Thug Life by Henrike Naumann

Triangular Stories, 2012 by Henrike Naumann

Triangular Stories, 2012 by Henrike Naumann

Sneak Preview, Part I:

Directors Lounge at the Contemporary Art Ruhr,
Media Art Fair, May 29 – 31, 2015

Among the artists and filmmakers that we will present at the C.A.R. is Henrike Naumann with Triangular Stories and her installation Thug Life.

Thug Life
VHS Installation, Photography, 2015 at the Directors Lounge Booth

In 1996, the american rapper Tupac ,2pac‘ Amaru Shakur was shot in Las Vegas. He died at the age of 25. There are many conspiracy theories around his killing, as people cannot believe the early death of such a great artist. The work Thug Life collects evidence of the fact that he was not killed, but left his gangsta lifestyle in America to start a new life in Marrakech.

Photography: Nadia Mounier
2pac: Nourdine Qachbane
King: Ayoub Chazi

Triangular Stories, 2012 by Henrike Naumann will be shown as part of the Directors Lounge program (C.A.R. Video Lounge/auditorium)                               

1992. Both home videos have the same date. Both videos reveal intimate things from the life of three teenagers. While few of them can‘t wait to take Ecstasy for the first time at the Amnesia, the world of the others ends behind Jena‘s tower blocks. The artist Henrike Naumann (born 1984) is from Zwickau, where the Nationalsocialist Underground (NSU) lived in bourgeoise underground and spanned their neonazi extremist murderers. This video work is a very personal approach to dealing with the fascist tendencies in her old home are as well as with the hedonistic self-optimizing drive of her generation. The obsolete medium VHS (Video Home System) in its loss becomes a mirror for that generation.

Henrike Naumann is a video and installation artist. Born 1984 in Zwickau, former GDR, she experienced the blossoming of the right-wing scene in the 90s. Her first video installation Triangular Stories (2012) focussed on the the origins of the terrorist group National Socialist Underground (NSU). Her work orbits around the aesthetics of political concepts and youth culture.

More information about DL at the media art fair will follow soon!