world of DL. Stories are told, implied or avoided in a rush of shorts spread over two venues and three programs. Everything you need to reactivate undernourished cinema-hungry brain cells will be served up – plenty of DL premiere gems in the bunch, plus other bright lights from a slew of bright minds.

We are pleased to participate in the Mitte Media Festival, a two-day, multi-venue celebration of video, film, publication and performance works through a spectrum of media starting on May 5th and ending on May 6th.

We will be presenting two screenings at Z-Bar, Bergstraße 2, Berlin at 6 pm and 8 pm, presented by André Werner and Kenton Turk: A buffet of tasty tidbits from 10 years of Directors Lounge, films about self -esteem, aliens, art, moms, toasters and the whole universe. An Urban Research program curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr will take place at the Fata Morgana Gallery.

We will hit you, in the best way possible!


DL at Mitte Media | Program One (80 min) curated by André Werner, 5 May, 6 pm at Z-Bar: all about reception, pictophagia and the autopoietic beauty of images.

Stefan Adamski (PL) Induction 3 min 2007
Neil Needleman (US) Meeskeit 7 min 30s 2009
Jes Benstock
(GB) Phosphenes 10 min 2002
Michael Betancourt (US) The Kodak Moment 2 min 2013
Xavi Sala (ES) La Parabólica 12 min 2007
Sasha Waters Freyer (US) An Incomplete History of Pornography, 1979, 8 min 2013
Jean-Gabriel Périot (FR) 21.04.02 9 min, DV, 2002
Faith Holland (US) RIP Geocities  2 min 31s  2011
André Werner (DE) The Custom of Eating Pictures 9 min 1997
Santiago Parres EZO (ES) Sinecdoquanon 7 min 29s  2011
Tokomburu / Zisis Kokkinidis and Ion Papaspyrou (GR) I Am Not Here Now 9 min 30 s 2013



DL at Mitte Media | Program Two (96 min) curated by André Werner, 5 May, 8 pm at Z-Bar: A wild rollercoaster about the eternal question “Have you ever seen an experimental film?”

Alexei Dmitriev (RU) Dubus 4 min 9s, DV, 2005
Coleman Miller (US) Uso Justo 22 min 2005
Matthew Lancit (FR/CA) 16 Reasons Why I Hate Myself 03:32
Alexandru Ponoran (RO) Isac Inca Doarme 17 min 2012
Samuel Blain (GB) In Dreams 3 min 57s   2011
Bryan Konefsky (US) Miss Yummy Yummy 4 min 2012
Guy Maddin (CA) Sombra Dolorosa 7 min 35s
Nina Lassila (FI) Günter und Mutti  3 min 17s 2011 (Distributor: AV-arkki)
Chema Garcia Ibarra
(ES) The Attack of The Robots From Nebula-5
6min 20s 2008
Javier Chillon (ES) Decapoda Shock  9 min 15s  2011
Luca Zuberbuehler (CH) Lothar 13 min  2013
Oliver Smith (GB) Bob by Oliver Smith 2 min 31s 2013


DL at Mitte Media | Program Three, curated by K.W. Eisenlohr (91 min), 6 May, 4 pm at Fata Morgana Gallery: Exploring the boundaries where video art and cinema merge. 

James Harrar (UK) Vlaamperd 2014, 5:54min
Clemens Fürtler (AT) Bildmaschine 07, Transit 2015  3:30min (silent)
Elaine Tedesco (BR) Leme Posto 2011 2:59 min
James Edmonds (DE) Movement and Stillness 2015 10:52min (silent)
Eric Stewart (US) Rah Rah 2013, 3:58 min
Petra Lottje (CN/DE) Questions to the Moon, 2017 4:46min
Doris Schmid (DE) LEG- 2012 5:00min
Katya Craftsova (IN/DE) Time Conservation 2012, 6:19 min
John D´Arcy & Deborah Uhde (DE/UK) Back ande Vor 2014 5:32 min
Bernd Lützeler & Kolja Kunt (DE) Unterwegs mit Maxim Gorkiy 2014 10:14 min
Sandra Becker 01 (BR/DE) 4 Clips for Loops 2015 01:17min
Mélissa Faivre (DE) The Space in Between 2016  11:48min
Gabriele Stellbaum (DE) Honest Lies 2011 9:45min
Mark Street (US) After Synchromy 2015 5:11min
Felix Brassier.Thanos Chrysakis (FR/UK) Day Two Hundred Seventy Nine Trails 2014 4:22min

The Mitte Media Festival program

Mitte Media Festival partners include: FATA MORGANA, Leo Kuelbs Collection, coGalleries, Last Night in Berlin, Chased Magazine, Directors Lounge, Z-Bar, BRLO and more.


pictured: “Uso Justo” by Coleman Miller; “Decapoda Shock” by Javier Chillon,  “16 Reasons Why I Hate Myself”  by Matthew Lancit , “Questions to the Moon” by  Petra Lottje

– 26 June 2016

Meet us at our chilly lounge at Hi-ReS! for a banquette of fine media art, films and installations.

