Films und Closing Party of the Exhibition Exploring Berlin

Urban Research
Films from Istanbul and Berlin

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Alte Feuerwache Projektraum
Marchlewskistr. 6
10243 Berlin
U5 Weberwiese

Urban Research Istanbul Berlin presents short films between experimental and documentary exploring the public sphere in different cities. In collaboration with curator Burak Cevik from Istanbul we show films which deal in very personal ways with current and with historical urban developments and their problems.

The very personal point of view of the different filmmakers makes it possible to create a relation between different places and times, between the disappearance of old quarters, the violence that families have to endure in kurdish areas, the circumstance that led to the self-immolation of a turkish immigrant in Germany, and the juxtaposition of the story  of Jewish family in Italy during WW2 against the backdraft of Italo-Fascist Architecture in Rome.

Without addressing it directly, these problems of urban spacial change, political usurpation, experience of violence and personal experiences of social hardship can also be seen in relation to the current so-called “refugee crises” and the last political changes in Germany and Turkey. On the other hand, the films are also characterized by their ease to deal with personal documents and the charming personal observations.

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