Films by Jan Soldat 13th April / 8 pm / Volksbühne at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz 1

“Haftanlage 4614/ Prison System 4614” (GER 2015, 60‘)
“Der Besuch/ The Visit” (GER 2015, 5‘) German premiere
(both films will be screened original with engl. subtitles)

In his latest documentary “Prison System 4614”, premiered at this year’s Berlinale Panorama, Jan Soldat is presenting a self-built prison, where men may be imprisoned and tortured on a voluntary basis. The torture here is a service – the detained men are not victims, they are paying customers. 

“The inhabitants of the prison system are players in a game that not only reproduces the logic of power, domination and oppression, but makes it his own. The nightmare of adhesive is designed using this method as a parody and pleasure principle. The observational documentary approach that gives ironically the power play his credibility complicit takes part to the fiction of the room. It is only the fictional space of the prison, which ultimately can evoke the stage of a possible freedom.” (Giona A. Nazzaro, programmer and filmcritic)

By “Prison System 4614” Jan Soldat has in his his own style, which is characterized by strict framing, raw sparse and laconic and tender images, again dealt with variations of sexual desire beyond what the heteronormative consensus considered “normal”.

The subsequent film “The Visit” shows the clash of generations: The 94-year-old grandmother and her daughter are visting the self-built torture-prison of the grandson.

Jan Soldat was born 1984 in Karl-Marx-Stadt (former GDR). Since 2006 he directs and produces short films. Jan Soldat began in 2008 to study at the Academy of Film and Television “Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam-Babelsberg. His work was presented at numerous national and international film festivals:

2010 „Geliebt/ Be loved“ – 60th Berlinale Shorts – short film competition
2012 „ZUCHT und ORDNUNG / LAW and ORDER“ – 62th Berlinale Panorama 2012 „Crazy Denis Tiger“ – 62th Berlinale Generation 14Plus.
2013 „Der Unfertige // The Incomplete“ – CineMAXXI Award Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma
2013 „Der Unfertige“ – nominated for „German Critic’s Prize – Best short film“ 2014 „Hotel Straussberg“ – Viennale ‘14
2015 “Die Sechste Jahreszeit / The Sixth Season” and “Der Besuch” – 44th International Film Festival Rotterdam
2015 “Haftanlage 4614 / Prison System 4614” – 65th Berlinale Panorama"

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Directors Lounge Screening:

Jan Soldat
Vom Rande her

Thursday, 26 February 2015
Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Jan Soldat
Peripheral Vision
Vom Rande her

In his films, Jan Soldat portraits people whose private life defer from the social norm. The practice of sadomasochism, or love to animals does not find understanding by many, and thus these persons have been confronted with social marginalization. Watching the films of Jan Soldat may be even more disturbing, because he does not work with theater-like enactments as it is known from many trendy productions about the SM scene. Jan Soldat meets his leading characters in their private life. Instead of creating the illusion of sexual phantasies or fulfilled desires, the filmmaker is interested in the ordinary routines of daily life. And here, he creates exceptional captivating pictures, as he meets these men at eye level and gives them space to express themselves, making them true protagonists. And, the ways he frames and later on edits the scenes with much love to those details, he creates the attention that is needed to listen to the stories told and depicted in front of the camera.

(German Text)
Jan Soldat nähert sich in seinen Filmen Menschen, deren Privatleben von der sozialen Norm abweicht. Gelebter Sadomasochismus oder Liebe zu Tiere fällt bei vielen Menschen auf Ablehnung und führt entsprechend zu gesellschaftlicher Ausgrenzung. Verstörender noch können die Filme sein, weil Jan Soldat nicht auf theaterhafte Inszenierungen setzt, wie wir sie als bekannte „Szenebilder“ kennen, sondern den Menschen in ihrem Alltag begegnet, und gar nicht versucht, Begierde oder sexuelle Phantasien in Szene zu setzen. Viel eher interessiert ihn die Begegnung mit den Menschen. Hier leistet der Filmemacher außerordentliches, indem er den Menschen auf Augenhöhe begegnet und ihnen nicht nur Raum gibt, sich auszudrücken. Sondern auch indem er in der Inszenierung mit der Kamera und später im Schnitt mit Liebe zum Detail ihnen mit jener Aufmerksamkeit begegnet, die es benötigt, um sie als „Protagonisten“ selbst sprechen zu lassen.


The artist will be available for Q&A. German with English subtitles.
Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Zucht und Ordnung ⁄ Law and Order 2012 D 8:42 min
Geliebt ⁄ Be Loved 2010 D 15:45 min**
Der Unfertige ⁄ The Incomplete 2013 D 47:53 min

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**GELIEBT ist eine Produktion der Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF –

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