We are very happy to announce that Korhan Erel will be presenting an audio-visual performance to the visuals of Candaş Şişman on Saturday at 4pm!

Korhan Erel is a computer musician, improviser, sound designer based in Berlin. He plays instruments he designs on a computer by employing various controllers. He is a founding member of Islak Köpek, Turkey’s pioneer free improvisation group, which is regarded as the band that started the free improvisation scene in Turkey. | photo: Peter Tümmers

The performance will be followed by highlights from the Directors Lounge contemporary art ruhr selection at 6pm and new works from Urban Research at 8pm. Last but not least, DL à la carte in collaboration with shoutr labs is always at your service.     

Find the complete DL program here.                                      

Hi-ReS! Berlin                    
Ganghoferstr. 10
Eingang Parkhaus /5. OG
12043 Berlin

Directors Lounge Screening at Z-Bar “ More or Less of Me and the Street “ with Mark Street

Directors Lounge Screening “ More or Less of Me and the Street “ with Mark Street

Directors Lounge Screening “ More or Less of Me and the Street “ with Mark Street

Directors Lounge Screening “ More or Less of Me and the Street “ with Mark Street

Directors Lounge Screening “ More or Less of Me and the Street “ with Mark Street

Impressions of the Directors Lounge Screening “ More or Less of Me and the Street “ with Mark Street, US.

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more pics

urban research selection

9 April 2016 //// 16:00
//////////////// Coaty
////////Ladeira da Misericórdia
s/n – ruazinha atrás da Prefeitura de Salvador
Salvador – Centro Histórico, Brazil

Organized by: Projeto Ativa e Blade

Urban Research is a film and video program curated since 2006 by Klaus W. Eisenlohr during the Berlin International Directors Lounge festival. Urban Research encompasses explorations of public space, reports of the conditions of urban life and interventions in the urban sphere realized by international film and video artists using experimental, documentary, abstract or fictive forms.

The films of this Urban Research selection revolve around visions of the future city, recent and current movements and developments that take their expression in public spaces, urban studies and metaphoric images dealing with urban life. The mix of experimental and more documentary styles complement each other and create a diversity of connected ideas about urban life.

Pedro Miguel Santos PT
Zigurate 05:52 2013

Marina Chernikova NL
Urban Surfing / Moscow2 01:30 2012

Anna Okrasko PL
Lot’s Wife 05:13 2013

artizinconnu TR
The City and The Memory – Have you seen Sulukule? 08:40 2009

Sharon Horodi/ Cheb Kammerer DE
Simply a Love Song 05:00 2006

Rhayne Vermette CA
Full of Fire 02:15 2013 VP

Sirin Bahar Demirel TR
Living with Leviathan 11:00 2013

Scott Fitzpatrick CD
Places with Meaning 03:00 2012

Monika Rechsteiner CH
Real Estate II 08:30 2013

Jonathan Rescigno FR
Core’ngrato 10:00 2012

Matthew Pell UK
Escence 01:31 2013

Txema Novelo MX
Culpable 05:27 2012

Urban Research
Projeto-Ativa –
Savador de Bahia, Brazil –

Crop by Johanna Domke and Marouan Omara

Crop by Johanna Domke and Marouan Omara

Cairo Times

riesa efau. Kultur Forum Dresden in collaboration with Directors Lounge presents Cairo Times and Crop by Johanna Domke and Marouan Omara

March 30, 2016, 8 – 10 pm  at Motorenhalle Dresden, Wachsbleichstraße 4a, 01067 Dresden

Crop is an astounding video piece about a state-owned newspaper building in the centre of Cairo. Filmed in 2012 shortly after the revolution in Egypt, the video represents an interesting, historic moment in time, and it is at the same time a reflection on image-making and image representation in times of political changes regardless of local bounds or temporality.

