Maurizio Von Trapp GB Miss Mia Meows 11 min 50s 2011

Miss Mia meows, purrs, entangles her body amongst your legs; she also scratches and bites, and when bored or satisfied, Miss Mia leaves on the lookout for new adventures. She is adored by the bohemian masses that fill the gutters of the city when the sun goes down, all the bats and cats and rats that can’t expose themselves to daylight. Their HQ can be found at Madame Big Mo, a bar that houses a mixture of aristocrats, artists, tramps, whores and transexuals. Miss Mia’s journey is one of discovery, a path she has chosen for life: one that is neverending.

In this short film, we see her desperation through colourful lenses, in a world of technicolor that brings melancholy to a higher, comedic ground. Her surroundings build a world of timelessness, of erotic and mystic undertones.

Will Miss Mia continue on her path of uncertainty, or will she choose to settle down?

about Maurizio von Trapp:

Maurizio Von Trapp was born in Brazil in 1987. From Chilean and Italian descent, he now lives in the UK. In 2011, he completed his Film and TV BA (Hons) studies at the University of the Arts London, having worked in a number of different sectors of the UK film industry throughout his years as a student. His first short film, 1 or 2 Things I Don’t Know About Him, was selected for exhibition at the 2008 edition of the Raindance Film Festival in London. He is currently developing a number of projects, varying from music videos to video installations to short films.