Urban Research
presented by Klaus W. Eisenlohr
Thursday, 05 Nov. 2009

Medienhaus Hannover e.V.
Schwarzer Bär 6
30449 Hannover

0511-441 440

Klaus W. Eisenlohr, artist and filmmaker in Berlin, former Cast & Cut fellow in Hannover, presents a selection of his curated program “Urban Research”. The selection comprises films from France, USA, Mexiko, Hungary, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom and Chile. Artists who explore the relations between built and social space use different forms of experimental and documentary film to express their concerns and views of public space in the city they live in, or in foreign countries. Different forms of close-up documentation or personal alienation to the places give ideas on how space is being used and transformed in contemporary cities. A multi-faceted show with both witty and subversive perspectives on urban architecture.

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