Set at the press house of Al Ahram (the Pyramids), a conservative newspaper that has been the national official press organ since President Nasser, the viewer is guided to explore the rooms of the house from the top down, following its hierarchy of places, literally from the representative offices down to the cellars with printing machines and packaging of newspaper bundles. While the camera reveals step by step the complexities of a building, a photojournalist talks about the beginnings of photo reportage in Egypt. He tells us he missed the revolution staying at the hospital. He speaks about the restrictions photojournalism has had to face from its beginning both from a conservative Islamic society and a regime controlling every publication. At first, the journalist seem to be one person, but this is fictitious. His narration is actually a composition of 19 statements of various interviewed journalists, whose opinions differ in complex ways. The soundtrack of the film comprises two separate layers: the ambient sound that goes along with the passage of places that we follow inside the building, and on the other hand, the voice-over of the interviewed journalist. This voice-over creates a real contrapuntal montage in the sense of Eisenstein’s statement on sound film, whereas the ambient sound creates a poetic flow of images, a narrative of space.

The film, a collaboration between the video artist Johanna Domke and the film director Marouan Omara, was in several ways a lucky moment. Domke had planned her residency in Cairo at Townhouse Gallery before the beginning of the Arab Revolution, and the filming itself, including all the preparations and necessary permissions, was only possible in that short period of time of changes before the new regime took control again. The film thus represents a unique time in history while at the same time it gives a comprehensive glimpse of what it is like to work as a journalist under the restrictions of censorship. As Johanna told me, the team always asked where the censorship actually had taken place, and were always referred to a different department. There was no official censorship office or censorship management; it was just part of the system as a whole. In certain ways, the press house depicted in the film truly resembles Kafka’s castle, where the power never manifests. Watching the film on the other hand may also give the impression of utter familiarity with the building and its subdivisions, its poetry of space, the familiarity of bureaucratic space. In Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard talks about the philosophy of space, using a big family house as an example, something I always felt to be imperfect, at least in reference to modernity, and in certain ways, the film Crop completes the picture of a modern poetics of space.

Directors Lounge Screening:

The Spaces Between Cities
Thursday, 25. February 2016
Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Directors Lounge Screening presents a collaborative project of twenty independent, experimental filmmakers: The Space Between Cities. Presented by Berlin Filmmaker Insa Langhorst.

Last year, Salise Hughes founder of EXcinema, Seattle, commissioned an exceptional project to bring together filmmakers, resulting in twenty films by international experimental filmmakers spread across four continents which were then combined as one feature length road film. The Spaces Between Cities is a collaboration made in the form of an exquisite corpse. Each film connects randomly to the next by way of a series of prompts creating a continuous road trip, or journey that will connect these different parts of the world.

Filmmakers: Amy Bassin, Mark Blickley, Stephen Broomer , Charles Chadwick, Pip Chodorov, Konstantinos-Antonios Goutos, Pablo Molina Guerrero, Salise Hughes, Douglas Katelus, Anna Kipervaser, Kate Lain, Insa Langhorst, Jesse Malmed, Milan Milosavlijevic, Reed O’Beirne, Arto Polus, Ben Popp, Blanca Rego, Margaret Rorison, Dustin Zemel, Robert Zverina

Artist Link:
Directors Lounge

urban research selection

Friday, July the 31st at 9pm
Villino Romualdo — Nori De’ Nobili Museum — Piazza Leopardi, 32 Ripe di Trecastelli, Italy

Ph. +39. 071. 7957851

Directors Lounge Berlin

Friday, July the 31st at 9pm at Villino Romualdo in Ripe Trecastelli will be held the final evening of Trecastelli Cinema sotto le Stelle. The first edition of Trecastelli cinema summer festival held for four evenings during the month of July contemporary movies to Trecastelli public spaces. The fifth and final night will host Klaus W. Eisenlohr, one of the Directors Lounge Berlin Festival directors. On this occasion he is presenting a series of short films from around the world that offer hypothetical visions of future cities, movements and developments that take their expression in public spaces, studies of urban spaces and metaphorical images that deal with urban issues.

The mix of documentaries and experimental styles complement each other to create a diversity of ideas that revolve around the theme of urban life.
Urban Research was founded in 2006 and focuses on the exploration of public space, the relationship of urban living conditions and interventions in urban areas made by filmmakers and international video artists who use experimental, documentary, abstract and fictitious techniques.

Henrike Naumann “Thug Life”, 2015

André Werner “Portrait einer Dame aus gutem Haus”, 2014 Installation, overhead transparency, water, feather, vibrator, light, dimensions variable

Calla Mar, CRYSTALLIZATION No. 6 (2014)

Meet us at the Contemporary Art Ruhr at Zeche Zollverein,
May 29 – 31, 2015

You’ll find the Directors Lounge booth and the C.A.R. Video Lounge  (Auditorium) in the SANAA building right behind the entrance. See you there!

Directors Lounge at the C.A.R. Video Lounge with works by
Sandra Becker01, Maja Borg, Gerard Cairaschi, Heiko Daxl, Alexei Dmitriev, Andrew Eyman, Michael Fleming, Marina Foxley/Laurent Couedel, Steven Foxley, Ingeborg Fuelepp, Otto Jekel/Lucas Czjzek, Eibe Maleen Krebs (C.A.R. Selection), Sarah Mock, Henrike Naumann, Neil Needleman, Arthur Patching, Jean-Gabriel Périot, Ken Paul Rosenthal, Keith Sanborn, Roberto Santaguida, Mauro Santini, Caecilia Tripp, André Werner, Wangli Xonglian/Liuyan Tangron 


Artists presented at the DL Booth:
Videos /Installations by Henrike Naumann, Alan Smithee, André Werner
Collage/Photography by Calla Mar, Julia Murakami


Special I

‘One Minute Volume 7’ and ‘One Minute Volume 8’ curated by filmmaker Kerry Baldry is a touring programme of artists moving image which has been screened widely in galleries and film festivals. The One Minutes contain an eclectic mix of approaches, techniques, media and processes, all having one thing in common – that they have been edited within the time limit of 60 seconds. Both programmes which be shown as part of the C.A.R. Video Lounge. (still: Seebreeze by Steven Ball)


Special II

surveillance | Medienwerkstatt Berlin
The Medienwerkstatt Berlin compiled a selection of videos with the theme of “Supervision.” The Medienwerkstatt was installed in 2008 by the Kulturwerk of bbk berlin with public funds as a workshop of artists for artists to further their practice and gain valuable skills. Besides the many technical facilities available to users of the Medienwerkstatt, such as the Media Lab and Green Screen room, the media workshops themselves strengthen and interlink mutual support networks among artists.


Official Opening
Friday, May 29, 8 pm

Public fair hours
Saturday, May 30, 11 am – 7 pm
Sunday, May 31, 11 am – 7 pm

Entrance fee per day
8,- € / 6,- €

Guided Tours
Frank Schablewski, +49 (0) 211 795 21 12 & +49 (0) 178 292 33 98

World Cultural Heritage Site Zollverein XII, SANAA building, Areal A, hall A35, Gelsenkirchener Strasse 209, 45309 Essen, Germany

Site map
Zollverein World Heritage Site


Directors Lounge Screening:

Distruktur –
Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn
perspectives – on moving

Thursday, 28 May 2015
Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

A program of shorts by the artist couple Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn with some new and rare films. Distruktur – Dullius and Jahn – claim a space fluctuating somewhere between the big and small cinema. Consequently working with analogue film while shooting and mostly also developing their own material, their films seem to create a kinematic time-space that is distinct from the ordinary even though they often use film settings of daily life.

The films could be described as experimental-narrative, as they use script, actors and often costumes, both artists often act as protagonists of their own film, but they avoid the conventional dramaturgy of mainstream and its psychological realism that mostly leads to melodrama. The film “Abril (2002)” in some short scenes seems to be a direct quote of Maya Deren’s “Meshes of the Afternoon”. It is an early film, from the time when Melissa and Gustavo were not working together as directors and which has not been shown in Berlin, yet. The moment of “trance” – or mystery – though disappears and becomes resolved as it did not really happen, as it is just a memory that stays but cannot be explained in rational ways.

Time seems to be ambiguous in the movies of the director duo. Even though Triangulum (2008) and Time Machine (2015) are set “in the future” as the narrated texts explain, they make no direct references to science fiction movies. The action does not pretend to be from the future, but the time of the narrative could be the past, the present or the future. Are we looking into the future, or looking back from the future to the past, to the present?

This ambiguity gives the film Triangulum, which is set and was shot in Cairo and Alexandria, an interesting contemporary perspective. With the background of the more recent “Arabic Spring”, the radical political movements in Egypt and wars in Near East – and the not so long ago longing for a mythical Orient prevalent in the West, the film has a surprising actuality.

It will be even more interesting to think about the references given in the films of the program, as Melissa and Gustavo have more recently created films that could be placed in the past. Not in any exact historical past, but in a past of myths. “Don’t Look Back ⁄ Labirinto”(2014, German Premiere) has been filmed in Berlin and obviously references the antique theme of Orpheus, while “In the Traveler’s Heart”(2013) was shot in Nida, Lithuania and seems to present a protagonist from an indigenous Latin American background. However, the narrative time of both do not try to create a realistic story. Time does not seem to proceed as a clockwork – on a narrative timeline, nor does it seem to be a dream. The image seems to be contemporary and timeless at the same time. This ambiguity of time, space and narrative the artist couple is creating, together with the atmospheric image of hand processed analogue film makes a unique viewing experience with many possibilities of interpretations.

Artist Link:

Directors Lounge